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1st Solo Hosting Experience x Porridge can be Comforting – 26 Nov 2018

Phew it’s back to work Monday and it’s time to get everything up to scratch as I had been putting off work over the weekend wahhaaha. Time to catch up! 😱😱

The day started off with my usual brekkie – not sure why my mom’s been giving me three eggs instead of my two but okay luhs. Note that I only take the egg white and not the egg yolk – for those who dm-ed me on my IG stories asking about that lol.

Then it’s the now newly implemented Monday morning meetings in the office before rushing off to the next appointment~

Was gonna be my first time hosting a media tasting officially in this capacity in my new role (let’s not count my crash 3 day Muyoo+ experience k 🙊) that night, so I tagged along for the afternoon tasting to see how it was gonna be run.

Followed by a quick bite where yayyy we tried the Mr Bean eggwich!

Best to get the 1+1 set cos it’s much cheaper! Unfortunately I would say you should stick to the usual flavors of their pancakes cos the eggwich is just absolutely meh for the price. $2.50 for this?

Nay, would rather pay $1.60 for my fave tuna. Pity that I didn’t get to try their porridge though (no seats) but I believe there’s always a next time!(:

Hehe, Empress Porridge serves a really really good one btw. Yes, they are one of our clients so you may think it’s biased but try it and you’ll know why(: Taste is subjective though so always keep that in mind!(:

Back to office and it was back to work once again~ Along with some snacks also la cos didn’t really eat a proper meal but you just need smth to fill your stomach. Plus I know I’ll be getting a good meal for the night teeheehee 🙊😊

First time trying Eureka popcorn and it’s not bad btw! Le boss bought the dark chocolate one and the sour cream flavor from his trip to JB (along with an assortment of other snacks).

Yeah in terms of snacks, I would think we have a rather full pantry here in office HAHHAHA 😂 Albeit an unhealthy one. 🙊

Was back again at Empress Porridge that night for my first ever solo media hosting (yeah not media tasting) for the dinner hosting!

Honestly speaking, I was quite worried cos y’know you don’t wanna screw up anything for your job in terms of your client’s side or influencers coming down as well. I know I’ll just do my best to what I can though hehe and hopefully that would suffice! 🙏

Luckily my prayers were answered! It was a little stressful that much I admit but I’m really glad that things went well!

It’s lovely as well when our clients/the bosses themselves cooperate with us to bring the best experience to host our influencers – but of cos the food is really the star here (:

Stole some shots and BTS photos of the session and set up hehe. Kinda funny to be the host instead of being the hosted but it can be quite fun too 😊😊

Tho sometimes idk who is hosting or I’m being hosted cos our client was really nice to me as well – by making sure I’m well fed while doing my job! Of cos the lovely people who came down were really nice as well!

It makes me happy to see the happy faces enjoying the food! Thank you for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come for the tasting as well(:

And of cos, cos this wasn’t my original client under my care (was helping to host) – I finally got to try the food after hearing Gwen praise the food!

All I can say after trying it – it was absolutely comforting(: Made me really feel a very homely feeling like mom’s cooking; which is the essential gist of the brand itself in the first place as well!

Bonus? Some dishes off the usual menu aka our client let us try some of the extras from their takehome menu (so yummmyyyyy!)!

Hehe see what I mean by the question of whether I’m the host or hosted LOL! I wish they would open an outlet closer to home tho.. cos I would come back to eat it!

Also joined for a bonus whiskey session tee-hee. Drinking on the job with some good ol’ Scottish whiskey.

Seems like an excellent brand apparently, was my first time trying whiskey and this was quite a smooth one (47% alcohol omg)! Only drank a little tho cos I can’t really appreciate it but I’m glad I had this experience!

Overall, it was a good tasting session and fun 🙂 Kekeke look at those empty plates~

P.s that rose tea is delicious!

Back home and it was back to work once again! Sometimes I realize that I do get caught up in doing work till I forget about time.

Time just flies y’know and it wasn’t till 4am when I called it quits OMG. Yeah I tend to lose track of time when I’m in full concentration mode 😂

But still, so far so good. Gonna be a long but rather fun day the next as well but I’ll pull through~(:

Thanks always for reading! x

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