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Loadsa First Times x Birthdays and Such – 12 Nov 2018

It’s back to work on a Monday once again – and boy oh boy does the weekend fly just like that?! On the bright side, I had a wonderful time with Crystal during our staycay but on the other end of the spectrum – I still didn’t get sufficient rest over the weekend, boo 😭

I’m back at my usual egg white breakfast routine like back at my old office.

Lunch was this yong tau foo (believe it or not, first time eating this) with bee Hoon/yellow noodles with ikan bilis – apparently from a famous Yong Tau food stall called Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu nearby our office.

Yay for office lunch from boss 🙊🙊 It was nice, really enjoyed the ytf and bee hoon, but the yellow noodles .. not so much! We are still all very pampered by le boss tho hehe.

Had 4 back to back meetings today, the first is our weekly office meeting followed by another one out of office.

Then we were off to the 3rd one all the way at One North. Lol that was darn far and I felt like I was heading to the Shopback office cos it was located there 😂😂

It was a combination mix of the weekly client meeting / photoshoot / snacking time. Play hard and work hard no? Lol.

Very interesting too to see the behind the scenes of everything. I never knew that hahaha.

Bonus lol photo HAHHAHAHA.

And of cos we get to enjoy the “fruits of our labor” after that cos don’t waste food right hahaha. Pity that we were gonna have a heavy dinner after so I couldn’t eat much. I’m sad tho cos I loveeee sashimi~

But first before rushing off to our next meeting = pick up a cake from Chateraise! Cakes here all look so pretty but just too much cream imo lol.

And then dinner and last meeting place for the night was at Ga-Hock Eating House! It was nice of our client to bring us all there, including their staff of course as a treat for his upcoming birthday!

Of cos we must trust a real chef right? His recommendation and orders were spot on. Many of the dishes were absolutely lovely and the drinks are legit too (that barley, yum!).

But what hit the spot imo will be the chilli Crab! That was bloody amazing and a sight to behold just to see this crab served onto our table!

It’s insane – just check out the claw for this one crab alone?! Shared this of cos but woweee that was alot of food on the table! This is definitely also the LARGEST crab claw I’ve eaten in my life (tho shared la but still!?).

The best part .. is dipping these freshly fried mantou into the zhap / gravy. That was really one of the most amazing chilli crab gravy I’ve ever tried too. It comes with peanut too!

Then of cos we brought out our cake to celebrate as a group! It’s just nice to have these little gestures y’know, the thought that counts the most(:

Happy Advanced Birthday!(:

Wahahaha then with bellies sated, it’s back to our meeting! It’s quite exciting to be part of a new restaurant launch – can’t wait to share with you guys (perhaps :p) when everything is all up and running!

Really loads of work, planning and behind the scenes goes into it and I do hope it will bear fruit!(: Always, with fingers crossed!

P.s if you’re a new/existing restaurant owner in Singapore as well and looking to engage any marketing firms for your company – feel free to drop me an email below so that I can link you up(:

And of cos when you head back – what you need to do is to work. I wanted to go for my run actually but the weather just isn’t cooperating recently at night 😭😭

Ded at 330am 😱😱 oh my life~

P.s yes – lugged my hugeass company lappy home cos I thought I needed it. But not really 😭

Last but not least, thanks for reading!(:

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