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The Pinnacle of Boredom x First Visit to Lantern Fullerton Bay Hotel – 26 Oct 2018

I realized that I have officially reached the Pinnacle of Boredom.

There’s only so much slacking a person can do before his or her brain turns into actual mush. So I decided, I’m going to say yes.

And I did.

Not sure if it’s gonna be the right move but as I always said, at least it’s a step to somewhere. Wherever it may be.

My gut isn’t sounding any weird alarms either (female instincts can be quite on k) so I reckon it should be fine – though I know it might or may probably turn my world upside down hahaha.

Le hermit venturing out of her cave back to the modern working world 😱😱😥😥

That aside, I’m guessing I won’t have that much time to really do such lengthy posts on my blog after I start this stint. But I’m still gonna target daily posts on this blog nonetheless(:

Teehee, let’s go back to my day! Starting off with raisin bread just becos lol.

Souvenirs for dear Crystal and dinner! And of cos, vouchers for free drinks at Lantern that night! Expiring on this day itself so I made last min plans just to use them. Hurhurhur.

We met up at her workplace over at Raffles and had dinner first! In the end, she went for salad as well though hahaha! 😂 Attempt at healthy living I guess lol.

Had a toss up to choose between Post Bar at Fullerton Hotel or Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel cos we had a choice to redeem our drinks from and we opted for the latter.

I’m really glad we did though as it was my first time to Lantern!

Haven’t really been to Fullerton Bay Hotel either but I’ve heard that The Landing Point has really a nice afternoon tea. Ah my future taitai life there perhaps? LOL.

I love the place/venue though, it’s gorgeous, plush and I just really like it in general(:

Lantern was a beautiful venue as well! Took the lift up and when the doors opened – this was the sight that greeted me. Just wow, look at that view?!

More photos taken around the setting/venue. So glad we got the free drinks ticket!(:

I would recommend you make reservations for Lantern especially if you’re coming in on a Friday night as it does get crowded. We were walk ins and was given the standing area at the bar first.

That was cool for us though cos we thought to just grab our free drinks, admire the view and just hang out after.

Yay here’s our complimentary Fullerton Concours cocktail ($22 nett)!

Thought it was pretty worth it for such a large drink tbh if I were to pay for it cos I knew I could spend the entire night just sipping away at it hahaha.

Happy me. Happy us 🐱

Free flow nuts too yay! The poor broke me was eggcited teehee.

All thoughts of leaving came when the hostess got us seats.

Crystal then ordered fries and I stole hers hahaha.

Free (and good) food, free drinks, wonderful company and an amazing view in front of me at a lovely venue – I couldn’t ask for more that night. It was perfect hehe 🌃

Ya and of cos lots of random nonsense that we do as well cos we are nonsensical like that. This includes “plucking” the moon, doing our 5 Love Language test and too many nonsense to talk about. HAHAHAHA.

Huge thanks to the bestie as well for helping me take these shots! The backdrop is absolutely stunning!(:

Crystal wanted to catch the last bus home after so we left rather early at 10-ish. That was when the crowd started coming in – so that’s why I kinda recommend making reservations in advance!

We took our usual walk down towards Suntec and of cos, passed more beautiful sights of our home.

I can never get sick of this view. Ever.

It’s home(:

We also walked past this photo exhibition of orphans at the Esplanade underpass (?) link towards Citylink. Very interesting and moving stories here. Worth a read if you do walk past this area(:

And that’s pretty much it for my day! Hehe my heart’s full alright. And you know what’s the more awesome news?

Hehe, meeting the bestie again tomorrow yay!! We’re gonna have loads of fun tml I know. Definitely another first for me! Can’t wait!!(:

Thanks for reading as always! x

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