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Packed Tuesday x My Heart is so Full Today (and Everyday!) – 4 Sept 2018

It was a very busy day for me on Tuesday and I had a packed schedule most of the time hahaha. So for those wondering how I occupy my time during this unemployment period / adult gap year.. this is for you – well, a chronicle story of ONE of the days in my life that is 😂

First up, combat slightly puffy eyes with my eye mask – it doesn’t help with my hereditary dark eye circles but eh, I feel just putting on the eye mask helps abit LOL.

Prepped my gifts for the day as well – feeling like Santa Claus giving out presents whahahha!

Stop #1 – Munch Saladsmith at PoMo

First stop of the day? Lunch with Xy to catch up and all that! Always really good to meet up with this girl – we may not longer be colleagues but this is an example of a colleague turned friend thing and we FINALLY managed to set a time and date to do this. My fave girl from office and I do miss our daily toilet sessions and such(:

Oh ya I really like the Munch here at PoMo, it’s so underrated and overlooked cos of the location but I feel it’s very value for money especially if you use the eatigo app like what I did.

Got a 50% discount for the 1230pm reservation slot so our meal (1 chicken leg + 3 sides) was only $6 each. Very well worth it! Use my link HERE to get a $5 reward on the eatigo app if you’re not already on it yet!(:

Stop #2 – Ex-Office

Went back to my ex office place (AGAIN) to pick up some stuff and drop off some things as well. I swear the people there probably think I’m still working there cos I appear around my ex-office vicinity super frequently lol. In fact, alot of them don’t even know I’ve quit since April lol!

Stepped back into my old office and literally absolutely nothing has changed at all. Same ol, same ol – my secondary “home” for the last 5 years 8 months of my life back then. Except now, it’s just a different person at my usual desk.

Oh and of cos, that mandatory usual toilet selfie which I’m known to take in my office HAHAHA 😂 Plumper now but happier hahahahaha.

Stop #3 – Refash

Made a pit stop at Refash to drop off some of my clothes for sale here. Stopped myself from doing any shopping as well as I’ve really shopped alot and now I’m more budget conscious with my unemployment status!

Still, the clothes here are really pretty! Hehe drop by the Refash physical outlet store PoMo and perhaps you can even see some of my clothes for sale here too(: Alternatively, if you prefer to shop online, you can do so HERE!

Stop #4 – Plaza Singapura vices/weakness definitely include shopping. Man, I really want that walk in wardrobe in the future (and probably get a proper job soon so that I can shop freely HHAAHA). Was drawn to the clothes at TEMT – love the floral designs and such!(:

Treated myself to my usual Tuesday movie indulgence (also another one of my vice/weaknesses) – $6.50 for the cheapest ticket on a weekday and I went to watch Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days!

Yeah I went to watch the first movie at home on my lappy before watching this and it was a great choice hehe. Very heartwarming scenes mixed in with modern life x warfare in the past x plenty of action – excellent movie and I cried err 3-4 times (vs 10 times in the first movie with). Stay on for the after credits and yes – there’s gonna be a sequel!! I’m so excited(;

On my to-watch list. Can’t wait – especially for Marvel’s Venom and Johnny English the most!

Random cream puffs from Beard Papa which I was contemplating to pick up for Crystal but sorry woman. No budget for you for now, so too bad lol.

Stop #5 – Changi Airport

Was off to Changi Airport after that cos I made a devious plot plans to surprise Crystal from her trip back.

Took this time to decompress for abit and do some writing while waiting for the time to past at the viewing gallery as I waited for her flight to land.

The airport is definitely one of my favorite places to hang now(: Heh. Would be back here as well soon!

P.s look at this pretty Soup Restaurant Heritage! I love the decor and set up – it’s like Singapore Botanic Gardens but in a restaurant form with the gazebo and orchids. Excellent concept + design; very creative(:

Anyway, that aside – yay I managed to surprise this woman. Lol I was definitely the overly excited one plotting this entire thing to spring on the poor unassuming bestie – that’s for sure. Note that this is the first time I’ve literally ever done this for anyone in my life so lol, she has the honor cos she’s my best friend HAHAHA!

