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Slow Thursday, kinda – 11 Oct 2018

Finally it’s a breather day for me in a way because I don’t have any plans to head out at all! On purpose of course because its supposed to be a rest day in preparation for a really busy period over the next few days.

Indeed, D-Day is tomorrow so I’ll need all the rest that I can get cos I have to wake up at 5.30-6am; a feat that is rarely achievable on my side considering my sleeping hours recently. I do hope that I’ll be able to turn in early for the night.. 😂😂

Lunch for me on this day – my Cold Storage salad!

And I ate so slowly that it was actually time for my mom’s usual teabreak time. Ah..this domestic bliss moment/occasions that I’m enjoying during my adult gap year is one of my favourites(:

The good thing about living in the digital era with social media, WhatsApp and such – you can be staying the whole day at home but yet, be connected to everyone at the same time just by being “online”. You know? Like a virtual game haha. That’s kinda what it feels like somehow HAHAHHAA.

Dear Cindy sent me a photo of us that was posted on the Ce La Vie Facebook page cos it was taken during the night that we went dancing together for the first time after our Kinky Boots musical – that was really fun and I’m glad that we have this lovely photo now (DSLR quality woot!) to commemorate this moment! It definitely won’t be our last that’s for sure!(:

Also facilitated a connection on WhatsApp and boom! As the conversation flowed, it felt like I just accomplished some sort of magic and it was extremely fulfilling to be part of it – even though I have no idea what they’re talking about hahahaha 😂😂 It’s just a happy and fun thing for me and I like happy and fun stuff lol.

In other news? I tried the Jack N Jill Bak Kwa potato chips! Let’s just say that I ate them ALL by myself. Gawd #fatdieme 😅😅

My mom lovingly sliced those red kiwis for me as well(:

Prep work for D-Day on the next day! There were so many I figured I should just pack it all into my luggage. It kinda felt like I was gonna go on a travel trip..but I’m not? 😂

Grapes for days. And I really did want to head out for a run/walk but the weather nowadays isn’t holding up at all so I had to skip that.

And so, y’know I said that I wanted to turn in early right? Sigh – guess not. Always never happening the way I hope it will be when it comes to my sleep schedule!

Time check: 2.48am.

Well, at least all my emails have been responded so that’s good news 😅

The countdown to D-Day begins in a few hours! Fingers crossed really tight!

Thanks for reading!(:

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