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Day 1 Borneo Fashion Week 2018: Morning Shenanigans x First Runway x Designer Pitching x Designer Exhibition Booths x Opening Gala Night – 7 Sept 2018

Andddddd it’s here – Day 1 of Borneo Fashion Week 2018!

But before that, let me bore you with the mundane things happening in my life first though hahahaha.

And yes, I managed to wake up for the complimentary brekkie at the hotel in the end because I really wanted to try out the buffet breakfast! Breakfast here is till 1030am on weekdays and 11am on weekends which is pretty late – and that’s how I managed to have breakfast. Was there around 10am? 😂

Even had time to do a little yoga and lift some weights before that. Like for one minute cos I took the photo for the gram mainly HAHAHHAA. This was a nice touch provided by Pullman Kuching fyi.

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Anw back to the buffet restaurant called Puzzles. Alot of seating spaces, mostly indoor but they have some alfresco seats on the outside as well.

Quite a lot of variety of food to choose from in the buffet but idk, they didn’t really call out to me. They also have some live cooking stations but those are mainly on the outside.

Went more for the pastries, bread, cereal to try along with the scrambled eggs and fruits. Very westernised hahaha. Average food, don’t have high expectations and it’s just enough to fill your stomach. If you’re more adventurous – there are other food places outside(:

What I like about the restaurant and Pullman Kuching though is this small area at the side of the restaurant where they sold these handwoven bags done by one of the oldest indigenous tribes in Borneo called The Penans. The bags are actually pretty nice and quite affordable tbh. And if you buy one – you’re technically supporting the Penan Women Project which is a really lovely cause.

Bonus? Each bag comes with the information of the woman in the tribe which is pretty lovely! Pity that the one I was looking at didn’t come in straw, brown or other easier to match colors or I would have bought it!

And then, it was time to get ready for the first runway show of Borneo Fashion Week!(:

First up on my part, I’m ready – are you?(: Covered up more it was cold and such 🙊

Met up with the rest in the media room for lunch and to wait for the time to head out!

We also got our hands on the media gifts for Day 1 which was this lovely handwoven bag and some Kuching souvenirs!

Arrival of all the media guests with the photo booth for photo taking and such before we were ushered into the fashion show!

Was pretty excited to be here and have the privilege of getting front row seats as well! My first time(: Hehe very cool as well because you usually see these fashion shows on TV and such and now you’re part of it! Of cos it’s a small scale one compared to the major ones out there but I thought the setup was not too bad!(:

And then – it begins! Day 1 of Borneo Fashion Week started off with 6 designers in total! Will leave you with pictures below to say it all and make your own judgement! I’m sure you’ll have favourites – just like I do(:

Suhaimiey Sahariey

Hayden Ng (Singapore)

Natacha Van (Cambodia)

Melvin Shah / Atelier Prive Melson

Pitnapat Yotinratanachai (Thailand)

Ashley@Kapas / Suhara Jewel Art

This is then followed by the designers pitching showcase at the hotel bar after that! It was interesting to attend because the participating designers will share more about their design concepts/ideas and what their collection presented was about. Some of what we viewed were never before seen ones and were the first to be presented or are their latest/first ever collections!

Very privileged to be able to view all the behind the scenes and of cos – snap a photo with all the designers gathered for Day 1!

Natalie and I went to explore the designer booths and other exhibitions after the first showcase after that! This is where you can see/touch some closeup pieces and ask more questions from the designers or the people manning the booth if you like. You can also buy some of the sample pieces as well and there were some really lovely ones.

I’m being the weird one as always – go to a fashion show/exhibition and I end up buying these homemade Bario cinnamon cookies aka ruti tabat burak bario by Mina Trang Witte. These cinnamon biscuits comes with a little pow of Sarawak black pepper; extremely addictive and delicious. The small packets go for RM10! Apparently goes well with red wine according to Mina Trang Witte!(:

A little bit of shopping, done and dusted and we headed back to our room to freshen up and get ready for part 2 of the day – the opening gala night!

Had some time before the opening gala so we were having fun snapping photos / ootds and such.

Since it’s rare to dress up so pardon all these ootd photos hahaha. Wore my glasses mainly cos they’re my signature look and also cos I only caught a couple of hours sleep daily (5 hours or so) so my hereditary dark eye circles are pretty bad 🐼

More photos of the gala dinner setup in the ballroom along with selfies!

The show started off with a traditional cultural performance.

Followed by a speech by Datuk Karim (Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports) and the founder of Borneo Fashion Week, Stephanie Alcantara respectively.

Heritage wear looks.

And we were highly entertained by Joanne Kam and her 3 victims, I mean the Funky Divas! Her antics and bawdy/in your face jokes, hilarious as always.

Of course we had a whole spread of food as well – Chinese banquet style!

How we can forget about fashion? This is Borneo Fashion Week after all! Here we have – Borneo on The Runway featuring the following designers and their works!

Amanda Brown Couture

Azhar Zainal

De’MIya Pua by Datin Media

Rozie Khan Couture

Yan’s Creation

Melson@Melvin Shah / Atelier Prive Melson

Ashley@Kapas & Suhara Jewelart

And what a night it was! Very fun though and I had a good time with Natalie and Tif! Oh and I love my nails from Myntefingers!! Hehe (: Remember to quote “mitsueki” to enjoy $5 off her gelish services!

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Got back to my room exhausted and ready to turn in for the night.

Not lol. In the end, I started doing some writing and such and ended up sleeping at my usual 4am once again. 😂

Another long day ahead for Day 2 – stay tuned for that and thanks for reading!(:

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♥ mitsueki

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