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Running Around: woobbee x Dopa Dopa x Yan Kee Noodle House – 21 Nov 18

Wednesday was a pretty packed day in a way from the start to the end! Of cos let’s start off with my usual egg whites brekkie lovingly prepared by my mom every morning!

I stole the last of those yummy butter cookies from Jenny Bakery just because. Muauhaha I really loveeee these cookies!

The first meeting of the day was during lunch time hour but yay at least we got to try the newly launched Nagoya King from Ramen Nagi Singapore!

So fyi if you enjoy trying new types/flavors of ramen – you should try out the “mystery” Kings launched by Ramen Nagi every month or so! Last month, they launched the wagyu King ramen which was really cool (didn’t get to try it though!) and the very interesting Veggie King which I tried (ramen with rosti?!). You can read about my review back then HERE!

For this month, they launched this Nagoya King (one of the spiciest ramen launched at Ramen King to date (for now). Check out those chilli flakes la 😂

Moved on to le boss’s workshop talk where he was one of the main speakers – but first, settle a quick bite cos we all only shared that one bowl of ramen over the meeting!

Woobbee is one of those milk tea places in a hidden corner at Beach Road and it’s pretty popular amongst the team as they are regulars apparently!

Tried the Mighty Orange Yakault and the milk butter double toast! Not bad but we had to scoff it down quickly to make it in time for the workshop!

Was working on the slides for the le boss as well so just seeing them being used during the presentation was pretty cool hahaha.

Popped by Spaces, a co-working space round the corner – this used to be where the old office used to be located before they shifted!

Afterwards, it’s work work work x meeting and plus some chips from Bangkok~

Was meeting up with Styles after a zillion years, just that a day after his birthday as well, – so I headed down to Chateraise to get him a slice of cake to pair with a small snack! The cakes in general here are pretty decent, go for their signature strawberry shortcake which they are known for!(:

Afterwhich, it was a short walk to Leonard’s shop aka Dopa Dopa Creamery along South Bridge Road! Really lucky that my office is right smack in a prime location where I’m close to loads of food and cafes around me. Except that I usually don’t really go out that much cos we are too busy working/running around! Lol~

Got to know Leonard through Styles as well and I really loved his ice cream when he was at Lowercase Cafe over at Laselle but he ventured out and set up his own ice cream shop!

I really have to commend his ice cream – the best flavors to get are the chocolate sorbet (my fave) and that amazing home roasted pistachio! The avocado ice cream is really not bad as well but I’m a pretty classic person hehe.

You really get that intense flavor regardless of what flavor you choose so try them all! It’s really up to you which one you like best(:

Hint: New flavor coming soon? A mango sorbet if I’m not wrong. Omg the taste is so intense like eating a frozen mango but in ice cream form.

Other than ice cream/sorbets as well as coffee, tea and some drinks, you can also get your hands on their butter croissants! Best paired with your choice of 1 or two scoops!

Styles and I shared the butter croissant with a scoop of chocolate and pistachio and boy it was delicious! Good with/without the croissant honestly.

Since Leonard was hard at work churning out and doing the prep work for the next day, we also managed to try the nut paste that he was crafting for that moment.

Oh my GAWD – that was freaking AMAZING and goes soo damn well with the croissant. That spoonful? Wiped clean. I would totally BUY that thick nut paste – two flavors available, hazelnut and pistachio(: It’s that good!

Nearby Dopa Dopa as well is the famous BK Eating House with their popular bak chor mee stall called Yan Kee Noodle House!

Do note that that particular stall has moved out of BK Eating House (apparently due to some disputes perhaps) so they have opened their very own outlet in a shophouse opposite! It’s famous for their dry mee sua but I wasn’t in the mood to try it.

Settled for their handmade fishball soup instead hehe. The fishballs are big, bouncy and juicy – really liked them. You can also see little slivers of the fish as well. So $4 nets you 6 of these big fishballs if you get the fishball soup.

Otherwise, go for the $4 fishball noodle set instead which is more worth it cos of the noodles. Will definitely be back next time to try their dry mee sua though. One dayyyyy~

And then, it was pretty much the end of a very long day. Got home close to 11pm as always before starting to do some work (blog work this time!) as usual.

Really feeling shag nowadays – me needs a long good sleep!~ 🙁

Thanks for reading!

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