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7 MUST HAVE Beauty Essentials to Purchase for your Next Travel Trip!

I’ve been traveling quite frequently this year on a nice mix of personal and media trips to Kuala Lumpur, Genting, Tokyo, Melbourne and Kuching to name a few, and a couple more trips lined up for the next few months in 2018! Having said that, I need to emphasize that having good and useful beauty products is ABSOLUTELY essential when it comes to traveling!

The first is because we need to take care of our skin better when it’s exposed to the different weather conditions/climates outside of Singapore – and being on the plane doesn’t help either!

Secondly, you never know when any of your beauty product will come handy or of use during your travels! For example – perk-me-up skincare to look good after a long flight? Detangling hair brush for your on-the-go travels that can fit in your hand carry? Gee, I’m on board!

In general – let’s just say that you CANNOT bring everything from home to fit into your luggage but you sure can bring these 7 MUST HAVE beauty essentials from Lookfantastic Singapore to bring on your next travel trip! Trust me, you’ll find them very useful and most, if not ALL are travel size! 😉

#1 – Molton Brown Divine Discoveries Bath and Shower Collection (10 x 30ml) – $35

I have a thing for bringing my own shower amenities whenever I head overseas – as a backup just in case a) the hotel/apartment I’m staying doesn’t provide or b) the hotel/apartment I’m staying provides dubious looking contents in the soap bottle which I’m not willing to use or c) I get stuck at the airport due to delays and need a shower.

As such, the Molton Brown Divine Discoveries Bath and Shower Collection set will come in handy in this case! It comes in a set of 10 for $35 which works out to be $3.50 for a bottle of 30ml which is not too bad considering that you can use it for at least a 3-5 day trip. All the 10 bottles are the bestsellers from the luxurious made in England Molton Brown collection so quality is assured.

At the same time, all of these are travel size bottles so this can fit into your hand luggage or hand carry which you can bring onboard the plane! Pick and choose which ones you want to use/bring for your travel trip and let’s just say that I can’t wait to pamper my skin with them soon!(:

#2 – KORRES Cucumber Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask 8ml – $15

Wait, you mean this is an eye mask in gel form? Yeah I’m not kidding!

I’m going to be frank and admit that it’s not going to help my existing hereditary dark eye circles but it’s definitely going to be useful to help de-puff and reduce further signs of fatigue during my travels! An example on when I’ll use it is on a long haul flight where I need a perk-me-up boost before getting off the plane!

The size of this eye mask from the award-winning Greek all-natural skin and bodycare brand, KORRES is also very travel friendly and you just need a small drop each time you use it! As such, this lovely product can actually last for quite a long time for a rather pocket friendly price of $15! Get it HERE from Lookfantastic!

#3 – Oh K! 8 Step Travel Mask 23ml – $29

Let’s just say that the moment I saw this Oh K! 8 Step Travel Mask – I immediately added it into my Shopping Cart because it is such a useful beauty product that I can forsee myself using!

Granted, it may be slightly pricey at $29 but for the price – you are getting a FULL 8 step essential beauty regime from top to toe which includes shampoo/body wash/cleansing oil/cleaning facial foam/toning serum/booster lotion/moisturizer and a gold jelly mask in a thin and extremely convenient packaging from popular Korean inspired brand, Oh K from the UK!

#4 – KIKI Health Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 40ml – $5

Multi use product? Check! Affordable price? Check! Able to pack in your hand carry? Check! So many checks – this is one of the gems that you absolutely MUST buy in my opinion!

Indeed, this organic raw coconut oil from KIKI Health has many benefits and uses – be it for cooking as a replacement for butter or margarine in case it’s not available i.e in your Airbnb apartment/service apartment where you plan do some home cooking OR as a beauty remedy!

For myself, I’m looking at the latter benefits more (beauty remedy) where it can be used as a massage oil, eye cream, face and lip moisturizer, hair/face/eye mask and even an eye makeup removal or highlighter! How utterly useful is that?

Just a word of warning that it’s very oily and may spill. Hence, my suggestion is to seal it and keep it in a ziplock bag as an additional safety measure before you place it in your hand luggage. I would still bring it for the useful moisturizing benefits especially during winter period!

#5 – Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Hairbrush Mickey Mouse – $25

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the mad riot which I call my hair? It’s really thick and it’s always a frustrating point when I wake up and need to deal with the knots and tangles. So here’s when this detangling hair brush comes into play!

The Tangle Teezer is a pretty well known detangling hairbrush brand and instead of the classic size, I opted to go for the compact on-the-go Mickey Mouse version of it because a) it’s going to be a lifesaver on my plane/travel trips b) it’s small and travel / handbag size friendly!

Been testing it out on my hair and I can safely say that it really works to help with those tangles! A must have for my everyday use AND for travel trips in my opinion! Worth the investment! You can buy it HERE!(:

#6 – Vitamasques Peach and Honey Hand Mask – $11

I’m not sure about you but I do suffer from dry and chapped hands during winter season! Just came back from my Melbourne trip back in August and boy were my hands dry like crazy; even with gloves on!

One recommended way to combat such dry and chapped hands during winter season is use hand masks to help restore the much needed moisture to your hands. In fact, such moisturizing hand masks / hand gloves can also be used during your everyday life too!

Note that at this moment, this particular product is OOS (out of stock) but HERE’S (the Holika Holika Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet) a similar replacement product with the same benefits if you’re interested to get yourself a hand mask as well!(:

#7 – Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Hydra Gel Eye Patch – $70.50

Last but not least is yet another eye product which to me – is another travel essential as I am quite particular about caring for my under eye area. At the same time, I’ve always enjoyed using eye patches to pamper my under eyes during my daily life and also when I’m traveling. So usually you’ll always see a box of these hydra gel eye patches in my luggage because they are easy to use and comes in a convenient packaging!

Am honestly not too particular on the brands of eye patches that I use and I’m open to trying out new ones like the popular Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Hydra Gel Eye Patch which I added to my Cart!

However, it’s such a popular product that it currently OOS (out of stock) as well on Lookfantastic! But not to worry, I’ve got TWO other hydrogel eye patches recommendations, the G9Skin Pink Blue Hydrogel Eye Patch and the Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive Essence Gel Eye Patch which you can check out instead as an alternative as well!

And with that – I’m done and there you have it! My own personal round-up of 7 MUST HAVE beauty essentials you can consider purchasing from Lookfantastic Singapore for your next travel trip!

Most importantly, I hope that you have found this post useful in any way to prep for YOUR next or upcoming travel trips!

On my end? Let’s just say that you will probably see me using/bringing/mentioning some of these products (if not all of them!) I’ve featured in this post on my IG stories or daily blog posts over my next travel trips. If you have/chose them – USE them. If not, what’s the point of buying or advocating these products to you guys if I don’t use them personally myself?(:

Lastly, thanks always for reading! Don’t forget that if you found this post useful to you in any way – feel free to SHARE THE LOVE with your friends and family using the social share buttons at the bottom of your phone / computer screen!(:

P.s check out the list of Mitsueki’s Favourites on Lookfantastic ;p

Meanwhile, see ya on my socials and my next post! 👋

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