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4D3N Bangkok Day 1 (Part 2): Gateway Ekkamai x 7-11 Bangkok x Mae Varee Fruit Shop x Rain Hill Sukhumvit 47 #mitsuekisoloyolo – 26 Sept 2018

Continuing on from my Thonglor portion where I left off at Bangkok Day 1, Part 1! 

Prefer to watch? My travel videologue is now up on YouTube! 🙂

So yeah, I used to have a Rabbit card but now I no longer have one so I guess it’s time for me to get a new one! The basic package is 200 baht, 100 baht for the empty card and min 100 baht as a top up. Get the card if you plan on coming to Bangkok frequently. Otherwise, just go for the single ride tickets!

Sometimes they also have awesome character collabs like the Gundam Rabbit card. It’s usually more expensive but if you love the character/etc, it’s worth the extra.

I dropped off at the next stop – Ekkamai to head to my next stop, Gateway Ekkamai (Exit 4).

Just to share that this has always been on my to visit list for years since it opened but I never had the chance to do so till this day. My first time there and probably not my last!

Was very fortunate that there was an ongoing market happening that period so there were many market stalls open to visit on the outside AND the inside as well!

Spotted some really cute stuff from the outside market and ALOT of delish looking food! Pity that my stomach couldn’t take anything else so I could only let my camera and my eyes do the “eating”! 😂

Meanwhile, I LOVED the inside market as well! Mainly it’s mostly clothes and shoes – alot are self manufactured or designed by Thai designers rather than the usual mass produced Made in China outfits. Not saying the latter is bad but everyone is wearing the same thing mostly 😂

Prices are not THAT expensive either but just a little out of my budget cos this is a budget trip for me. So mainly I was just looking. Oh my heart..there were so many pretty clothes and shoes that I really liked! I eventually did cave into it and bought ONE dress for 200 baht (approx S$9). That’s it. 😢

One day, I would love to be able to go shopping without any care in the world about my finances 😂 One day! But that day.. is not this day HHAHAHA.

I went on to explore Gateway Ekkamai floor by floor starting with the highest level and making my way down to the bottom.

All in all? I can say that I feel like I’m in Japan..and not Bangkok.

The food..

The decor..

Hehe couldn’t resist taking selfies!

The arcade..


The shops!

And DAISO!! 😂😂😂

Japanese stuff galore~

Having said that, there are also quite a number of unique shops (non Japanese related la).

Sadly, their main attraction of the Snow City – which was the reason for me to want to pay a visit to Gateway Ekkamai in the past is closed.

What a sad reminder of it’s formerly glory days, I guess it wasn’t sustainable for the long run. Still..I’m not surprised because the foot traffic in general for this mall is not alot. The first and perhaps the second level gets the attention but the top few? Not so many.

The Food Street aka the food court looks pretty decent also – your typical Thai style food court. Very friendly people 😁

Many Thai designers have rented permanent booths/shops here as well vs the pop up one downstairs if I’m not wrong.

P.s there’s a Tim Ho Wan here as well!

Oh ya and there’s a ChaTraMue outlet at the Ekkamai BTS as well!

Decided to call it for a day here at Gateway Ekkamai and took the BTS back to Thonglor. But of cos I’m not heading back yet!

Made my way next to 2nd last stop of the day!

But I got distracted by the pita bread at this Hummus Boutique (note to self to try!!).

And of cos..I got lured in by all the 7-11s nearby. There were like..5 or 6 within the vicinity WTH.

Unique stuff spotted there:

And then street food along the way..

Finally made it to my destination which is the famous Mae Varee Fruit Shop to buy their highly touted about mango sticky rice!

Opt for the tri colored one if it’s available! Takeaways only and it’s quite expensive at 150 baht (S$6.50) if I recall right but this is an institution for mango sticky rice in Bangkok so I wanted to try!

P.s dried mangoes also available for sale!

Before heading back, I made one final pitstop to check out Rain Hill Plaza, a mall located opposite my apartment.

A whimsical and pretty looking place – I’m so impressed with the setup from Wine Connection the most. Absolutely gorgeous decor and I could see myself just sitting and chilling here with a glass of wine!

Other than that, there are not many shops here that I was really interested in. Quite a number of Japanese related cuisine and such here once again.

Instead, my interest was drawn to the supermarket as always. This is a 24 hour one called Max Value and boy, I like it. Again, very Japanese x Thai focused and Japanese music was being played. I really feel that I’m in Japan in a way.

Spotted many many unique things here as usual!

And THIS just reminds me of Japan so much. Except in this is Thai food instead of Japanese food 😂

I also spotted the LARGEST BEER CAN I’ve ever seen in my life LOL. What the!!

Loots for the night as I headed back to my apartment! Nothing much – discounted fruits and Betagen (Thai equivalent of Yakault) as well as my new dress!(:

AND OF COS – my MANGO STICKY RICE. Oh mai gawd, it was good! But so expensive 😂

They cheated by putting the seed there for the mango btw. But that sticky rice was AMAZEBALLS. I wasn’t expecting to eat all of it but I did.. 😢 #fatdieme

Hurhur. And do you think my day ended?


I rushed through my shower so that I could do something that I enjoy very much.

Its called having a massage. A MUST DO for me in Bangkok!

I quickly rushed down to the nearest massage parlor after my shower (without makeup to boot!) and made it for the last slot 11pm before the shop closed it’s doors at midnight. Wahhahahahha.

My masseur was not the most skilled nor was the place the most luxurious/or cleanest tbh but I enjoyed her service and my chat with her. Mainly also cos we both like Japan la and I bias. HAHAHA.

Was sent off with goodbyes and arigatou gozaimasu!

Indeed, a 200 baht + 20 baht tip (approx S$10) well spent for that one hour of massage / destress / writing / chatting for me!(:

I’m happy. It’s been a wonderful Day 1 of my Bangkok solo trip and I’m already looking forward to having more fun in Day 2!(:

P.s total expenses for Day 1 in total for my Bangkok trip? Approximately 1500 outta 6000 baht! Excluding my Grab fare to the airport and my curry puff in SGD!

Thanks for reading!(:

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