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4D3N Bangkok Day 4: One of my biggest OMFG moments x Goodbye Bangkok and Self Reflection #mitsuekisoloyolo – 28 Sept 2018

Time really flies when you’re having so much fun. And boy, did I have an AWESOME first solo trip so far!(:

Btw, in case you haven’t read my earlier posts yet:

Did my last minute packing and was all set to leave the place.

My thank you note and small gift/souvenir from Singapore to my Airbnb host. Once again, this badge is courtesy from my friend @artofchris(:

P.s this is when I forgot to leave my keys and access card 🤦

Ootd first though(:

Goodbye room! It’s been a wonderful stay here at Sleep Industry!

It was approximately S$215 for my 3N stay here (approx S$72 per night) including free daily breakfast for up to 2 pax but I stayed solo of cos and offset the cost using my credits. You can too, book it off Airbnb (click HERE for free $45 Airbnb credits if you don’t have an account yet!) if you are interested!

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The biggest downside to this apartment is just the stairs. Luckily the male staff was on duty today at the cafe so I asked for his assistance to help me lug my luggage down. Thankful for that!(:

My last view of Sleep Industry Cafe which I have been so used to seeing for the last few days!

My free brekkie chosen for today? The fruits waffle and I chose to try a nitro brew for my friend – just because I would never pay to try it.

Unfortunately I really cannot appreciate coffee guys. So that kinda went to waste so sorry 🙁 I’ll stick to my water or ice/hot chocolate please lol. The fruits waffle on the other hand was an absolute pleasure to enjoy! If you dine here, this would cost 175 baht (approx S$8) and it’s well worth it for the portion, size and taste. Satisfied with my Brunch/lunch(:

My original itinerary was to head to MBK Centre to get my hands on that iced chocolate (my FAVOURITE iced chocolate in the world, for now) and steamed bread from Mont Nom Sod but given the time. That was out.

I changed my plans for a massage at the Thai massage parlour near my apartment but I was still slightly sore and bruised all over from my self defense class the night before so..forgot it too.

Plus I didn’t have time cos I was lazing around in my room instead till check out time before heading down for my brunch/lunch HAHAHHAHA. That’s what a holiday is for and when you don’t have a fixed itinerary lol.

In the end, I only had time to run to the nearest 7-11s nearby the cafe to pick up my souvenirs after leaving my bags there. Shopping however, took more time than I expected cos I was busying ooh-ing and aah-ing over the unique stuff I spotted and just lost track of time 😱😱

Also picked up a food packet from a random street vendor off the streets for my dinner! She charged me 20 baht (S$0.85) instead of 25 baht (S$1.10) cos it was her last packet though. So nice 😊😊

Literally ran back to the cafe to pack my loots before calling a Grab.

But OMIGOSH, didn’t expect that the Grab would take 15 mins to reach lol. I’m so used to Grab in Singapore 😂😂 So please note as an FYI to give yourself more allowance when calling a Grab in Bangkok!

Well, at least I had time to use the IG worthy toilet at the cafe/my Airbnb lol. 🚽

I boarded my Grab at the time when I’m SUPPOSED to already be at the airport (2 hours in advance) and to my horror, we were faced with a MASSIVE traffic jam which Bangkok is known for! A route that would typically take 30 mins to reach had an estimated 60 mins instead based on the GPS map. But I can tell you, double it. I was stuck for 20 mins and the GPS still said 45 mins to reach so give more allowance.

To say I was worried was an understatement. Outwardly I was calm cos I don’t want to panic but inside, lol. Luckily my Grab driver picked up on that and took the initiative to ask for the time of my flight. He really tried his best and I really really appreciate it so very much. Thai people are really one of the best and I’ve met so many lovely people during this trip.

If you take Grab, they will usually go for the route that has no tolls but it will take longer to reach the airport and you pay the fixed price indicated in your Grab account.

However, you can request and agree to pay the highway tolls for a faster journey to the airport. He asked me if I was okay with paying the tolls and I nodded yes. I was already prepared to pay for it since I was running late and I had already experienced the two tolls (50 + 70 = 120 baht (approx S$5.10) from my original cab ride from the airport.

Going by the highway and paying the tolls cut my journey time into half. My driver sped all the way as well and we pulled into the airport where I only had ONE hour before my flight were to depart. Total amount including the tolls was for ride was 520 baht (S$22). I had estimated 600 baht so that was fine. Just thankful to have met such a wonderful driver in Bangkok. Thank you!!

Lol. My horror story didn’t end here. I was opening my bag while in my Grab to reach out for my wallet and to my HORROR (again).. guess what I found in my bag?!

My keys and card access to my Airbnb apartment.






There was a postal service at the airport but I just didn’t have the time to mail it back. The best thing I could do is to drop my host a message, apologize and let them know that I’ll mail out the keys and card to them from Singapore… Was also prepared to pay for any extra charges incurred honestly.

That aside, I rushed to the counter to check in. It was quite scary to know that the boarding gate was already open and I haven’t checked in yet. Luckily, there was no one at the counter so everything was smooth.

Immigration was thankfully another smooth one and I was on the way to my boarding gate!

Passed by the two airline lounges where you can use your Priority Pass. Quite easy to find as The Coral is at the entrance of once you complete immigration while Miracle Lounge is located next to the Naraya store. Damn, I still haven’t used mine yet for the year!!

