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One of those busy days on Mid Autumn Festival + here’s how to redeem a FREE Spork from DBS – 24 Sept 2018

It’s rare to be able to make it for lunch with my mom. Rarer still for my mom to dabao vs cooking as well. But she says that she usually dabaos the same noodles every Monday. Funny that I’ve never really noticed till recently – but I guess it’s cos we usually have lunch at different timings 😂

Anyway, lunch was for me is the usual caifan as always.

And AS ALWAYS, with the recent trend – I’ve been creating my own #caifansalad. My mom knows that so she always gets more meat for me so that I have more “ingredients” to play with lol!

And it’s always enough for two portions too!(:

Then it was back to doing abit of writing! Really been busy lately with a couple of upcoming collaborations and my new pet project!

Regardless, there’s always time for teabreak aka my favourite Pandan Chiffon Cake from Bengawang Solo! My mom originally wanted the marble cake but it was sold out so she went to the chiffon instead!

This chiffon cake is still the best one in Singapore! Soft, fluffy and perfect for a teabreak treat!

An excellent souvenir to bring home from Singapore as well(:

Oh and here’s an example of consumerism in play with my mom as an example. Lol.

Also, I think I’m really easily entertained and here’s my bus entertainment aka the live show of the darnest things kids say. Not gonna be retyping them since I’ve already posted on my IG stories.

See? This is why you should watch my daily IG stories on Instagram la 😂

But on a serious note – it’s quite scary on the amount of information gleaned just by unwittingly listening to a conversation so openly in public. You don’t know who is listening in (purposely or not).

Anyway, made to my destination which was Parkway Parade! My main point was to score that $1 movie ticket from Cathay Cineplex but unfortunately..all 1000 tickets were already redeemed by then. Sad 😢

On a brighter note? I redeemed a free popcorn courtesy of Cathay. Yay! Popcorn? Why not! I really love my🍿~

Happy first birthday to Cathay Cineplex at Parkway btw! Time flies, it’s been a year already!

With a quick plan change (I was hoping to score two movie tickets and watch Predator and Johnny English), I made my way to Plaza Singapura instead!

Why ah? Lol being a cheapo again – I went to claim my free spork from the DBS bettrBarista!

All you need to do is to make a public pledge to #recyclemorewasteless on your Facebook or Instagram and you can claim your free spork! Very easy. But of course, MEAN it and NOT just do it for the free stuff la. This spork is also legit damn useful I tell you!

The original plan? Head directly home and work on my posts. But in the end .. got sidetracked at:

Fayth to try this new maxi dress. I’m happy they are coming out with more maxi dresses but I prefer their original style. This just didn’t cut it for me imo.

My original ootd btw lol. Very slackish cos I thought I was just gonna be hanging around Parkway instead of Dhoby!

TEMT cos of these really pretty off shoulder pieces.

Ended up grabbing a few other stuff from the rack to try on since I might as well right?

Think my face is a little expressive. You can see if I like or dislike my outfit right off the bat!

I.e – I dislike this outfit which makes me look like a barista or cafe server. Or even Velma from Scooby Doo.

I like this outfit. It’s kinda cute!

I’m not sure if I like or dislike this outfit. Meh.

That aside, it was also Mid Autumn Festival that day and I wanted to surprise my mom with her favorite flaky yam mooncake from PUTIEN. Sadly, it was sold out when I went to enquire 😢

Made it up when I passed by Mr Bean and saw this Mid Autumn Festival offer!

Not sure actually if you are supposed to eat tangyuan for Mid Autumn Festival cos it’s usually eaten during Winter Solstice but aiya it’s round la. Like the moon. So it works for me lol.

Bonus? These Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy QR codes for the the Healthy 365 app cos this is the healthier choice!

Just happy to be able to sit down for desserts with my mom for Mid Autumn Festival. Even just for abit to enjoy this time together! And yes, that’s my new spork btw!

Oh ya, I added in my own grass jelly to my beancurd mix with tang yuan btw, hence the weird brown color lol.

I’m happy cos of many things including indulging in my fave peanut tang yuan. And of cos the time with my mom most importantly(:

Another happy thing? Hahaha I’m back to my daily run/walks!

And then back home to do even more writing and some packing till the wee hours of the morning as always.

Hint hint, sneak peek of my upcoming collaboration with Lookfantastic hehe.

Last but not least, thanks so much for reading!(: As always, it means alot to me for you to bother to drop by my blog to read err everyday if you do~ 🙆

So here’s a BIG thank you if you do!

Hehe and don’t forget to join my Telegram group so that you don’t miss another blog update from me!

Otherwise, see ya on my socials!(:

P.s I hope your Mid Autumn Festival Celebration was as good as mine!(:

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