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Tasting Day: Teppei Syokudo Mala Kaisen Don (15% OFF DISCOUNT CODE) x Indomie Tasting Shopback Community Meetup – 3 Oct 2018

Ah, now Wednesday was a relatively packed day – went for two tastings / events in a row with a movie in between. A busy busy bee day indeed!

Starting off with my lunch tasting at Teppei Syokudo at Plaza Singapura to try out their new mala promotion dishes!

My plus one for my lunch date tasting?

My dear Veronica! ❤️

We tried out the two new dishes – Mala Kaisen Don ($16.80) and Spicy Toruko Bento ($14.80)!

et me warn you that it’s pretty spicy – especially the Mala Kaisen Don due to those chips. Woah, they do pack a punch!

Interesting yeah? Japanese food and mala! I preferred the Mala Kaisen Don better cos well – A) Kaisen don is always awesome and Teppei Syokudo is usually pretty generous with their toppings and B) I don’t take eggplant. But if you’re looking for value and feeling hungry, you might like the Spicy Toruko Bento instead!

For my readers/followers – I’m happy to share that you can enjoy a 15% discount off your total bill at ALL Teppei Syokudo outlets in Singapore! It’s not limited to the mala menu but your total bill ya?(:

Just flash this image below or quote “MITSUEKITEPPEI” and you’re good to go! Note that this is only valid for the 1st 100 readers ya?

Okay now cue all the act #slapdieme photos spam for myself and the pretty girl, Veronica.

She’s darn cute la (attached though sorry guys) hahaha 😂

Oh, she’s evolved into another Crystal – starting to give me the roll eyes face cos she can’t stand my annoyingly optimistic and too happy go lucky beliefs in life.

This is the usual reaction I get from my close friends who can’t be bothered with me anymore cos they are like – “Fine Daph, do whatever you like you annoying person/brat” cues eyeball roll

I hop away exuberantly after that in my happy go lucky self. Hahahhahahahahhahahhaha 😂

Oh yes, it was her birthday coming soon also. So if you read my previous post the day before, I packed her a present teehee. Birthdays are important y’know (:

What I didn’t expect back was a gift from her as well – in the form of an AAG Entertainer app / Eatfluencer with a bundled savings of over $9k in it for being one of her clients! Yes, she’s my insurance agent turned friend.

On that note, I think this is really ingenious marketing. Insurance companies are definitely up-ing their game to provide more value to their customers while helping their own agents as well. I clap for you AAG 👏 Always impressed with their marketing ideas every single time.

If you take up a policy with her, you can also enjoy the same benefits as what I do (I’m currently taking up a term insurance fyi). As the same time, if you take up the AIA policy as well, you can also get the AIA Vitality (payable @ $60/year) which I’m currently on as well. My usual $5 weekly dangling carrot aka Cold Storage vouchers are from there.

If you are interested, you can drop me an email if you want to know her contact.

Parted ways after that as we both had our respective plans after that. Mine was to first, pop by Refash at PoMo to drop off my clothes for sale!

Support my clothes if you do see them there hahahaha. And damn I was so tempted to get more clothes laaa.

Crazy I’m like selling clothes to buy more clothes fml 😭😭🤦🤦

Oo and new paint job!

Then to Purpur at Bugis Junction to pick up my shopping loot. Yeah as I said..I sell clothes to buy more clothes.. my ultimate vice 🤦🤦

I also went shopping online that very night cos a particular store was having a sale. FML 😑😑😑💸💸💸

Treated myself to an entire movie experience including a popcorn combo at Bugis Filmgarde since I’m in the vicinity and the timing fit.

It’s $10 for a movie ticket, popcorn and drink which is pretty decent value. It’s a student deal btw 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 Definitely more expensive compared to my usual $6.50 Tuesdays movie tickets at Golden Village but a treat once in awhile is okay. #treatyoself!

Pity Johnny English Strikes Again was eh. Predictable and it was just really corny/cheesy. Worthy of a 2.5 ~ 2.75 popcorn out of 5 perhaps for the entertainment value. Sorry Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean, there’s only so much predictable gags can take you. Bucket list ticked off to watch though so I’m satisfied (:

My next movie will probably be Venom and I’m quite eggcited for that with it all being a Marvel’s movie and such. And Marvel hasn’t let me down yet(:

Ventured off to my final stop for the night – the Shopback office ALL the way at Ayer Rajar Crescent (One North MRT).

New old school snack shop at One North MRT though hurhur.

And what am I there for? Lol

It’s an Indomie tasting session with the Shopback Facebook Community Group!

The lovely team at Shopback/Seedly have been cooking up a STORM the whole day to bring to us these cups of Indomie (thanks guys 🙏) of 4 flavors to try. Hurhur I think it was Kenneth from Seedly who lugged all the packets back Indonesia for this event Hahhahah. Thank you all!

Salted Egg Indomie / Rica Rica Indomie / Beef Rendang Indomie / Keluk Pedas Indomie!

Complete with fried eggs and sausages as well!

Was telling Cindy this was what I saved her event as in my schedule HAHHAHA – the Indomie Hair Drop Tasting lololol.

As always, it was a fun session – had a mass vote for the best tasting / worst tasting (no, the Salted Egg Indomie did not impress us) as well as a pop quiz on Indomie and a lucky guy walked away with $65 goodie bag!

Fwah, I didn’t even read up on it la, see my suaku WTH is this question face 😂😂

Regardless, it’s always a pleasure to meet up with the Shopback Facebook Community members, this is the 5th time such a session (from online to offline) has been hosted and the 2nd I’ve attended!

Have made a number of new friends there as well – including my dear dear Cindy(:

Till the next one if I can attend!(:

Oh ya, I cannot forget to mention about Shitou, their resident Shopback hammy whom we are all obsessed with hahaha 😂😂

And YA of cos, Shopback is also launching their new product called Shopback Go on 15 October 2018! More cashback – this time from restaurants and it’s really pretty useful cos it’s stackable. Muhahahhahahahaha. So if you’re not already on Shopback, you should be! Sign up using my link to enjoy a free $5 cashback back HERE =>

P.s I know if I don’t mention this..I will be throttled by some people on the marketing team (HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE aka cough, Seth if you read this).

Having said that, the entire Shopback team have been working hard and doing a lot of OTs to bring you this new product which I think it’s gonna be really useful as well.

Looking forward to more merchants coming onboard!

Tee-hee, say hello too to Happy Bag, the Shopback team mascot lol.

Again, remember to sign up using my link to enjoy a free $5 cashback back HERE => 🙊

Ended off my day with a night walk in a futile/paltry attempt to kill off all of these calories I’ve consumed for the day!

Last but not least, don’t forget to read my Bangkok travelogue if you haven’t yet!(:

Thanks for reading y’all and I hope you had a FANTASTIC Wednesday like I did!(:

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