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Office Life x The Many Hats in a Smaller Company x Dinner at Herbivore Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant – 30 Nov 2018

On a cold, rainy morning – of cos the first thing to do to grab a knitwear to wear to office cos it’s the only time you can wear it in Singapore without looking too crazy.

I did regret wearing it eventually though cos it became hot again later within the day 😂😂 #life

Lol I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in reading my usual daily, random and nonsensical ramblings/documentations of my everyday life in office and at home on general but if you do – thanks for always dropping by my blog to read 🙂

I’m thankful and grateful. Really 🙂

Okay and all that sentimentality aside – let’s start off my day right with some fun stuff in office on our group telegram chats HAHAHA. The team can be a crazy bunch and it was rather uhm, suggestive morning on this TGIF Friday. These telegram stickers can really crack me up – and yes I have a low laughing point that’s why.

All I gotta say is that sometimes things really happen really fast in the office. Suddenly snaps fingers just like that, we are adding two new members into the team coming in on Monday! I’m pretty excited cos I wanna see the dynamics of the team with these new additions and of cos, fingers crossed that everything goes well and we’ve got good talent onboard to add on to our existing team (who are awesome and talented btw!) 🙂

Oh yeah random but wth le boss brought in his Thai milk tea and even evaporated milk to office to add on to the pantry. Yeppers we now have this in our office stash alongside with a plethora of other teas/coffees!

Not forgetting about our fully stocked freezer at the moment so we always have some snacks ready to be thrown into the airfyer for nibbles!

For those wondering about my exact role in my company, well – suffice to say that I wear many hats so perhaps you can consider self appointed community manager / welfare committee / chief happiness officer (HAHAHHA) as ONE of my roles lol.

Caring for my “charges” include doing grocery/pantry/office shopping and making sure the pantry/office has what we need!

But of cos at the same time, within budget and such also la. So only the essentials like the team’s favourite snacks, some office supplies and er now, kitchen supplies cos we have more cooking equipment in the office!

Not to say that I’m really good at that but I’m learning. Domestic lifeskill level up yooZXCcc 😂😂

That aside, of cos there’s other work la but obviously those are a little more pnc which I don’t document for obvious reasons duh lol.

Showing only the fun stuff muahhaha.

We have a work hard but play hard culture here and boy gawd, the team works really really really hard and they are so good at what they do. I’m glad to be part of it and just giving my own small contribution in a way, where I can cos I definitely can’t really do what they can 🙂

At first I was a little sad and overwhelmed when I first started but now that my own role seems to be more defined and that I’m not going down the same route, it’s much better!

Nonetheless, I’m learning and I’ll do what I can. All I can say is that I’m definitely not going down the usual conventional path – cos I’m the usual quirky oddball Daphne (:

Generally in a small team, you definitely want to be an asset rather than a liability. Unlike in a corporate life and such where you are just one of the many and perhaps, replaceable cogs in the clockwork – in a startup or smaller company, everyone in the co is handpicked for a reason, for a skill or smth. To contribute something becos everything you produce affects EVERYTHING.

It’s very different and scary sometimes because there can be no SOP in a a way and you’re just like winging it at times. But if you do your best, I think that’s all that matters 🙂

All that aside, I knocked off early that day cos I had to rush off for my IPL underarm appointment!

Was in and out within minutes and onwards to my next stop – a pitstop to recce and get some last min Xmas presents at the same time!

Treated myself to a piping hot pretzel from Auntie Anne at the same time while rushing off to the next thing on my schedule! Boy but the pretzel is a really nice indulgence once in awhile. Happy to eat it! 😊

So yeah, a couple of us on the team signed up for the free ST talk at the National Library where Rebecca Tan from The Straits Times was hosting a talk – Being a Food Writer in the Digital Age.

Let’s just say that there will quite a few questions from the floor; some more interesting than others I would say haha. Kudos to those who plucked up their courage to come up to the front to ask their questions 🙂

We headed for dinner after that at Herbivore Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant over at Fortune Centre!

This is a really popular place for the vegan/vegetarian community though it’s on the pricer end but this is worth it as a once in awhile treat cos the food is good!

I’m not a huge fan of mock meat and the like cos I love my real meat but this one was impressive!

To me however, the yuzu dessert in the bento set stole the show in my humble opinion. Amazing 🙂 We are blessed to have a wonderful boss as well! 🙂

To end off the night? Hehe I treated myself to an orange juice for some Vit C and then of cos, it’s back to work after that for Part 2 of my life!(:

I’m just happy that it’s the weekend the next day = cos it means I can sleep in..just a little. Gonna be a long while till I really have a full morning/afternoon/day to myself especially during this Xmas period but that’s alright – I’ll push on~ 😊😊

Last but not least, thank you always for reading!(:

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