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Nightmare with Grab x Wedding Bells at Novotel Singapore on Stevens x Wireless Bras from Moreem Singapore – 24 Nov 2018

There were only THREE major things that was on my to-do list on this particular Saturday!

#1 – Attend Shaun and Amanda’s wedding at Novotel Singapore on Stevens

Yeah it’s definitely wedding season this month! I just attended ZL’s wedding the weekend before at Sheraton Towers (read about it HERE) and then for this day – it’s Shaun and Amanda’s wedding held at Novotel Singapore on Stevens!

Preps for the day include my usual eye patches in a bid to save those hereditary dark eye circles (doesn’t work but eh, at least you’re doing something HAHHAHA) and some cake for brekkie to fill up the tummy.

It’s from Chong Pang Cake Shop or smth from Old Airport Road Food Centre and my mom really likes the cake cos of the dense yet fluffy eggy texture. Not easy to stop eating at one that’s for sure!

Here’s my ootd for the wedding! Very garden/spring themed I know but I thought it was quite a cute outfit which I got off Carousell!

Paired with a pair of white kitten heels and my glitzy gold bling clutch (actually a Lancome makeup pouch)!

Usually I would splurge on a Grab if I’m attending weddings and such cos I’m usually late and it would kill me to walk in heels for too long. For some reason though, I realized that it’s taking longer for me to get a Grab recently.

On average, I think the waiting time for a Grab at this point of time is around 6-9 mins instead of the usual less than 2-5 mins wait so do take note when you’re booking a Grab. I do suggest booking it in advance or leaving earlier especially if you are in a rush.

My estimated wait was around 6-9 mins so I squeezed in some writing time while waiting before heading down since I received the notification from the Grab app that my driver was here.

Unfortunately, I was left high and dry waiting downstairs in the heat (thank goodness for shelter) cos my Grab driver was nowhere in sight at all.

I was not a happy camper at all. I texted and dropped my driver a call TWICE and he said he was reaching every single time. I know he wasn’t though cos I was watching him drive round and round about looking utterly lost on the Grab app. I literally face-palmed when I was looking at his location. 🤦🤦

Other notes:

  • I’m not sure why he arrived, didn’t wait for me originally and just drove off (there was plenty of places to stop). This part I don’t get it.
  • He did claim that his GPS was down that’s why he couldn’t locate me again after that.

Was so tempted to cancel the ride and hop on to a cab or smth cos I was running late but at that moment, he took up my ride when I wasn’t onboard yet so there was no way to cancel. I didn’t want to go through the huge hassle of trying to claim a refund from Grab so I had no choice but to wait. Just thought this was really unprofessional though.

  • Grab driver arrival notification: 12.24pm
  • Grab driver said I was onboard his Grab: 12.40pm
  • Actual time I was onboard my Grab: 12.45pm

I’m generally quite patient and fine with most stuff but this. Nope. I was not happy at all. Who would be right? In total, I waited almost 30+ mins for my driver to come from the time of booking (including that original 6-9 mins wait prior to receiving my Grab arrival notification). Me thinks that is abit much.

In my driver’s defense however, at least he tried his best to rush after that and did apologize for being late.

Don’t get me wrong though. I would definitely still use Grab even after this incident cos of the monopoly it has in the market, the points to offset the rides and for now, it’s has the cheapest fare compared to i.e Ryde / ComfortDelGro most of the time.

Regardless, looking forward for GoJek to enter the market to shake things up abit more.

In general though, I’ve met alot of wonderful Grab drivers on my rides, but sometimes there are also negative experiences you can face as well. The above is just an example of such a nightmare situation which I thought to share.

UPDATED: I shared this on my IG stories and I had a representative from Grab contact me later that night. That was quite surprising so let’s see how the crisis management side handles this. But brownie points are given for this at the very least 🙂

Ended up really late for the wedding but well, luckily all is good. Do note that Mercure and Novotel (under AccorHotels) shares the same building but they are two separate hotels, so do take note of which entrance you are entering. The one I went was the Polaris Ballroom at Novotel Singapore on Stevens!

Sneaked in just before the first march in but I’m quite sad that I missed out most of the wedding videos and such. It was my first time being so late for a wedding and I feel really bad.

