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5D4N Hong Kong Day 2 (Part 2): Chan Kan Kee Restaurant x Queen Sophia Egg Tarts x Yat Lok Roasted Goose x Paisano’s Pizzeria – 20 Oct 2018

Hehe, have you read Part 1 of my post yet? If you haven’t – go read it! 😀

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Moved on after that to my next stop and some photos in between as I walked around Kennedy Town towards Central!

Along the way, I passed by Chan Kan Kee Chiu Chow Restaurant and I saw it was a restaurant awarded with a Michelin Bib Gourmand!

Have always tried roasted goose and such but I’ve not tried braised/soy goose before so I thought it was a good opportunity to try!

It was 85 HKD for the lunch set that came with a drink after a 10% service charge.

Quite expensive actually but you don’t really get this see this very often so it’s still worth a try(: I quite enjoyed it!

Next stop? I popped by the famous Queen Sophia to try their famed egg tarts with the 368 layer crust or something.

The crust is really nice but the custard is so meh. No egg or sweet taste which I prefer as a personal opinion. Not too impressed. But don’t forget that taste is subjective!(:

But I’m appreciative that there’s a place to stand and eat in the shop with water provided though (:

The next item on my list was to actually take a ferry out to Lamma Island to hike from one end to the other end. The distance is around 6km which would take me around 2 hours or so to walk? I made it all the way to the pier but in the end, decided to forgo it cos of the timing. Perhaps the next time then(:

Here are some sights taken along the way btw! Including a huge AIA Ferris wheel, Mobile Softee, a Captain America x Deadpool character dress up and a beautiful view(:

Somehow or anot, my feet took me to my all time favorite Yat Lok.

It’s my to go roast goose every single time I’m in Hong Kong and I highly recommend it!

Note that I’ve not tried Yung Kee before though. Still, have no complaints here. It’s 62 HKD for a plate of roasted goose rice btw!

I figured I could squeeze in just ONE last thing on my to eat list for the day – my beloved egg tarts from Honolulu Cafe! So I walked for it.

P.s Shake Shack and Five Guys are coming to Hong Kong!

A 45 min walk later (which almost defeated me)..I reached my destination where my reward awaited in the form of my favourite egg tarts in Hong Kong!

Or so I thought.

Until the staff regretfully informed me it was sold out.

I swear my face just fell because THAT was what I came for…those egg tarts. My reward 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Was really really sad and disappointed. Honestly.

But well, luckily I did pass by this pizza shop called Paisano’s Pizzeria along the way there and so I made it up with a HUGEASS 4 cheese pizza (New York style).

Now that was an extremely calorie ridden slice of greasy pizza (45 HKD) but it was really good.

I wiped it clean. Killed it.

Crazy ahhh the amount of food I ate during this day alone!! Of cos in my defense, I walked ALOT as well. Literally almost the whole day actually hahahaha.

Decided to call it a day. I was really exhausted and I probably will have a long day again tomorrow. So I took my one and only train back to my Airbnb apartment back at HKU Station! Yep cos I walked the ENTIRE day if you can see from the above lol.

To end off the night? Haha my favorite supermarket/7-11 browsing 😂😂 Gawd I love the 7-11s here! Rilakkumasssss! 😘

And that’s pretty much how my Day 2 in Hong Kong went! It was a really tiring but fun day though!(: Stay tuned to Day 3 coming soon and thanks for reading!(:

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2 Comments on “5D4N Hong Kong Day 2 (Part 2): Chan Kan Kee Restaurant x Queen Sophia Egg Tarts x Yat Lok Roasted Goose x Paisano’s Pizzeria – 20 Oct 2018

  1. What a bummer you couldn’t eat the egg tart that you’ve ‘worked’ so hard for. At least the huge ass pizza is really HUGE! OMG! How did you even finish it? 😛 Love your original content, whether it’s a misadventure or not. Will await your next post.

    1. Hahaha ikr! I felt super sad but oh well!! The pizza was really good though (: I just like pizza in general plus I felt like I deserved it since I killed off quite abit of calories so why not hehe. Thanks for dropping by always~

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