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An Ode to the Past and to New Beginnings – 30 Oct 2018

T-2 days to D-Day and goodbye to my freedom 😂 But okay la, am also looking forward to a new beginning. A fresh new start (:

Believe it or not but I was actually up early! Also becos I had to drop by to sign my contract la hahaha. It’s good training though cos it’s time to get used to office hours rather than my usual let’s wake up at 12pm kinda thing. Ah work-life heh.

Brekkie was this red bean bun that my mom bought. Kinda regretted eating it in a way cos I was crazy full for awhile after that 😭😭

Lol a good perk about my new office location is that there is an Iroha Mart branch nearby so I guess that will be my usual after work hangout snack spot in the future I guess? Lol. I’ve got my eye on that Rilakkuma snack! ❤️

Loads of new stuff here as usual and I got myself a can of that iced choco cos it was on sale for 70 cents! Looks good cos it’s from that popular brand, Boss (tho it’s usually more known for their coffee!).

Was off back to my old workplace to drop off some Hong Kong souvenirs for “the parents” aka Leona & Co! Guess it’s been awhile since I came back as there have been some new changes here including a Old Chang Kee Cafe and the fact that Le Cafe will be shifting their premises to this part closer to Little India here!

I suspect it’s cos the original building is gonna be torn down or smth.

I think that embarking on this new job is gonna be really drastically/vastly different from what I’m used to in corporate life which I’ve been doing for the last idk almost 6 years of my life? Hope I know what I’m getting into in a way hahaha. But we shall see of course.

An ode to that last walk down the hallway of my old workplace. Nothing has changed at all.

Well except for new restaurants la. Hahaha.

Popped by the National Library – mainly also to seek shelter from the pouring rain.

An ode once again – this time to my uni life for two years of my life.

Spent a good hour or so just catching up on some reads.

What I didn’t expect was to find SO MANY titles under one of my fave authors (Christine Feeham) and I didn’t have a bag to borrow them all. FML.

Well, at least I finished one whole book. So I’m happy(:

So happened that I accidentally left something in the bag of souvenirs so I had to head back to my old office once again 😒 Luckily it was around the vicinity so it was cool.

But first – lunch. An ode once again to one of my favorite lunch spots with this yummy duck rice when I was still studying in Uni! It’s called Coffee Shop Express 2000 located at Bras Basah Complex.

Me thinks that the roasted meats taste much better in Singapore than Hong Kong though. In my humble opinion and personal preference that is hahaha. Like come on, my duck is deboned for this stall – that’s why I like it so much!

It’s $6.50 for this plate of duck rice with an add on of char siew. The char siew is meh but the highlight is definitely that tender duck. Most importantly, I don’t have to concern myself with the bones at all(:

There was a Pancake King outlet here at the coffeeshop as well and the bakes looked mighty tempting! Went ahead to get some pancakes plus an egg tart for myself + Leona and my mom! Was $7.20 for 2 egg tarts, 2 peanut pancakes and 1 red bean pancake which is not too bad(:

Tastewise is okay. The crispy bit is the best part though. Otherwise, a little meh for me!

Back to office and out again to the heavy rain! Luckily Leona gifted me an extra umbrella she had or else I would be stuck cos I forgot to bring out my own 🤦 I’m lucky I guess(: And grateful too!

Treated myself to one of my solo movies then – Hunter Killer. It was really good and I enjoyed it very much!(: I do hope once I start work, I’ll still be able to enjoy my movies!! But let’s see how~ ><

Movie snack/early dinner – red bean pancakes and the egg tart hahahahhaha 😂😂

Popped by QB House Premium as well to get a quick haircut. Idk la it feels like a new beginning in a way – it’s a good but expensive thing. Fixed my teeth (very big $$ bomb gone) and now my hair (luckily a small one).

Though can’t really see much of a difference la. It does look neater though doesn’t it? Hehe.

On that note – also thankful for many things in life. Like hehe these Chef Nic’s Cookies which a particular someone was generous/kind enough to share with me HAHHAHA. So nice(: Lol though I was the one who bought it from Hong Kong la 😂😂😏😏

And of cos – ending off with my usual night walk/run! Again, I hope to maintain my fitness even after I start my job. Let’s see howwwww!

But in general on the whole, I feel like I just paid tribute to many aspects to my life on the day. Well.. All that and onwards to new beginnings(:

Clipping my wings to roost for abit but at least it’s voluntarily and of my own accord and choice. Don’t know at this moment if it’s the right choice but hey – let’s always see how it goes. It’s a small start at the very least, hehe.

P.s Christmas – that happy joyous season (my favourite!!) is coming up! I’m so excited! (:

Thanks for reading always! x

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