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Day 2 Borneo Fashion Week 2018: Morning Preps x Ready to Wear Runway Shows x Exploring Kuching by Night – 8 Sept 2018

Woke up on Day 2 really exhausted cos of the consecutive late nights so far. Was really highly contemplating whether to head down for the buffet breakfast in a food vs sleep debate that lasted for around a couple of minutes.

In the end, trying the hot food at the buffet counter won out and I opted to prep and rush out for the breakfast. I swear also by my 1 minute Saborino mask to perk me up! 😂

The normal usual buffet was a little meh the day before so I was hoping that the hot food would slightly make up for it.

On a brighter note, I did manage to try the Sarawak laksa and the Kolo Mee which Kuching/Sarawak is famous for.

Though it was at the hotel buffet but I thought it was not too bad for my first try. Definitely much better than the other food at the buffet line so go for the Asian option rather than the Western.

Went back to my room and was greeted with The Borneo Post hung at my door – not bad an initiative by Pullman Kuching that’s for sure!

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Here’s my ootd for the day – something basic and simple, a linen dress from Playdress; one of my current favourite dress at this moment and paired it with my own handmade necklace from a recent necklace making workshop at Longue Vue Design!(:

Covered it up once again for modesty/cos it was cold! Lol and can you believe it? I actually went to iron my dress cos it was crumpled – what. Effort k Hahaahahhaha 😂

Headed down once again to the media room which would be our refuge for most of time in between the shows to wait out for the first show to begin.

Yeah so for today, there were 3 ready to wear (RTW) runway shows scheduled from 15 different designers – definitely a long day ahead for all of us!

Once again, I’m sure we all have favourites so I’ll leave you to judge the collection pieces for yourself from all of these talented designers(:

RTW Runway Show 1 – 12pm

Najla Shoes

Michael Ooi Made-To-Measure

JK Homme

O.f.f by Phoebe Ooi

Keldreenna Bremas

Amanda Brown

RTW Runway Show 2 – 3pm

Rozie Khan Couture

Kumang & Co

Latip’s Collections

Asen Clothing

Azhar Zainal

RTW Runway Show 3

De’Mlya Pua

Pretty in White

Yan’s Creation

Bidwin Molundim

Fatin Xivera (Kolej Komuniti Kuching)

After every show, we had the designers do their pitching and other interviews as usual. Was a real privilege to be able to be part of this and view the behind the scenes as well!

And for us, as mentioned – the media room was our refuge most of the time! Was where we had our meals, teabreak snacks, rest and do the necessary social postings/other work.

P.s – yes, all of our meals were provided; all boxed meals but they were not too bad actually.

Before the final show however, we managed to head back to our room to nap for a little as we were exhausted after attending the first two shows.

Pullman couture anyone? Lol

In the end, I found myself doing up a little research on Kuching cos believe it or not, I came without any prior knowledge cos I was thinking to stay in the hotel most of the time and not head out 😂

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That didn’t happen though cos in the end – yes, I managed to have time to head out during this media trip on Day 2 after the last show with Natalie!

Changed after that to make myself a little more low key – mainly just changing to slippers, using my new bag aka media gift and removing all my accessories while keeping my jacket on 🙊

P.s – lol at the number of shoes I brought along for this trip 😂

The weather that night was wonderful as well for a nice walk around our surrounding area and Kuching Waterfront!(: I was in fact, glad I kept my jacket on before it became really cold/windy that night actually. Didn’t even sweat!

Here’s where we visited:

The Hills shopping mall next door which had barely any shops open. A struggling shopping mall.

Topspot Food Court where we were surprised by the HUGE crowd! Mainly its has seafood, satay, roasted chicken, Sarawakian cuisine and drinks. Good for big groups cos the serving portions here are huge!

The city centre and the famous Kuching cat statue!

Passed by this really pretty restaurant called The White Barouk! Prices are affordable here surprisingly and the service staff very friendly!

Headed downwards and spotted rows of kueh lapis stalls and other souvenir stalls to buy from. We tried alot of the colorful kueh lapis which Kuching is famous for and every stall had plenty of samples!

And then we walked along the long area of the Kuching Waterfront towards the bridge while admiring the view and checking out the stalls, the famous James Brooke Bistro and other places of interest along the way!(:

Even popped by this lovely little cafe called Roots and it was super pretty and IG worthy!

The promenade area at the waterfront was a really nice place to check out as well and just walk around to soak in the vibes of Kuching. Plenty of families and children running around(:

Made it to the bridge and had an enjoyable time just chatting away.

Headed back after that – almost close to midnight but we had time to stop by one of the kueh lapis stalls by the waterfront to pick up some freshly baked kueh lapis! I bought it from this particular stall called Mama Su Kueh Lapis (pretty popular).

The pandan kueh lapis was the one I really liked and wanted to get but was sold out by then and only had limited flavors left. Chose a couple which I tried earlier – and at 10 MYR each, these lapis cakes were a steal and they make really good souvenirs(: Some places are frozen but at least this one is fresh so I don’t need to keep them in the fridge.

Also made time to pop by a small 24 hour supermarket and picked up some souvenirs once again before calling it a day!

Well, not really actually. Reaching back to our hotel room means the post work/social stuff to do once again. Was hoping to sleep a little earlier that night but nope – didn’t happen once again and I got to bed at 4am. HAHAHA.

Well this is after all, technically a work trip of sorts mixed with a little bit of pleasure! 🙊

Glad I get to knock out in a really plush bed though. That Pullman bed is amazing; I generally crash a few minutes after tucking myself in 😁

And that’s it for Day 2! Thanks so much as always for reading and stay tuned to the last day of my posts on Borneo Fashion Week 2018!(:

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