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Time to Roost – 24 Oct 2018

I never would have expected be going straight for an interview right after my Hong Kong trip, but as fate would have it – and the stars aligned. Somehow, I found myself scoring one for a job I didn’t really apply hahahahaha.

Took this chance to slack off first on this day becos perhaps, this could really be it – what I’ve been seeking/looking for. Who knows?(:

Happiness for me came in the form of my Hershey’s chocolate almond drops which I got from Hong Kong.

And of cos, my caifan lunch as well. It’s back to my usual low SES life after all. Lolol.

Then, it was back to my blogging “work” per se. Hahaha. I was rushing out all them blog posts for some reason. Probably also becos I wanted to keep the memories fresh in my mind and get them over with ASAP. Idk how I did it also but yeah, all written and done – just waiting to be scheduled to go live(:

I’m happy. That was probably my last trip of 2018 as of now as well. But again, you never know what can happen cos the future can be unpredictable! :p

P.s all emails responded in the afternoon! Thank you for the patience (:

Current new jam for the day as well = Diamond Heart by Alan Walker!(:

And then lol. Just realized that I figured I had to get my resume and portfolio ready AFTER I lazed my lazy ass around the entire day!

Literally ran to the printing shop nearby my place but it was closed HAHAHHA. Think I went around like a headless chicken trying to find a printing place that night but I managed to yay.

So obviously I had to pay a price for that – a whopping $4 to print my resume. Like goodness. That’s kinda what I miss about my old office.. being able to print what I like lol. 😱😭 Anyway, my resume is always updated on my LinkedIn, so if you are interested to view it, you can always view it HERE =>

But well, I’m rather ready for it I guess. All prepped for the day tml!

Office bag that hasn’t seen the light of the day for 6 months – check!

Resume and portfolio which I haven’t unearthed since 6 years ago – check!

Hahahaaha. Note to self though – buy a new resume portfolio for future (if needed) 😂

Oh, it was a beautiful full moon that night as I went for a walk. Beautiful (:

Hehe thanks for reading and I hope you had a lovely Wednesday like what I did~ 😊

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♥ mitsueki

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