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Chirpy Happy Tuesday x Photoshoot Day – 4 Dec 2018

Was feeling SUPER chirpy on this Tuesday morning for many reasons!

  • Woke up early!
  • Smooth 💩 (finally)!
  • Wore jeans to work for the FIRST time!
  • Start work at 10am!
  • Was early for work and could stroll without rushing!

It was a beautiful day that morning and I refused to let anything damper my mood for the ENTIRE day!

And new snacks at work which Abi brought in to share! Don’t know where she gets her supplies of all these yummy snacks but I’m glad she’s sharing with us~

Lunch was one of these rare team lunches (le boss treat as always!) but it was kinda cool because we got to have lunch together as a collective group – including our two new hires on their second day of work! Yay(:

So we had zichar and the crazy boss ordered so much food including an entire fish head!

Prices at this zichar stall in Chinatown Complex called Xing Long Food Stall is really affordable considering the fish head is only $15 for such a huge portion! Very value for money definitely and the taste is not too bad. The highlights for me will be the fish head, pork (if I’m not wrong) and the xiao bai cai! 🙂

Afterwhich, it was off to the next part of the day which was a photoshoot for one of our clients!

Again, it’s exciting to be part of the entire behind the scenes crew once again to view from the restaurant set up all the way to the kitchen side where we got to see the chef(s) in action!

Previously the first photoshoot I went for was for a more casual cafe concept but for this round, it’s for a fine dining restaurant so there’s a totally different feel when it comes to the workflow, ingredients used and such! I mean just check out that caviar and truffle hurhur.

Dehydrated ingredients that really enhanced the flavors 🙂

I really love some of the shots taken on my phone! We had our cameras ready (DSLR/mirrorless etc) but I also wanted to see how good my own phone camera was in this case – shot in RAW format of cos.

A lot of precision, flair and so much work goes into EVERY single ingredient that goes on a plate for a fine dining restaurant and we had the opportunity to also sample some them/snap photos during the whole cooking process and such. Lucky us!

Of cos, putting them together on the plate is another science itself to ensure consistency and a high level of standards for every single plate served!

Very exciting to watch but what I’m most excited about was to obviously try the food after the necessary photos have been taken hahaha!

I love it too when work doesn’t really becomes work and we were having fun! Lots of laughter and fun moments as you can tell(: Happy to be part of it as well!

Of cos in between, we went out for a coffee run to get some drinks for both the team and our clients! There’s really popular place called Apartment Coffee nearby which le boss really likes.

Was my first time here and I really love the vibe and setup of this place! Very minimalist and open concept feeling and it’s a really nice place to have a cup of coffee/tea and perhaps a slice of cake or pastry while enjoying a nice book or even work remotely. Very conducive place – I love it! Digital nomad / solo hangout approved place 👍

Baristas are really friendly as well(:

Most importantly – to the boss, one of the best coffees around in Singapore for him. I don’t take coffee but I tried it, not bad but I’m still not a coffee person lol.

Perhaps I might come back here on my own for a cuppa. Probably a chocolate one though 🙂

They don’t do takeaway btw so you have to take your drinks here OR bring your own bottle.

If you want to have a pretty decent coffee takeaway around the vicinity though – your best bet is at Chye Seng Huat Hardware.

An eccentric and super popular cafe which I’ve never stepped into becos it’s always crazy crowded so this made it my first time there. I like the decor and retro touches all around alot and the desserts looked pretty good too!

The drinks we ordered included Americano / iced latte and an iced chocolate for myself! Loved that iced Chocolate, not to bad(:

Then of cos coming back is back on to the rest of the photoshoot with more food, plating and such.

Watching the chef at work doing his plating can really be an art. Beautiful to watch the dessert being assembled right in front of your eyes.

Tasting is also on a different level because as I said earlier – if you know the different elements that go into each ingredient / the quality of the ingredients themselves and work done to enhance the taste etc (especially for this particular brand), you will find a deeper appreciation for the food you are eating and of course, the chef’s culinary prowess!

A blessing to be able to enjoy this as part of my job and of cos, I’m excited to be revealing/launching this restaurant soon too! 🙂

P.s if you are looking for marketing services for your F&B business, feel free to drop me a message if you need me to link you up with my boss/co 🙂

Last but not least – of course after the photoshoot, we all headed back to the office but work never stops naturally cos they were rushing out things to be done for our other clients due to the next day! Working on the go 😱😱

Yeah, quite a lot of things / prep work and such goes on behind the scenes of every job, regardless of industry you are in. Particular for marketing I guess. Most of us always see the end product but the journey from start to the end can be a long and tedious one on the backend side.

It’s not a magical/ miraculous instant formula but it does take time to brainstorm/edit/do the creative work/craft the copywriting/sm plans etc and so much more. Like for that night after returning back to office we were all staying back to brainstorm and such.

Sometimes our brand executives are under tremendous pressure from the clients (and themselves as well) who wants to get things done at the snap of their fingers. Not forgetting that we don’t just handle one or two accounts alone but a number of others. Can see them working so hard BTS! ><

Ultimately it’s a fulfilling career, but you really need to put in long hours, have passion/determination and lots of grit especially at the start hahaha. Sounds so cheesy but it’s quite true. So be prepared if you have ever thought of stepping into this path!

Oh and in case you were wondering, I’m not going down that route though in my co, hehe 🙂

Meanwhile, to end off the night – yayyy mantou for dinner and other snacks(:

And that’s it for my day~ Thanks always for reading!(:

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