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Dressed Down TGIF in Office – 23 Nov 2018

Lol this particular Friday marks the first time that I wore rather dressed down casual wear to office cos it was one of the rare few days when we don’t have a client meeting – or so I thought at the start 😂😂

Wa, then damn sway. This made me panic for abit when I was working that morning!

Found myself attending a meeting in the end during lunch time at Far East Plaza! Along the way as we took a bus, I spotted a Benjamin Barker Cafe over at Cineleisure! Never knew that they expanded from retail to F&B, interesting huh?

Our lunch/meeting was held at this hidden food spot called Green View which one of Sethlui’s writers touted to have one of the best ban mian in Singapore!

Unfortunately I didn’t notice that sign till I ordered my meal so I didn’t get to try it.

Instead, I ordered one of their specials which is the herbal mee hoon kueh since I was starting to feel a little under the weather.

Well, the article did mention about the mee hoon kueh la so I did get to try it; albeit the soup version. You can totally tell it’s handmade though(:

However, what’s really the signature dish seems to be this chicken chop dry mee hoon kueh which everyone seemed to be ordering.

Will probably come back again next time to try it in the future alongside with the very famous salted egg yolk chicken rice from New Station Snack Bar which I’ve been meaning to try since FOREVER!

P.s le boss ordered the mee sua if I’m not wrong.

This week isn’t a good day for all of us in the office with sniffles/sore throats and such!

Tip. If you like really muscular guys, head over to the fruit stall on this level to get yourself some fruits after your lunch and you will get to see this really muscular/hunky guy taking your orders.

Oh lala hehe. Plus the fruits here are cheap – a slice of rockmelon is $1 here!(: It’s chopped too upon ordering by le muscular guy kekeke. 💪 😂

Also, if you’re around the Far East Plaza area – head over to Galleria by DFS to claim a free ice cream worth $6 from Annette Tuk Tuk!

Here’s how you can get it:

Damn swee lobang no? 😱

You can also pop by the newly opened Hey Tea around the vicinity as well. I tried once before – not impressed with their teas but their pineapple boom was really not too bad. You can read about it HERE!

Still, we were queuing up cos the rest of the team wanted to try! Queue moves quite fast la, about 10 mins wait in the queue then maybe another 10 mins plus for your orders+drinks. It’s still really overrated imo – don’t see anything too special about it.

Going back to office and again, there was another last min meeting and somehow or another I was part of it once again hahahha what 😂😂

And then in between, le boss contacted the pest control guy who came to try to fix our red ant situation in office (finalllllyyyyy). Yeah we were vastly amused and ANT-ERTAINED (lol, pun contributed by Katie).

Yeppers and then another meeting to end off the day – literally at 6 or so. Don’t care anymore, making myself comfy and cozy inside our Play Room v1.

Lol and snacks in between aka the mala chips I brought back from Hong Kong! This particular one is SUPER good!

Keke, making myself comfy and cozy inside our Play Room v2. I’m a sloth and I work best alone and interrupted if I really need to productive.

Office dinners aka Foodpanda delivery from le boss’s favourite ramen place for all of us in the office cos we were all working till late.

Okay la, my side was mainly cleared and I refused to work on work work after 8pm but I stuck around cos most of the team was still around working and I do enjoy being around them (:

We do have abit of fun x work la. Work hard but play hard too rmb? 😆

For the rest of us with no concrete plans, we headed down to our favorite afterwork hangout spot nearby – The Wine & Gourmet Friends. It’s one of the rare places open till relatively late but not too late till you miss your last train at the MRT next door. Very convenient!

This time round, instead of the usual order of the sparkling red wine that we always take – we tried something new instead which is the sparkling pink Moscato. Definitely lighter and fizzier on the palate but I think I still prefer my usual order HAHAHA.

It’s still not bad though. Bottles here are pretty affordable also, going at about $29-$35 for many as well. The food here is also pretty good – you can read about it in my previous post HERE! A good date night or hangout spot with lovely music and chill ambiance that’s for sure!

P.s it was also here I accidentally broke my glass 😱😭 So paisay omoooooo

To end off the night after catching the last train:

Short walk to disconnect. Looking forward to my runs over the weekend!

Spam playing Diamond Heart late that night.

Preps for the day tomorrow.

Most importantly – I was most excited for a hopefully 8 hour proper sleep 😆😂

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve had a good TGIF on this day~

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