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4D3N Bangkok Day 1 (Part 1): Welcome to Bangkok x Sleep Industry Bed and Coffee x Daniel Thaiger #mitsuekisoloyolo – 26 Sept 2018

And the day has arrived – #mitsuekisoloyolobkk begins!

Prefer to watch? My travel videologue is now up on YouTube! 🙂

Only had a couple of hours of sleep the night before cos I was rushing out my work and blogging stuff but luckily – that one minute mask as usual came to the rescue!

Was a little late but still had some time to pack some of my stuff. Anyway for Singapore (and probably only in Singapore), you can afford to not go to the airline in advance and NOT be late. Well, most of the time la.

Stuff in my separate carry on bag to carry onboard my flight. Lol you might realize that I’ve placed my makeup pouch in my carry on. Lol this shows my priorities huh? LOL.

And the rest in my check in luggage including my laptop!

Bye room!

Pandan cake for brekkie while waiting for my Grab to arrive!

This is also my first time where no one has sent me off ever! Lol, usually no one does la except my mom – she usually accompanies me down to my grab and “sees me off”. But for once, not today cos she had a morning appointment.

Oh wells~ here’s my ootd though hehe.

At the airport and all checked in! Woot for my free 20kg check in luggage for Thai Lion Air! It’s also my first time taking this carrier – one of the many firsts of this trip definitely!

Had time to walk around the duty free shopping area and of cos, I naturally got drawn into the Kate Spade store! Love the designs and accessories!

Also picked up my favourite beef rendang curry puff from Tip Top while I was at it as well!

Just some interesting things I noticed:

There’s a free Singapore tour for tourists?!

And Prima Deli has these pandan chiffon cookies? Like wut! It’s got nothing on the actual pandan chiffon cake though but it makes a good souvenir I guess.

Speaking of which, there were so many tourists toting the Bengawang Solo Pandan Cake boxes all around the airport while I carried my very own in my recycled Muyoo+ paper bag. 😂

This paper bag has weathered my trip to Kuching and I hope that it can weather the same for Bangkok. I like the color and the fact that it can be folded to a small piece, making it easy to use in addition to my bag.

Selfies before boarding and we’re off! Well, after a delay of 1 hour that is lol. I will be writing a separate flight report and review for Thai Lion Air so stay tuned for that!(:

After a relatively smooth ride, we landed safely at Don Mueang Airport! Read HERE for my full review on my Thai Lion Air flight!

Immigration was thankfully rather swift and smooth but the luggage took awhile. I was worried sick when I didn’t spot my luggage after a long while. Scary y’know!?

I always opt to take the cab from the airport mainly cos of the convenience and comfort level. Even if I’m alone..yeah it’s still worth it vs lugging my luggage all around the train/sweating and trying to find my directions vs a cab ride that will drop me off directly at my accommodation. Willing to pay for that – and it’s not THAT expensive in Bangkok. If it’s Japan, then that is a totally different thing of cos!

Its also quite safe to take a cab from the airport cos you will be issued the slip.

You just pay for the cab fare (metered fare) + 50 baht driver fee + any highway tolls along the way.

I stayed at the Thonglor district and the fare was 219 baht + 50 baht (driver fee) + 50 baht (first highway toll) + 20 baht (second highway toll) which came up to be approximately 339 baht (S$15) for my cab ride. For my safety and comfort, it’s worth it.

The accommodation that I chose to stay for my 4D3N stay in Bangkok is called Sleep Industry Bed & Breakfast which I booked off Airbnb using my credits (click HERE to enjoy $45 Airbnb credits if you don’t have an account yet)! It’s actually a cafe/coffeeshop and your room is just directly on top of it! So yes technically I’m staying in a cafe if you think about it. Pretty cool huh?

Here are photos all around the pretty cafe(: Free breakfast is included as well in your stay – can’t wait to try it!

Just to mention that there is a long flight of stairs you need to climb up WITH your luggage to get to Level 3 where the room is at so do take note if you’re staying here.

Luckily the service staff immediately took care of it and helped me to carry it up all the way. So thankful for that helpful gesture!

Entry is via the card lock system! All very secure and technological advanced!

And here’s how my room looks! Starting off with my mini sitting room with a sofa and the “kitchen/pantry” area.

Plenty of bowls, utensils are provided including an oven and a fridge. Speaking of which, the fridge is stocked with a couple bottles of water! Slippers provided too – but I brought my own!

Onwards to my bedroom which comes with a flat screen TV, work desk, HUGE mirror, a “wardrobe” and of cos – my bed! Many power sockets around but sadly none at the worktable unfortunately.

Then of cos we have the toilet as well! Very Instagram worthy that’s for sure! Very thoughtful touches to have the shampoo, soap and towels provided.

However, this extra step of actually providing legit tooth brushes (soft bristles to boot!!) and an entire tube of toothpaste is definitely much appreciated (:

The only two downsides? The water pressure of the shower and the stairs if you lug your luggage. Otherwise all is good. P.s road noise is loud so if you want a quiet place, this ain’t for you.

The cafe is open from 8am – 8pm btw. So if you head back after 8pm, you need to lock up the cafe when you enter. All very easy steps so don’t need to worry. The CCTVs are also on 24/7 so safety is assured too. And tbh, this entire location at Thonglor is rather safe too. You are located facing the always busy main road as well (hence the noise) and there are condos around with security guards.

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I took the chance to explore my surrounding area and took note of mainly the massage places, the money changer, the Philippines embassy and the shops along the way to my next stop!

And where did I go?

The famous Daniel Thaiger food truck in Bangkok! One of my friends posted it on IG and swore it was one of the BEST burgers so I did a quick search then and saw it was like just 5 mins away from my apartment – so there I was that evening!

It’s a food truck with limited seating! Managed to get there early when no one was there yet. Throughout my dinner there, there were quite a number of orders. What I notice though, most people who order are Caucasians, some locals though.

Anyway, here’s the menu! You can customize it the way you like and there’s a beef vs pork option!

I went for Mr Steve (beef) – no onions no tomatos and a medium rare for my patty. Was contemplating on rare actually but medium rare goes better with a burger. Also ordered a side of fries to go along with it.

Total bomb? 240 baht (approx S$10.50). This gourmet burger is definitely one expensive burger by Bangkok standards considering that it’s almost my cab fare price from the airport to Thonglor.

Oh but it was worth it.

I wouldn’t say it’s the BEST burger I’ve eaten but it’s definitely one of the better ones. And that bun. Yums. I’m a happy girl!

I’ll pass up on the fries next time. It’s just okay. That burger would have costed 180 baht (approx $8)!

Was greeted by a BEAUTIFUL sunset as I headed towards Thonglor BTS to get to my next stop(:

Meanwhile, thanks for reading and STAY tuned to Part 2 of my Bangkok post! 😀

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♥ mitsueki

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  1. Ah there you go, short holidays during the adult gap year makes more some memorable trips across various locations! Have a great break Dahpne! 😀

    1. Haha hi Mrs K, thanks for dropping by my blog and the well wishes! And yes indeed! Due to circumstances I couldn’t make it for longer trips but short monthly trips like these are great too!(:

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