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Staycation @ Met A Space Pod Clarke Quay (Space Themed Capsule Hostel) – 10 Nov 2018

Boy, was I glad I cancelled my event for Saturday at 2pm the day before because that was pretty much the time I woke up officially after my late night out the day before, lol. Yep, I came back at 7am-ish after a long long TGIF night out with Claire and a bunch of new friends I made! 😂

Meals be like my fave bread crusts/bread, my mom’s homecooked food (which I’m forever thankful for) and these really sorry papayas that my mom prepped for me. Thankful for all of these(:

Started doing some packing as well cos it’s staycation day! Yep, I’m still determined to fulfill my resolution to have a staycay or travel every single month for 2018 and this ticks off my November check box!

Not sure what’s gonna be in the stars for December but by hook or by crook – it’s happening no matter what lol(:

But first, let’s do some work over the weekend. Yes, actual work and not blog work 🙁

Rushed over to my staycay place after that over at Boat Quay! Crystal had already checked in by then and was off having her dinner first while waiting for me to arrive.

This staycation is actually a yearly affair for Crystal and myself whereby we usually have a post birthday staycation together for her birthday. Generally that’s my gift to her la but this year, cos I quit my job so finances are a little tighter. As such, we were looking at cheaper alternatives then.

Chanced upon this unique space pod capsule hostel in Singapore and thought it would be something cool and interesting to experience so why not right? Lol

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Note I don’t generally stay in hostels as I’m a hotel or an apartment kind of person. Think the one and only time I stayed in a hostel was back in my Uni days when we were in Vegas for a semester.

But that was different though cos it was two in a room with a shared bathroom with another connecting room (total 4 pax). However, that was a HUGE thing for me already actually cos I wasn’t used to sharing 😂😂

That aside, this is a totally different experience because it’s a mixed dorm kinda thing with a shared toilet/shower. Wasn’t really sure what to expect cos this is totally out of my element. But since it’s just for an overnight stay – how bad can it be right?

The space pod capsule hostel is called Met A Space Pod Boat Quay btw! Also available via!

Located at Boat Quay, just use your Google Gps to look for the place. Once you’ve seen the signage for the hostel – just head up the staircase. Yes quite a long flight of stairs so if you’ve got lots of luggage.. good luck lol.

You can head to the rather cozy looking reception first to check in (open from 10am-10pm). Very customer friendly and they will introduce you to the hostel facilities (i.e lockers and passcodes) and show you to your assigned space pod.

So basically this is how your individual space pods will look like! It’s very dark cos I haven’t inserted my card key yet! Crystal took the lower deck and I had the higher one fyi.

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It’s really like your own private mini bed/capsule in a sense with everything you need. You can’t walk around in it la but you can lie there lol.

Each pod comes with two pillows, a towel, blanket and even a dental kit by default. All looks clean and nicely folded.

The pod itself inside looks fine too and of cos there are light switches etc. You’ll need to insert your card key in order to activate the system btw!

Other amenities in your pod include a mirror, safety deposit box, mini fire extinguisher and even a TV with remote!

The only downside I guess is the lack of proper power pins inside your pod but I guess you can just charge using a USB cable. Otherwise you’re gonna need to use an portable travel charger. There are some 3 pin plugs around the room also la but I wouldn’t advice on charging your devices openly.

One more downside of the capsule hotel aka sleeping in the upper bunk = climbing up and down to go to the toilet especially if you are a frequent toilet goer. It’s rather inconvenient lol. I think I was a disturbance at night when I was opening/closing my binds etc and climbing out/in of my pod. 😂

Oh ya, the hostel does have quiet times between 10pm-10am as well, so you can’t make too much noise after 10 – this includes music/TV etc. So plug in your earpiece if you need to listen/watch stuff!(:

P.s it’s located at Boat Quay so there’s music till late night from the outside. Request for ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.

Oh ya, you will be sharing the room with a number of people – at least 15 if I’m not wrong. Everyone was all rather quiet and respectful though so

A locker with a padlock is assigned to you to store your luggage and valuables fyi.

You will also be sharing a couple of toilets and shower facilities with all the people in the room. So far, I didn’t fight anyone over them so it’s cool. Shampoo and shower gel are provided fyi. Rather clean too! 🙂

Meanwhile, on Level 4 – you can find the 24 hr community room / breakfast area where you can hang out with your hostel mates/friends, play some games, enjoy the free coffee, tea and some biscuits and avail yourself to the kitchen equipment (fridge/microwave etc).

Free breakfast is also provided between 7am – 10am apparently.

The only female-only toilet/bathroom is also available here.

After checking out everything, Crystal and I took a nice long stroll around the area and ran some errands while just having a good time exploring and chatting.

Not that it’s anything new cos the surrounding area is familiar to us – close to Raffles Place where she works at and then to Clarke Quay (again, yes I was just there the night before) and then to Liang Court.

Some photos of the sights along the way just because (:

Oh and we had old school traditional ice cream as well! Chocolate ice cream on bread for Crystal and scoops of all chocolate for me! Literal childhood favourites that’s for sure(:

Favourite part of our day together? Lol checking out the Japanese Mart at Liang Court.

And then Meidi-Ya supermarket. Gawd we love just browsing the aisles and checking out what’s available!(:

Pitstop at Kinokuniya to check out for some cards and spotted these books!

The Forest Bathing book caught my attention for sure.

But so did the Wabi Sabi book(: Little reminders and they make me happy just looking at them. Man, would like to get myself a copy of this book tho.

Crystal then brought me to this really cool Black 7-11 outlet at Boat Quay that legit looks like your typical bar with a Tiger beer on tap to boot! Unique concept huh?

And it’s wayyy cheaper compared to all the bars lining around Boat Quay. Too bad it’s not exactly very popular though lol.

Oh and spot these chilli crab onigiris!

We ended up at Mac’s for dinner in the end. Or to be exact – just me having dinner cos she already ate earlier.

It’s been awhile and I swear, that Fillet O Fish burger shrank lol.

And then, it was back to our hostel to end off the night! Gotta say that the individual capsule pods really offer you loads of privacy the moment you pull down your binds. No interaction or contact needed and Crystal and I mainly communicated via our phones (if any).

But mainly we did our own things chilling in our individual pods and it was cool. Not forgetting the 10-10 silence rule as well.

It was a conducive environment to read and do some work though. Very good for individual solo travellers imo! But just gotta be careful with your valuables in a hostel!

All in all, it’s all pretty good. Showered without a hitch – except that I totally forgot to bring in my towel with me. LOL.

Luckily I brought my phone with me and was desperately texting Crystal to pass me my towel.

Gawd, that was bloody hilarious 😂

What a way to end off my Saturday night huh hehe. Last but not least, thanks always for reading~

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    1. Hehe I totally agree! A hostel staycation in Singapore hehe!(: Staycations in Singapore are good if you can’t take leave to travel! Maybe you can consider it next year as your travel resolution 🙂

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