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Ramen Nagi Tasting x Future World Exhibition ArtScience Musuem – 16 Oct 2018

Busy busy day today – and probably the only busy day for the week cos I wanted to make it as relaxed as possible so that I’m well rested before my upcoming trip!

First up – the usual writing in the morning and then getting some work done because I’ve been procrastinating for quite a while now. At least it’s all done and dusted so it’s all good!(:

A couple of things to cross off my to do list today but these are the highlight = all them freebies to use. They are all expiring in October as well so what better to do then to use it now?

Moving on to cross the next item off my to do list – attending a last min tasting at Ramen Nagi! Somehow I found myself conned into attending literally the night before cos of an annoying friend. 🙄🙄

But that aside, I’m quite a fan of Ramen Nagi having eaten there at least 4-5 times at the very least. My first time there was also a tasting hosted by the same PR company actually and I went back a couple of times myself at my own expense then cos the ramen is pretty good and the location super central!

Anyway so it’s Ramen Nagi’s 1st anniversary in Singapore (congratulations!) on 19 October 2018, hence there are some new tweaks and additions to the menu – namely, the new launch of Veggie King (Vegetarian), the reinvented Ramen Kings (Red/Green/Black) and new side dishes!

Cindy and I tried the Veggie King and went for the usual (and my favourite) Original King (Butao) ramen. Honestly speaking, I usually stick to my usual when I’ve found a favorite cos I’m boring like that hahaha!

The Veggie King is pretty interesting because it’s my first time having rosti with my ramen – definitely the first in Singapore that’s for sure. Yeah those two fried looking pieces are big pieces of fried rosti! As a vegetarian ramen, it also comes with two mushrooms and a side of veggies.

You’ll be surprised to know that it actually goes rather well together but I would really highly recommend that you eat it the moment your ramen is served before it’s gets too soggy.

I also recommend topping up for a ramen egg because by default, all of the ramen at Ramen Nagi’s doesn’t come with the usual egg. The egg is pretty good of cos, done beautifully – never had a problem here.

Overall, a satisfying meal as always at Ramen Nagi, no complaints from me here(:

Cindy and I went off after and I took the chance to quickly head to the money changer. I think the money changer at Suntec is not too bad – the rates I got was very similar to the one stated in Google. Prob a difference of HKD$10 but that’s alright for me.

We also passed by some interesting stuff like these cute beehive looking waffles at Yogurtland and the newly opened Lee Hwa’s Jewelspace while at Suntec!

Made our way to the Digital Light Canvas at The Shoppes over at Marina Bay Sands first! Thought that it would be a pretty boring one but you know what?

It was actually pretty fun! Just unleash your inner child and have fun(: Yeah it may be in the middle of the mall and such but you won’t really feel it when you are there tbh.

Definitely a spot of fun for both kids and the family.

And for us adults too(: We had fun and probably stayed for like 20-30 mins here snapping photos and marvelling at the floor hahahah 😂😂

Moved on to the Future World Exhibition held at the ArtScience Museum which is just located next to the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands!

If you’ve never been there, enjoy the sight of the beautiful lotus flowers! It seems to be always blooming all year round(:

Was my first time going for an exhibition at the ArtScience Musuem (I’ve been there once for a DBS event but this is different!) and I was pretty excited because I’ve always seen people posting photos of the Future World Exhibition on Instagram!(:

Be prepared to immerse yourself in a fun filled experience and get your cameras ready to snap all your IG worthy shots!

Definitely suitable for ALL ages(:

Best to go with a friend so that you can help each other snap all the photos! Yep, this isn’t an exhibition that you should go solo for 😂😂

Suffice to say – Cindy and I had an enjoyable time!(: Gotta thank her for helping me snap all the above photos and taking the videos as well!

Note that the exhibition can be quite small tbh, you can complete it within less than 1 hour or even lesser if you don’t snap photos. Otherwise..maybe 2 hours max? My personal opinion la so don’t expect too much hahaha. Just go there with the intention to have fun and you will(:

We walked over to Fullerton Hotel after that cos I had complimentary cocktail vouchers for the Post Bar!

This is also why we both dressed up for abit cos going to a relatively “high SES” place HAHHAHA 😂 Except my dress is a little crumpled 😭😭

Unfortunately the Rystad Energy Annual Summit was being held at the Post Bar so that was a no go for us 😭😭

Wasted~ But nvm, since we were already there. Why not plunk ourselves down at the plush sofas and make ourselves comfy and looking like fake taitais? Of cos we also made use of the free WiFi in the hotel to do our social postings and uploads.

Cindy being hardworking transferring photos from her camera 💪

And of cos must take selfies(: Don’t even know when is the next time I’ll be able to see her again after this so gotta document these selfies down!

Wishing you loads of luck in your endeavors dear – so happy to be able to get to know her!

Yeah if you were wondering why she looked familiar, we were co-hosts/PRs for Muyoo+ media Host stint back in August! She’s also my adult gap year buddy of sorts but hers has officially come to an end already.

Perhaps it’s time mine will end soon as well? Who knows?(: Leaving it up to fate!

Parted ways after that as she had dinner plans while I had a movie date with myself! Yep, it’s another one of these #mitsuekisoloyolo movie nights almost every Tuesday! It’s the cheapest movie night as well – $6.50 all day for a movie ticket at Golden Village! I also treated myself to a rare popcorn which I had for dinner. LOL.

Oh yes full solo ootd from The Design Closets! First time wearing this dress out actually or a midi dress like this but I’m liking it(:

A Star is Born was pretty good btw. Lady Gaga was amazing and so was Bradley Cooper. Let’s just say that I teared up at least 2-3 times in this movie – a mix from the storyline and mainly because she’s such a damn good singer. Goosebumps k. Lovely soundtrack(:

Lastly, ending off with another “dinner” of a hard roll which my mom got for me and the usual run/walk!

Overall, it was a good day for me this Tuesday and I hope YOU had a FABULOUS one too!(: Thanks always for reading!(:

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