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Day 0: Borneo Fashion Week 2018, Pullman Kuching – 6 Sept 2018

Oh boy, and this is the reason why I should have packed earlier the week before – only surviving on a couple of hours of sleep before my flight that afternoon! 😂

Had to rely on my perk me up mask (brightening) to hopefully look abit more awake / brighter as I would be meeting people today!

Final packing for the day literally like 5 mins before my trip and I had to get my mom to help me dabao my lunch otw to the airport cos I was responding to some urgent emails, posting on my socials (HAHAHAHA) and such on top of my packing. Ah.. priorities in life lol.

Then off I went to the airport! Even though it’s a budget flight via AirAsia – it’s still a good thing because I get to go to Terminal 4 which is the newest terminal! Was there earlier this year for my KL trip so I was familiar with the layout already.

It’s very efficient – all automated with self check in counters / automated passport control aka immigration and such. Very technologically advanced and fuss free! The downside will definitely be the fact that you probably can’t score a free upgrade on your plane ride cos everything is all automated/machine assigned :p

Then of cos – very smart marketing; putting the duty free perfume and alcohol right at the start the moment you pass through the luggage scanning and such.

T4 definitely has a very luxe feel to the terminal from the decor/design to the choice of retail shops and even the food court! I like it though (:

The toilets are also very nice, sleek and modern. But if you go further, they have the Peranakan themed ones that I particularly loved as well! Hehe selfies for the day(:

Bonus? I love the seats with the in built power socket/USB port for charging! I totally totally need it! Not all seats have them but many do and there are plenty!

I had a great lunch – my dabao-ed homecooked meal cooked with love from my mom coupled with one of my favourite views of the world of airplanes, the airport and such. I love it(:

Another bonus? Sweets from the Changi Airport staff who went around personally to all the passengers to pass them out – a lovely initiative by the Changi Airport Group I’m sure(: However, I’ve only experienced this in T4 and not the other terminals FYI.

And then – it was boarding time onboard my AirAsia flight to Kuching!

Have always enjoyed my AirAsia flights in general and it’s one of my preferred budget airlines if I’m choosing to fly budget for short haul trips. Note though that I’ve not tried Scoot personally yet. Have taken Jetstar though.

It was a short 1.5 hours flight and I was throughoutly entertained by my in-flight magazine called Travel360 learning little new tidbits along the way, admiring some of the duty free items available for sale onboard and writing one of my blog posts while onboard!(:

Hurhurhur and I’m so happy that I don’t have weird fellow passengers. I had the window seat preassigned to me actually but I gave it to my fellow passenger and took the aisle. 3 seats, 2 pax – so we used the middle seat to put our bags instead of the floor. Comfy hurhur.

First view of Kuching as we landed.

And the rather quiet airport. Obviously going immigration was very swift 😂

They even have a Plaza Premium Lounge here which I didn’t expect lol. Duly noted though.

Well, it’s my first time in this Cat City of Kuching, Capital state of Sarawak and I was here for only ONE reason.

  • To attend Borneo Fashion Week 2018(:

Was whisked off in the official van and off to the official venue of Borneo Fashion Week 2018 (shall be referring to it as BFW2018) at Pullman Kuching!

This was where I finally got to meet the PR team in person whom I had been liaising with for the last few weeks/month and it was a real pleasure indeed!

All checked in for my stay here at Pullman Kuching courtesy of BFW2018 of course, along with my flight from Singapore.

Rather pleased with my room in general, have always wanted to try staying in one of the Pullman Hotels and finally this is my opportunity and my first time doing so(:

Was given a lovely room (Superior) which came with an AMAZING view of Kuching city!

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The room had the usual hotel facilities with some bonus points to that yoga mat and weights which was a nice touch!

Some minor points to note about the room from my observations so do take note if you plan to stay here. Don’t expect full quality Pullman standard here that’s for sure. They probably need a little refurbishing and perhaps relook at the bathroom amenities provided (the shampoo/soap in particular) imo.

The bathroom amenities provided were a lil dubious with no labels/brands etc especially the soap. I looked at the bottle and I was like nope, not even gonna try to use that.

So glad I brought my own (koped from another hotel, sorry I low SES) but really, good/high quality bathroom amenities are so important especially benefiting of a 5 star hotel class status. It’s one of my minimum expectations tbh.

All that aside, this room was exactly what I needed to set up my “base camp” here for the next few days to cover the BFW2018! Also as an FYI, Pullman Kuching is also one of the better hotels options (5 stars) around the area!

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Met up with the rest of the media group and we were taken out for a nice dinner at this Sarawak restaurant nearby called Lepau.

I thought the restaurant was absolutely AMAZING – loved the decor, the chill vibes, live performance and actually everything to be honest.

It was also the delicious food and of course the entertaining company that added on to the experience!

First time trying tuak, an alcoholic beverage!

First time trying out all of these dishes! There were SO MANY till I had no idea exactly what I was eating but everything was really good. Sarawakian cuisine is delicious!(:

Hehehehe they even have worms. Played with them just becos 🙊

They were for eating btw. Style = FRIED.

I tried. And I like-y 😂😂😂😂😂 My first time! Ate like 6-7 of them I think hahahaha!

Overall, it was a wonderful night out getting to know everyone – from the PR (AdMy Concepts) / the other media from KL (First Classe/Black Visuals x Lit TV Asia) and of course, the organizers/founder of Borneo Fashion Week themselves. What a treat!(:

We also met the owner of Lepau but too bad I don’t have the photos where we all took together so the above would suffice! Also missing the media from Cambodia cos they flew in much later but I reckon I’ll be able to meet them over the next few days.

It kinda feels surreal actually to be part of this event and the only sole representative media from Singapore 🇸🇬 – hoping to do us proud! 😊

Ended off that night with more chats, checking out more behind the scenes preps for the BFW2018 happening from tomorrow onwards, a visit to 7-11 nearby before calling it a night.

Okay not really, more like – more preps for the next day, some self reflection & me time and of cos, indulging in some writing.

What I didn’t expect?

Doing this till 4am in the morning omg. And then realizing I wanna wake up for brekkie the next day HAHHAAHHA.

GG-Fied 😂😂😂😂😂

Thus my holy grail aka the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to save the day for a long day ahead tomorrow plus a bonus night view of Kuching from my window!!~

And that’s it for Day 0 of my media trip to BFW2018! Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring and I’m excited!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned to more posts!

Live updates mainly on my IG stories ya?(; See ya there!

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