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A Tuesday filled with Unexpected Happenings x Three Buns Quayside x #touristinSingapore x F1 Singapore GrandPrix 2018 – 11 Sept 2018

I gotta say that life can be really unexpected and unpredictable because that’s how life is lol. Wanna know why? Then read on to find out what happened on my Tuesday!

Life can be Unexpected #1: Unexpected House Visit

To start off, let’s just say that it was supposed to be a hermit at home day originally considering that I just returned from my media trip to Kuching literally yesterday. But then I made plans the night before to head out to watch Peppermint the movie cos it’s a Tuesday and that’s when you can enjoy the usual $6.50 movie deals and keyed that into my schedule.

THAT didn’t happen as I originally intended though because of an unexpected home visit in the afternoon from these Pioneer Generation (PG) ambassadors who dropped by to visit my mom.

It was interesting to sit and listen in though. Apparently they do these routine visits on a yearly basis to check up on the pioneer citizens but I never knew about it as usually I’m working during the day. So now that I’m on the adult gap year and not working, I’m kinda having the opportunity to get to know more abit of my mom’s life during the day and more about her health condition(s)/thoughts and such.

They also came equipped with lots of pamphlets in different languages and I would think that they are savvy in dialects as well to be able to converse with the elderly. My mom speaks English tho so I guess she’s very easy to speak to hahaha.

Indeed, in Singapore we may not have a pension or welfare scheme for the elderly or generally for ALL Singaporeans compared to other countries but well, this was not too bad that these people aka ambassadors were dispatched to all the homes of the pioneer generation to check up on them, assist as needed and share more information – i.e the pioneer generation EZ link card/CHAS card/share more about the GST vouchers in case they didn’t know or listen to the Budget 2018 and know their benefits.

They also do offer financial aid if needed like offsetting the costs of disability aids (discount will depend on your home’s AV (annual value) and family income. Would also think they are very observant and would assist/intervene also if there are signs of elderly domestic abuse in the family.

More importantly (and that’s what my mom likes) is that they do take the pioneer generations’ feedback into consideration and will raise it to the respective boards. For example – my mom mentioned that she did feedback to them about some discrepancies in her CPF payouts previously and the CPF board actually took action to write back to her and settle it after that. She was pleased with it and hence, usually doesn’t hold back with her feedback for improvement.

Note that they were dispatched from the Marine Parade PG office but I believe that there should be other PG offices all around our island. I could be wrong about that – if so, feel free to let me know in the comments!

They ended off with a request for a photo with my mom. She’s actually smiling in the photo la unlike in my photos where she gives me a grimace when I ask her to smile walao lol. She was more impressed with their camera btw LOL.

But yeah, this visit took a couple of hours so I decided to skip on my movie then and committed to staying at home to complete my writing and such.

Or so I thought lol.

Life can be Unexpected #2: Unexpected Tasting Session at Three Buns

So here I was indulging in my writing and enjoying my low SES dinner of granola and chocolate milk when suddenly and unexpectedly – I found myself BOOM, at a tasting dinner at Three Buns Quayside that very night.

Like seriously, this one takes the cake in terms of the level of unexpectedness for me especially considering the fact I already had dinner and my plan was to write and do my evening walk. LOL.

What also takes the cake is their generosity for the tasting menu that very night.

The sheer amount of food was overwhelming – not just for me (and I already had my dinner technically!!) but for all the other hosted media there LOL. Next level of insane lol.

Yeah let’s just say that I tried them ALL. Except for the cocktails because I reached my maximum level of capacity and could take in NOTHING MORE. It’s crazy.

Anyway just some side info as an FYI, Three Buns is an award winning burger and cocktail brand under the Potato Head Family, an Indonesian lifestyle brand. You might have heard of Potato Head as the restaurant is a MUST visit when you visit Bali (have never been there personally but I’ve heard of it) and of cos we have Potato Head in Singapore as well (never tried it though).

Meanwhile for Three Buns, they have locations in Jakarta and Singapore – the latest being this outlet at Robertson Quay! They have plans to go globally by bringing the Three Buns brand to Tokyo and Hong Kong next and beyond of course but if you want to have it in Singapore; head over to Robertson Quay (:

Anw back to the tasting! Here’s what we tried as below. I will let the pictures do most of the talking and you can draw your own judgement from there. Food after all, is subjective and your taste might not be similar to mine.

A line up of FIVE brand new burgers: Red Man Burger (Beef Rendang) / Bun DMC / Da Cheese Master / Smokin B-Boy / Truffello (Vegetarian).

I really like the Red Man Burger (omg wow!) and Smokin B-Boy the most but the prices for these two might be a little off putting for the budget conscious (between $25-$28). It was an amazing AMAZING burger for the former though and the B-Boy was close favourite for me too.

