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A Fruitful Sunday x Supermarket Shopping – 16 Sept 2018

Ahhh. Finally – a full day to my hermit self after so long and I’ll be having a couple more of such days coming up! Quite excited because this means I can start to fully work on my projects and check things off my to-do list that I’ve been meaning to start!(:

And yes, I’m still on my adult gap year at this moment cos at the rate of my travels, I doubt I’ll be able to take up a full time job yet. That’s alright – it’s been around half a year so technically I have half a year more to go (adult gap YEAR ma) 😅

Still, I’ve really gotta be more financially prudent though. Not helping when my vices (other than travel) include snacking and shopping. Haiz, it may be a stay at home hermit kinda day but thanks to the Internet and such.. I have been doing alot of online shopping. Fml 😭😭💸💸

That aside, with many people at the F1 race that Sunday – here I was at home enjoying my mom’s homecooked food for lunch! Always a blessing to enjoy homecooked meals and that gravy / sauce; that’s the good stuff here!

Plus that red kiwi fruit as well. It’s kinda growing on me. And no, I didn’t get diarrhea from it lol.

Bought some new e-books to add to my reading collection at this moment. Haven’t even started reading most of the ones I already have, but I keep having the urge to buy new ones.

My previous reading list is so new-agey self improvement which tbh, is a little boring to read sometimes so that’s why my new additions are much better – such as poetry, that infamous The Secret book (which I refused to pay $32 for) and the latest Anita Blake novel, Serpentine by one of my favourite authors, Laurell K Hamilton! Problem is finding some time in my schedule to start reading them 😅

Honestly though, I’m more of a hardcopy book kinda person. It just feels so much better having to hold a physical book in your hands vs an e-book but I gotta admit how convenient and space saving an ebook can be :/

Writing takes up most of my time for now. And that’s what I truly enjoy doing most. That’s ONE of the reasons on why I quit my job for this gap year; to fully indulge in writing in this personal blog of mine(:

I also started The Mitsueki Podcast during this adult gap year period and yay!! Was motivated enough to upload another new episode on this day! Listen to it here:

More writing/reading – this time over leftovers for dinner with more fruits as always!

Random poem I stumbled upon – The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The last two lines called out to me(: Really hope that last line will bode true for me!

Also ticked off one of the things to do on my to-do list – update my LinkedIn resume with my new work addition! Yeah I may be on my adult gap year enjoying my life but I’m also lucky/very fortunate to be able to have the opportunities here and there to try out new job scopes which I never would have been able to get the chance to try if I were holding a full time job.

Think all these work experiences are useful too and will (hopefully) propel me to the right direction for the job I finally choose to settle down with. So far for now? It seems to be hosting experiences – making it 3 times so far since January 2018! All different first times though hehe.

This makes me wonder – what’s next? 😊

Oh ya, and remember I finally achieved my AIA $5 voucher? Of cos I’ll opt for the Cold Storage option and this means .. it’s time for me to go grocery shopping with my $5 budget LOL.

Feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been to Cold Storage because I spotted so many new things there!

Instant miso soup options / new MAMA range of instant noodles (Thai brand) / Nissin Big Cup Noodles (omg was so tempted to get the Japanese Cheese Curry one 😭😭).

Btw what. Never knew that Robert Irving has his own brand of protein bars?!

Tell y’all something that gek-ed (annoyed) the shit out of me – seeing these limited edition Tim Tams from Australia for sale at Cold Storage. 🙄😤😾💢

Yeah I brought some back from my friends and now we have it in Singapore!! Albeit at almost double the price compared to the ones in Aussieland la but still?! I never even saw the Iced Coffee one when I was there lol.

New chip flavors include Guinness chips?

Truffle chips are getting popular also. So many new brands. Torres has always been around forever but this Alfredo’s brand is kinda new to me.

And of cos – with everyone going for the healthier choice lifestyle now, there’s also a HUGE RANGE of such healthier chips ranging from kale chips, chickbean crisps, vegetable chips and more! Of cos prices for these chips are slightly more expensive.

For slightly cheaper and still healthier options, my favorite is still Alison’s Pantry! They recently just updated with 2 new options and they look pretty good! I love peanut butter…

I stuck with my usual cranberry trio though cos I was trying to keep to my budget as much as possible. Be prudent Daph!! 😭😭

But I did treat myself to banana chips cos they were on offer and I like munching on them. Not the best but not bad. It was only 56 cents for this serving fyi.

Overall, went slightly over $5 but that’s okay! Still feels good to waltz out of Cold Storage with my loots and paying the bare minimum thanks to my vouchers to offset 😂😂

That’s why I’m a happy girl with her happy grocery loots~ I love supermarket shopping very much lol. Hehee.

And ending off with my little jaunt that night of cos! 😊😊

Lastly, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your Sunday last week too~

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