She even rewarded me with a rare proper smile. Awww ♥️

Okay but in actual fact, she was like wth you doing here. I don’t need you here 😭😭😭

Heartbreaking y’know lol. Oh my sad life~

goes off to post highly dramatic OTT (over the top) post on my IG story to express my sad fweeelinngggss

Lol at my very drama queen tendencies which I can’t help indulging in lol 😂

Jokes aside, we had dinner together at Japan Gourmet Hall SORA since we were at T2! Have been here once for a tasting earlier this year and I love the entire concept(:

The only downside is the price which is a little too high end for my current broke girl/unemployed budget but luckily we shared so it wasn’t so bad(:

We shared the Kohaku Tendon ($17.70 with free miso soup) from my favourite Tendon Kohaku (eaten at least 5 times!!) and I was so so happy 🙆🙆😀😀😁😁

Oh and we even sat at the psuedo Japanese tatami seating area also. Reminds me of our time in Japan~~~

No GST and service charge too! So we paid $8.85 per person! Not too shabby and still within my budget (tho a little more expensive than I originally intended!).

Still, here’s another thing that made my day! MY BESTIE BOUGHT ME A SOUVENIR OMG hahahaha.

Hehe I know very drama but I wasn’t expecting it becos she told me she wasn’t gonna get me one cos everything was what you could get in Singapore. But YET, she still bought me one. On top of that, she remembered I loved banana chips and she thought this was not bad and got me a pack. Like omggg just being able to be in her thoughts makes me soooo happy I cannot hehe. I’m blessed hehe. 😀🙆😁😂😂

Stop #6 – Home

We parted ways after that and went home! She still had work tml~ But unbidden to me (不知不觉) – I found myself taking a long walk to end off my night(: That was utterly, utterly enjoyable!

Another enjoyable thing that night? I stumbled onto this Proust questionnaire. Thought it was very thought provoking to answer these open ended questions as you get to question yourself and know yourself a little better. Give it a gander and you might surprise yourself!(:

In a way, it’s better than taking an actual personality test where there is a predefined set of answers as per the choices selected if you think about it. Indeed, we don’t have to be truly defined by a personality quiz (i.e the MBTI (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator) etc) as we are all different people on a fundamental basis and don’t have be “sorted” accordingly.

Img Credits: The Real You by jasinski on deviantart

Yep, there’s more to every single person than meets the eye/on the surface level (or a personality test in this case)(: I find this very intriguing and there are some people who just pique my interest and curiosity so much.

Who is the real you?

That’s the question I sometimes ponder to myself when I meet some people. Heh(:

Okay and I digress. Let’s go back to something abit lighter 😉

Here are TWO more additional things that made up my NIGHT hahahaha.

#1 – Link!

Receiving this confirmation email from that someone has used my booking link to book their hotels! YAY!! Like it’s literally free $40 I’m giving away, if you’re not using my link – just why? Like FREE $40 leh! You can travel AND save at the same time! Book it here =>! 😁

#2 – Booked my CRA ticket!

Last and not least – I finally will be watching Crazy Rich Asians the next day. Used up one of my precious Gold Class vouchers (yay or free vouchers!) for this movie but I think it’s worth it cos I really want to enjoy and indulge in this movie at it’s fullest. Gogo $2.50 movie! Worth paying the convenience fee as well so pick my choice of seats(: Hehe, this will also be my first solo Gold Class experience as I’ve always watched it with a partner but nope, not for this day!

I’m excited and can’t wait to watch! 😁😁

Hehe, as you can tell – it has indeed been a totally AWESOME Tuesday for me; a real rollercoaster ride actually and I enjoyed the day!

Indeed, my heart is so full today and literally most days nowadays actually. Happy me~ 🙆🙏🙇‍♀️

Oh and thanks so much for reading if you made it ALL the way to complete my random ramblings and nonsense on this daily blog! Will see ya tomorrow~~~~

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