The Truffello was interesting but will get gelat after awhile. The portobello mushrooms were absolutely delicious though.

Da Cheese Master is the most affordable option of the 5 burgers at $15, your basic but delicious and high quality black angus patty with plenty of cheese and a beautiful toasted bun. Good for sharing if you have a small appetite and perfect with a side (fries!) to go along with.

That patty for all the burgers 👌 cos everything is all controlled personally by Chef Adam helming the kitchen.

Yeah, would return for the burgers if standards are always kept this way cos that’s how I like my burgers.

Hot Dawgs (hot dogs): Truffle Hound and a Quayside exclusive called Seng Dog (matcha bun). All hot Dawgs come with a choice of chicken or beef sausages.

The hot dogs were alright but I’m not really a hot dog kinda girl. I love my burgers more. I like the chicken sausage over the beef one tho my dining companions especially the guys like the beef sausage option.

The matcha bun for the Seng Dog is really something different, a very unique spin and I’ve never eaten a green hotdog bun before so this made it my first. Prefer the truffle hound over the Seng Dog if I had to choose cos I’m not a matcha person. That toasted bread for the hot dawgs tho, DAMN. 😍

Sides: Naughty Fries / Miso Dirty Fries / Crackalacka Corn

I like the naming of the fries, how adorable. Fries are basically the loaded kinda fries and they are really affordable for the size. Excellent for sharing. I loved the corn on the cob, and well – you CANNOT go wrong with corn on the barbie aka grilled corn.

Look at that grilled portion of the corn. Amazing. I ate this entire cob.

In general, thumbs up for the affordable pricing of the sides. Once again, excellent for sharing as mentioned.

Weekend Brunch (Sat/Sun 11am~4pm): Blueberry Basics / The Ronnie / Beet It

The weekend brunch was alright I guess. We were really full by then already hence perhaps the lackluster vibe when brunch was served AFTER the burgers, hot dawgs and sides. I told you that the tasting menu was insane lol. Not joking.

Anw, the blueberry pancakes were definitely the best out of the lot. It’s no Clinton Street Baking Company level of pancakes but this is Chef Adam’s personal recipe that he makes for his daughter who loves it and that’s a really nice personal touch! This stack of buttermilk pancakes come with maple syrup/blueberries compote and a scoop of delicious homemade vanilla ice cream.

Order this and skip the rest imo. But if you want a breakfast burger that reminds me of McMuffins for a late afternoon brunch like at 2-3pm, go for The Ronnie. Comes with these nice tater tots too. Not as good as the one from Coastal Rhythm but not bad.

Desserts: Zesty Calamansi & Lemon (Posset) / Sticky Icky Wicky (Sticky Date Pudding) / Blackcurrent & White Chocolate Cheesecake

Desserts are affordable if you can stomach anymore cos the portions here are pretty big – all under $10 and again, good for sharing.

The sticky date pudding was pretty good and that homemade vanilla ice cream (same as the one for the pancakes) was delicious. Skip the cheesecake perhaps tho the toasted biscuit crumbs on top were absolutely amazing and personally I think they should top the posset with the crumbs instead.

First time trying a posset, an English dessert and this unassumingly and boring looking white dessert gave us a citrus shock; but in a good way. As mentioned, would go well with the toasted biscuit crumbs but maybe on the side to dip in. It was unfortunate I didn’t get to try the Vanilla Guerilla, their ice cream sandwich because it sounded amazing from the menu.

Non Alcoholic Drinks: Milkshakes

Of cos we had some milkshakes cos burgers x milkshakes yo. Only tried the strawberry. Was okay but too full to appreciate and it’s too much an indulgence for me that night. I’m a water drinker sorry 🙊

Alcoholic Drinks: Boozy Milkshakes / Line up of tropical cocktails

Interestingly they had boozy milkshakes as seen pictured above but I didn’t try. Really too full guys.

They also have these amazing looking tropical cocktails concotions that look absolutely refreshing.

These were all crafted to complement the Three Buns Quayside fare btw. Again, I didn’t try cos really cannot. Up to my limit lol.

We also got to meet Chef Adam in person and his passion for his food and craft is evident from the way he speaks. Loved it!

Check out the man behind the scenes hard at work helming the kitchen and culinary team to churn out ALL that food for us during the tasting that night! 👏

In general I like the place as well. The vibes, decor and attention to details (including a sink for patrons to wash their hands after digging into their burgers, of cos best eaten with hands).

And friendly staff too – spot the staff/bartender giving me a ✌️ HHAHAHA.

