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First Christmas Meetup of the Year (Leona & Co) x Black Tap Singapore – 2 Dec 2018

My first Christmas meetup/gathering of the year started off on a REALLY early note. Like literally the day before was the start of December and on the very next day, I had a scheduled meetup with my dear Leona & Co! Indeed, it’s a really busy month, especially over the weekends during this festive season but I’m really happy because Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE season of the year!(:

Lets start off first with my ootd for the day – including my uotd aka underwear of the day LOL. Was wearing my new Moreem wireless bra out for this particular day (yes this is obviously a sponsored product) cos I wanted to test out wearing it for the entire day.

This particular bra is the Ballet series and I think it’s one of my favourites for the pushup effects and comfort level! What I really like is that it doesn’t trigger my eczema and it feels very cooling to wear!

Then of cos feeling vain and such – selfies and presents to bring out! I’m not sure why I subconsciously was putting my arms in that particular position but just ignore that for Abit LOL.

Yepers so our Christmas meetup/gathering was a little different this time round cos most of the time when we hang (Leona & Co), it’s usually at their place and we have homecooked food and such. But for Christmas – it’s a little more special cos we went to try out Black Tap Singapore!

It’s super popular for their IG worthy and calorie/sweet dense milkshakes and those burgers! Definitely spoilt for choice when you take a look at their menu!

Crazy but we definitely over-ordered – from tortilla chips with salsa/guac to start off with followed by TWO gigantic milkshakes and FOUR burgers with a side of fries/onion rings/sweet potato fries!

Think the burgers we had were the All American, the Texan, the Steak Au Poivre and The Mexico City if I’m not wrong. We wanted them sliced into 4s but they said the fillings would drop out so we settled with 2 slices and cut them ourselves.

It’s a massive load of sides and fries though. Insane!

Enjoyed the burgers but my favourite was definitely the Texan. That smoky BBQ sauce was really the bomb!

Beautiful but damn messy 🙂

What I really wanted to try was the greg norman though. But perhaps I might not try it after all as the blue cheese is really strong. Generally the patty here is fantastic but the burger buns – mehs. The milkshake is also pretty good here, would wanna try their famous cake shake in the future as well!

Hurhur bonus photos of the gang and bff’s craft beer. Exactly like what I drank in Canada he proclaims hahaha.

Definitely a very expensive meal – the biggest splurge I’ve spent in a long long while for a meal for myself – probably ever for this 1 year (excluding treats for others) lols. 💸💸

It was worth it though 🙂

Hehe then we went walking around the digest our food for abit and checked out the Christmas market held at Marina Bay Sands.

It was kinda cute and honestly the wares sold were rather pocket friendly for gifts and such from famous names such as Lavo, Bread Street Kitchen, Waku Ghin and the like but pity that I had so much food at home (and broke too!) so I had to pass up on them. I did however, try a couple of samples here and there though. Teehee :3

Feeling that Christmas cheer all around as we wandered around the rest of MBS and then down to Millenia Walk with all the festive markets and such~ 😁😁

Saw so many things I really liked and thought they were really pretty/useful!

Time for y’all to start stocking up on those Christmas presents if you haven’t done so yet!

We settled our Christmas exchange at Patisserie G but lol nope, with all the sweet indulgences we had just now – no more sweet stuff for us. Just drinks and a place to sit/chill/unwind for abit on a lovely Sunday afternoon!(:

And then of cos – it’s our Christmas exchange time! Hahaha check out their excited faces to open their gifts.

It’s the joy of Christmas and presents, the most WONDERFUL time of the year after all 😊😊

Thank you for the gifts back as well! 🙂

P.s if you ever want to get me anything as a gift – Watsons/GV Movie vouchers/Sephora gift cards/NTUC/Cold Storage vouchers are strongly welcomed and totally encouraged 🙏🙏 Help me offset my daily expenses and that’s the greatest gift to me lol 😂😂

Other Xmas-sy stuff around after we went our separate ways!(:

And then home – but not before picking up this soya porridge from Mr Bean. Tasty and less than 400 calories. Not sure if that’s alot but sounds reasonable. I liked it(: Ain’t no Empress Porridge but good enough for me!

Also opened up Leona’s Christmas gift of a homebaked fruit cake for ‘dessert’.

Alot of effort, time and love went into baking it so for that, I’m really grateful and blessed to enjoy it!

Shared for my mom, ate a slice myself and the rest – for my team! Not sure if it’s enough to share though but still bringing it to work nonetheless hahaha. Leona’s too talented when it comes to baking 🙂

Again. Am utterly blessed to have wonderful friends around me. Really.

Anw, to end off the night?

Killing off some calories

Finally some blogging work done!

Last but not least – new podcast is up on my Anchor 🙂

Phew, I have really been over indulging a little too much (I take that back, excessively!) so all I can say is this – my diet starts from tomorrow onwards! Starting off with strict portion control to cut down on the amount of excessive calories I’ve been over consuming 😱😱😱

Fingers crossed I’ll keep to that diet!

Thanks for reading and I hope your first weekend of December was as FANTASTIC as mine on this day! 😁😁

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