P.s Miracle Lounge just looks sad compared to The Coral imo.

Reached my gate but eh not boarding yet so I was pretty safe.

Had time to head to the toilet, fill my water and walk around for abit.

You can pick up pre-packaged food around to eat onboard or dabao/etc. Average prices are 180-300 baht.

Cheapest one I found was 120 baht (S$5.10) from Freshy Bar right at the end for a packet of Thai fried rice with chicken or shrimp.

Hurhur, at that – I patted my 20 baht meal (S$0.85) in my bag. Hurhurhurhur.

P.s there’s a massage place as well! Think it’s 280 baht for a 30 min massage.

All onboard our Thai Lion Air flight! You can read HERE for my full review of Thai Lion Air!

I was assigned the window seat by the counter staff and I was a little apprehensive at first cos I now prefer aisle seats as I’m usually quite scared of flights. I only realized recent that taking the aisle seats helps to alleviate my fear of flying and well, it’s just more convenient for this toilet queen la. Hahaha.

Most importantly, I’m just glad to make it for my flight(: And that’s the only thing I cared about as I took this selfie.

Opened my book for my reads since no electronics allowed during take off. I kept my phone away after this photo of cos.

Okay then I took it out after to my last view of Bangkok. Good bye Bangkok and thank you!(:

I’ll be back again for you, not sure when but I’m guessing next year for my yearly “pilgrimage”!(:

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Decided to devote my time onboard to complete my book. And I did just that. And it was utterly a joy to read. I highly recommend this book – The Kim Kardashian Principle: Why Shameless Sells (and How to Do It Right) by Jeetendr Sehdev. Kudos to BFF for recommending me to buy it (I had my eye on it when I first saw it actually) when I was in Melbourne. One of my best #treatyoself buys imo!(:

So when I was done – I closed my book, put it down and looked out of the window to peer at the Lion Air logo and the blue skies with one hand sneakily dipped into my packet of that absolutely delicious banana chips which I bought from Ning’s Fruit Stand. (You’re not supposed to bring or eat your own food onboard actually lol.)

I ate it all btw. #fatdieme

At that moment.. I felt utterly and truly satisfied and truly free.

And why wouldn’t I be?

Of cos at the back of my mind, there are still a lot of pending issues.

  • Like my keys and the apartment card still in my bag. I’ve already informed my Airbnb host – just waiting for his response.
  • All the pending emails to respond to cos I totally didn’t really bother when I was away enjoying myself.
  • My pile of blog posts to write/schedule. I only scheduled my daily posts till 29 Sept with none scheduled for the next day.
  • And a whole list of other things on my to do / want to do list.

But I threw all of that aside to focus on the moment. That’s because what’s happening NOW should be what matters more than anything else in the world.

So I sat back at my seat, looked over at the entwined Thai-Singaporean couple seated next to me, listened in to a person telling the crew member that she was served the wrong dish and that she’s seat number 34 not 33 around me, tuned in to the rustling of people sneak opening/eating their snacks like what I’ve done and then promptly went back into my own little Daphne world – looking out of the window and typing this particular post.

This moment is perfect and I really wish I can just somehow capture the moment.

Unfortunately I can’t.

But perhaps typing this post now and reading it in the future will help me conjure up that same feeling and image. It’s a happy place to be this imagery in the mind(:

Also random, but I never expected to feel so pensive and relaxed while seated next to a window seat cos I’m usually petrified to be on a plane on a general note. Guess I’m learning. Growing. Maturing perhaps hahaha.

What will be, will be. So let it go and let it be. Whatever ‘it’ may be(:

Que sera sera.

And the sky was absolutely beautiful that late afternoon. No turbulence and nothing. What a blessed moment!(:

Okay that aside and spoiling the “moment” now – I also really needed to pee super badly (the toilet queen talking here) but I 忍 cos I don’t want to wake the sleeping couple.

Sigh FML lol 😢😢😢😢 I want my aisle seat badly lol!

Finally.. touchdown.

And home(:

The rows of Singapore Airlines.

And the toilet. Omg the toilet!! That was my first stop after disembarking.

P.s we were parked next to an SQ plane. How apt cos that would be the next plane I would be taking for my next trip(: Where ah? Stay tuned!

I also then met one of my ex colleague, Chris who was working as an SQ air steward. Seriously, the world is so small. I was telling him that I would be flying to Country X next month on SQ so let’s see it we will have the luck or fortune to meet again. Don’t discount the Law of Attraction really. I believe in it – do you?

And I’m home!(: Tadaima! ただいま!

Dinner of my 20 baht rice from Bangkok!

Unpacking and souvenirs!

And I made some time to do my run/walk! I’ve missed it(:

The cherry on top to end off my day? The email from!(:

Yep, never forget about the free $40 lobang from me!

And luckily for me as well, my Airbnb host was okay and he had a backup key. Still gonna mail it back to him though. My goodness, I’m just glad he’s so nice about it but I really feel bad. Thankful to meet nice hosts!

Last but not least, thanks for reading and following this Bangkok travelogue of mine! This took quite a number of hours / days to work on but I’m happy with it so I hope you enjoyed reading as well!

My usual more mundane day to day life posts will be back tomorrow till my next trip!(:

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♥ mitsueki

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