I can forsee myself coming back if I have a hankering for some decent burgers or even a drink. Would take the alfresco or the bar seats, order a drink and maybe a burger or sliders if I’m alone. Otherwise, would bring my friends here to have a chill dinner over burgers and some fries. Pricing is decent as well as seen from the menu below.

Good spot – the only downside is the location at Robertson Quay cos it’s not near any MRT. Of cos if you drive then that’s no a problem(:

Do give Robertson Quay a shot though. I think it’s a nice hidden gem that surprisingly not that many Singaporeans frequent. It’s a beautiful spot as evident from my photos below. Read on for more!

Bonus tip – Cos it’s not near the MRT, you can go for a romantic stroll with your date giving you more time to spend with him/her HAHAHHAA. That is again, if you don’t drive but you can always take a stroll around the area after dinner lah.

Life Can be Unexpected #3 – #touristinsingapore / Night Walk

In an attempt to kill off all them calories (or at least some of them) from overindulging that night, I decided to walk from Robertson Quay to Suntec!

And boy, was it an awesome choice! Robertson Quay is a surprise because I didn’t feel like I was in Singapore at all.

And it was BEAUTIFUL. Was looking at some of the restaurants and I was like hmm, the decor is really not too bad. For some only ah hahaha.

Walked to Clarke Quay and of cos it’s beautiful as well.

And then to Suntec area where I was almost met with a roadblock lol. Hahaha reminds me of The Amazing Race 😂😂

Life can be Unexpected #4 – BTS of the Singapore Grand Prix Night Race 2018

Okay I totally forgot that the Singapore Grand Prix was happening this weekend till I chanced upon all the roadblocks and I was like oh ya hor.

It’s a pretty major event and boosts our tourism numbers for sure but for most of us, think we see the roadblocks as a hassle and will avoid this area during the weekend. Unless cars and racing stuff is your interest la then you’ll definitely be here and be excited for it especially if you bought tickets for the night race etc. Oh and of cos Jay Chou is gonna be one of the headliner acts this year btw.

Regardless, there’s a lot of behind the scenes happening for all events on such a scale (small or big) and usually this happens in the night – from road surfacing to ensuring a smooth and safe track for the F1 drivers, them portable toilets for all the attendees (brand news and sealed), construction of the bleacher seats / respective tentage and them beer taps cos you need alcohol to go along with car racing of cos.

Bonus, I saw the staircases leading up to the bleacher seats and ever the inquisitive cat + kaypoh person, went up (asked for permission k) and yay think I’m one of the first few people up here at the seats – without a ticket to boot hahhaa 😂😂😂

Commemorating this occasion with a selfie yo. My first time up here, have never been in the stands before so that was kinda of a cool first time experience for me!

Indeed, who will own the night at the Singapore Grand Prix 2018 this year at the F1 night race? Would it be Lewis Hamilton? Who knows!

P.s Grid girls are banned from the F1 night race but it IS the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix after all and sponsored by SQ and they are technically air stewardesses and not grid girls .. so expect to see our kebaya clad SQ girls on the track this year and they will be guiding the F1 drivers to their cars at the starting grid on race day. Yep, this is gonna be SIA’s largest publicity event cos this has international coverage!

Well..on that note, they shouldn’t have turned down that product placement opportunity with the Crazy Rich Asians movie tho. A marketing move, I think they have come to regret with the phenomenal success of the movie. I was very surprised tbh to see the “Pacific Asian Airlines” instead of our signature Singapore Airlines logo in such a Singapore related movie actually. But I guess, the fear of potential backlash from this satire like / OTT / Hollywood movie was a probable cause of concern for the brand. Btw, have you read my movie review of Crazy Rich Asians yet? :p

Okay and that’s the last of my unexpected list of stuff that happened to me on Tuesday.

But all that drama aside for the day, what DID happen according to my plans was the following:

Completed writing all my Borneo Fashion Week 2018 posts after HOURS of writing / collaging my photos lol. These will be scheduled over the next few days so do have a read once they’re up!(:

My usual caifan lunch!

My delivery from, my next upcoming blog/brand collaboration and I’m really excited to come up with some fun and useful blog content! Stay tuned for that!(:

Mailing out my item to a buyer. I’m a responsible seller on Carousell okay? So buy my stuff there =>!

And that’s FINALLY it for my day! Yes, it was a 4am night once again due to my writing and the unexpected turn of events that night but oh well(:

To end off, I guess you can always turn such unexpectedness to your advantage by making it work, going with the flow and make plans along the way!

Sometimes it does turn out well and gives you unexpected opportunities – like my first time at the benches for the F1 Singapore Grand Prix and of cos, my first experience at Three Buns under the Potato Head Group. Now THESE are all a first time for me and I’m really happy about that (:

Hehe thanks for reading as always and have a good weekend ahead!

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