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Foodie Thursday in Office – 29 Nov 2018

I realized my life in office really revolves around nothing but food, food and food – which isn’t necessarily a good thing considering the amount of weight I’ve been putting on recently ever since I joined!

Nope, okay from the tomorrow onwards..okay, make that next week onwards – I’m gonna attempt to stay away from the all these food vices 😑😑

Shows determined face

Let’s take a quick look at what we were eating in office for the day (as usual, excluding work hahaha)! This week I’ve been stationed in office most of the time cos I had to work on some slides but the good news is that wahaahhaha, I don’t have to rush it out anymore cos it was postponed. Muhahahhahahahaha – you don’t know how happy that makes me feel cos I really dislike doing them up 😥😥😭😭

Yeppers when Daph doesn’t like/loathes the work being done.. 😑 I know it HAS to be done but but 😫😫 It will be up.. eventually lol.

Okay but anw I digress, let’s go back to the main point!

So the office is now torn between Team Sweet Potato and Team Veggie flavor for this particular biscuit / baked crisp!

Abi loved it so much that she went to get a couple of boxes for the office pantry cos there was a 1 for 1 promo for them at this moment!

Obviously I’m on Team Sweet Potato naturally. It’s good!

Yeah we kinda have a fully stocked snack pantry in office at the moment – just check out the amount of snacks and instant noodles! Crazy!! There are still frozen stuff on the freezer as well which I just stocked up the day before – chicken katsu, nuggets and hash brown which can be easily thrown into our airfryer!

Kekeke then of cos we just got our induction cooker the day before and le boss plans to order in the much needed / demanded microwave oven from the rest of the ladies on the team next month yay!! Finally 🙂 Hurhur a toaster oven would just nicely round it all off 🙊🙊

Oh yes and we also have a mini “alcohol bar” in the office at this moment as well! The current selection ranges from gin to whiskey, Bailey’s and a bottle of blueberry wine (not pictured!). Not too shabby uh?

So food/drinks consumed for the day?

My usual 3 egg whites from my mom!

Abi then let us try this V-Soy multi grain soya bean milk which she highly recommended and it was really good! And along with this lemon biscuit too! All vegan friendly naturally 🙂

Oh and remember the office’s favourite snack? Well, Abi brought the tomato flavor one to let us try as well! I still prefer the sweet potato version though~

Since most of us were in the office and back after all the meetings etc, I figured it was time to let them try that famous Chocolat gateau cake I got from Ken’s Tokyo Cafe during the media event I attended a couple of days ago – albeit the chilled version naturally.

Extremely rich and thick – all form of a “cake” is pretty much gone and it’s literally like eating a block of amazing chocolate! Wished we had a microwave oven so that we could have heated it up so that it would be warm and have that molten flowy centre! Well we will be getting one in office soon la but just not yet!

Anw, if you are interested to get your hands on this cake – you can pre-order it from Watanabe Coffee online or walk-in at the restaurant! Only 20 of these cakes available daily(;

Moving back to more food! Abi made use of the induction cooker and made her first instant noodles in office! These aren’t your usual instant noodles but this Farmer Brand Knife Cut Noodles in Spicy Mala flavor!

It was really good and we all had a bite! Just missing some nice veggies and perhaps some meat to make it perfect imo!

Then of cos it was back to worklife once again before dinner!

Tried the famous JB fried bee hoon from the zichar stall downstairs along with marmite pork ribs and they were really not bad!

To end off this sinful day? I went off for a quick walk to destress and decompress. It’s really been awhile since I had this me time to myself and I really appreciate this downtime (:

Countdown – 1 day till TGIF!~

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