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Productive Sunday x KC Girls Xmas Meetup – 16 Dec 18

It has been the loveliest weekend with two meetups in a row with my favourite groups – the first with the #kderellas and on this day, my favorite KC ladies!(:

What’s even better is clocking up and paying off some sleep debt over the weekend. Man, that feels really REALLY good!(:

I really procrastinated alot on Saturday and basically didn’t really do much so I was absolutely determined to set myself to starting on some of my pending to-do writing list for my own clients! That being said – I’m glad to have AT THE VERY LEAST, start a basic draft / gist. Perhaps it’s 40-50% completed so that’s good enough for me.

It’s always hard to start something especially when it comes to writing but once you get things flowing, it’s much easier. Also..writing for clients vs writing for your blog is a whole different ballgame naturally. You can write lots of crap for your blog but when it comes to a paid job, there are certain nuances that have to be taken note of – i.e language, flow, purpose blahblahblah lol. You get my drift 😂

Also devoted the first part of my Sunday just settling most of these writing stuff for both my blog and my new venture which I don’t really get to do during the weekdays cos I’m usually focused on work. But I really do enjoy writing so doing this is rather enjoyable – except the administration portion of scheduling, the SEO bits and the stuff which takes up a lot of time!

Hehe then I tried out my new Sheila G’s Brownie Brittles in salted caramel flavor and omg I’m in love with them! It’s sweet, crunchy but yet, has a light hint of that salty flavor on your tongue. Loved it! It’s only 120 calories per serving as well so you don’t feel all that guilty hehe.

It was then time for this hermit at home to venture out of her cave! Made a pitstop first to Orchard to meet a Carouseller to pick up my item first. And really it’s because of that = I was NOT late for my meetup with the KC ladies hahaha. 😂😂

Something hilarious was how our plans are crazy and these girls can swing from one plan to another. Lol.

Original plan? Mind cafe at Dhoby => Black Tap at MBS => Winter Wonderland at MBS => Ichiban Boshi + Last minute K session at Teo Heng.

Not forgetting about the outfits. So apparently all of us have different definitions of dress up HAHHAHA 😂

What can I say?

Girls lol.

I kinda just washed my hands on the chat and just ventured to wherever and wore whatever as well lol. Besides, I knew it will all work out in the end eventually 💁

And it did 🙂

So happy to meet my ladies on this Sunday evening ❤️ Yep and dinner in the end was at Ichiban Boshi over at Suntec City!

We started off with our Christmas gift exchange first though since we figured that the waiting time for our food would be pretty long.

It was just a simple one 🙂 No secret santa this year so we just bought for everyone – of cos taking note of everyone’s current job (or lack of) situation hahaha.

Always the thought that counts and the company that matters the most 🙂 Presents are just an extra bonus, the cherry on top of the cake!

Thank you all for the presents! ❤️❤️

Most importantly, once again – I’m grateful for the presence of these ladies, especially my bestie, Crystal. All my pillars of support!(: Thank you for being there!

Onwards to another year of our friendship – it’s been 13 years and still going strong! SUPER HAPPY as well that we actually have full attendance cos Debs is finally back in Singapore!(:

We are crazy, funny, lame and so different from each other. But yet – it just works(: That’s the beauty of friendship I guess?

Oh and food was good too – here’s a quick spam hehe(: My recommendation? Go for the soba sets cos they are worth it and it’s their 招牌 at this particular Ichiban Boshi outlet at Suntec!

We ended off the night with a BANG – as mentioned, it was a super impromptu K session with these girls.

T’was a blast and one of the BEST ways to enjoy our time together! Lol @ the random nonsense we were singing – from Christmas songs to oldies such as Queen/Backstreet Boys/Disney and of course, all them current hits!

Spammed my IG stories like crazy on @mitsueki as always 😂😂

But really, I enjoyed myself very much that Sunday. Thank you ladies ❤️

Till the next, x

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