It was a magical march in though with Shermin and her husband singing “Cant’ Help Falling In Love with You”. That was beautiful to listen to and I’m so reminded of that wedding aisle scene from Crazy Rich Asians! Couldn’t get that song out of my mind after that.

Here are some photos of the ballroom setup and such at the Polaris Ballroom located at Level 1.

And the reception area as well. Again as I mentioned, I came late so everything that was supposed to be there has been whisked away but you can see the set up la 🙂

The set up is all beautifully done by Shermin who did the setup and planning for her own wedding at Regent Hotel and then this one as well!

She’s a budding wedding planner so if you are looking for one, feel free to contact her here => 98891988 (say Daphne/mitsueki recommended her!)

I know this will be useful for brides and grooms to be when doing their research for their wedding venue! This is a new hotel so everything is very nice and modern.

It was a Chinese Set lunch menu and I have to say that the portions are very generous and the quality is pretty decent as well.

Notice that this is a trend for newer hotels to offer larger portions compared to the old school hotels. On a general note, let’s just say that you definitely won’t need to eat Mcd’s after the entire meal!

If you have guests who are halal, there will be a separate table and a totally separate menu for them fyi.

Congratulations to the lovely couple and I’m really happy for them! Double blessings in this family this year(:

Keke and I took a Grab home, but luckily this time it was all fine and dandy. Thank goodness!

#2 – Trying out my newly arrived bras from Moreem Singapore

The next part on my to-do list for the day? Open up my parcel from Moreem Singapore! Hahaha, yes though they are bras la but don’t expect any scantily dressed photos though cos that’s not my thing LOL.

But first up, I was in a random mood to take some selfies cos I was feeling vain and such. Think it’s the wedding affecting me. Woodland fae wannabe? LOL (okay, I rolled my eyes here as well) but yeahh I’m a floral kind of person.

Sorry, yes I digress. Back to my lingerie! (Why does this sound so wrong lol).

So I received the following series of lingerie under the Moreem Singapore as follows:

  • Ballet Series (Nude)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Red)
  • Softy Mesh (Black)

They were all nicely packaged in individual ziplock bags and of cos, available in different sizes. I communicated mine beforehand and lol, now you know mine 😂

What’s unique about these bras and the reason why I took up the ad is because they are rimless with no metal underwire! Yep they don’t look like it right?

It’s true we ladies need alot of support for our breasts (no matter the size) and in order to do so, you need to wear bras with good support and generally most bras of that kind comes with the underwire support which digs into the skin which can be quite uncomfortable and I don’t really like it.

That’s why nowadays most of my bras are of the rimless/no wire type but they don’t really offer much of a proper support per se.

This is where Moreem comes in with their wireless bra designs which are soft, breathable and most importantly, comfortable for daily wear. The quality is really excellent as well!

Depending on your needs, they also have push up designs if you need a little extra boost HAHAHA.

I like the 4 hooks clasp for all the bras – it may be thicker than most but that’s where you get the firm support for your breasts and this support is really essential.

Of all of them, you’ll surprised to know that I like the Softy Mesh series (black) the best cos of the comfort level.

This is then followed by the Sleeping Beauty (Red) followed by the Milky Tea (Beige). Lol, those two have a push up feature in addition to being comfortable/breathable and it was my first time wearing one as such.

Okay, really got effect without that wire support. Here’s an example 😂

Overall, really happy with all the new bras I received from Moreem Singapore! Really hope they will venture into strapless bras in the future cos I would definitely go for those!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested to get your hands on these Moreem bras as well – you can find them on Facebook and Shopee!(: For faster response, you can also whatsapp your orders directly here: 85551047!

Moreem Singapore
Whatsapp: 85551047

#3 – Utilizing my $5 AIA Voucher for Cold Storage

Last but not least will be my using my $5 carrot to get myself some groceries from Cold Storage! Lol sometimes I feel I’m on welfare stamps or smth where I only get issued $5 weekly to do my shopping.

Nods* broke kid here lol. But okay la I overshot cos I treated myself to those snippets!

Loots for night followed by a nice long walk to disconnect.

It’s been awhile since I had my proper me time(: Did I mention that there was a beautiful beautiful full moon that very night?(:

I want you to be happier x

Thanks for reading!(:

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