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Family & Time x Life Goals x First Rooftop Club Experience at Cel La Vie – 21 Aug 2018

Wow, my Tuesday was a pretty “happening” day all in all – well, to me that is!

Let’s start off with something very precious to me and what I’m appreciating most during my adult gap year / unemployment period = the time I get to spend with my mom! You can’t put a price to that and I’m glad to be able to do so now. I don’t really want to regret not spending enough time with her.

Err disclaimer, not that we do interact that much or are very close, she’s still very much a traditional kind of Asian mom after all. But this beats me working full time where I only catch a glimpse of her in the morning before work and then late at night when I come home from work or none at all if I hang with my friends and occasional weekends if I don’t head out.

So at least now, she gets to take care of me more – at which, I am very very confident to say that her primary love language is acts of service. An example? Just look at the excessive amount of food she will always insist on buying for me.

Indeed, she doesn’t want me to go hungry at all (moms) lol. Again, sometimes I’m at that annoying crossroads of don’t need to buy so much cos I’m on a diet vs sigh, who else is gonna eat it, okay I’m eating it lol. 😂

(Disclaimer: spinach leaves are my own addition)

On that note – she does listen to my whining/complaining/feedback or take note of what I like; albeit selectively though. Like my obsession with brown bread crust.

I love bread crusts so very much but this one looks abit chaota (overburnt) ah lol. Er and ya I’m a food waster (I’m sorry…) in a way cos I mainly just eat the crust and I can go through 6-7 slices at one time! Always a joke with my friends that I should find a future partner who will always give me his crust and he can eat the white bread portion lol. 😅

Another example of where she takes my preference into consideration is that I like to take my taohuey with grass jelly. So she hit upon an idea to buy packets of grass jelly (yes, packetS) so that I can help myself to a generous dose of it to pair with my taohuey vs the small amount that is usually served alongside with it.

It was good to be able to share with her and have our desserts together at the same table. She likes her taohuey plain though and can’t fathom my penchant for that grass jelly hahaha. Still, I smile at her efforts and I’m thankful too. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indeed, such interactions and precious bonding time would not have been possible if I were working full time. There’s many more opportunities to interact often compared to before.

Also keeping and documenting all the snapshots and photos of our time together because memories will fade but these pictures and even these blog posts (ya, I gotta pay to upkeep this blog but it’s worth it) will always be there and serve as a reminder so you never ever ever forget.

Time is of essence. You can’t turn back time and the harsh reality is that one day, your parents will no longer be there. #brutaltruth

So, do try to make some time (even just a little bit) for them in your life. As much as you can. As a disclaimer – not saying you should quit your job like me ah lol!

Speaking of parents – have you read this guy’s post on EDMW where he shared about his Singapore to London trip in 75 days overland AND with his dad as his travel companion? Gotta give him kudos for two jobs well done and his planning is AWESOME! Read it on EDMW here!


Indeed, I too would love to embark on a relatively similar epic lifetime trip one day – but probably with better quality stays etc, lol cos I’m not a hostel kind of girl and I carry quite abit of luggage! A round the world trip – now that would be an amazing, AMAZING experience and THAT is something I want aim for in life. I don’t know when, where or how but that’s an eventual life goal for me!

However, I wouldn’t want to do it solo (especially for the round the world trip) ideally of course. Right now, my occasional solo stints/jaunts are fine but of course eventually I would like to settle down and find a partner in every sense.

It’s not easy to find the right one or “the one” as we all know – but again one day, I guess I’ll be able to find someone whom:

  • I can’t live without (vice versa)
  • I can tolerate / can stand (vice versa)
  • Enjoy being around / won’t kill him out of frustration (vice versa)
  • Attracted to and want to spend time together (vice versa)
  • Share the same values / mindset / goals as me (vice versa of cos)
  • And a couple more hahaha. Too personal to share here 🙊

Until then, it’s a #mitsuekisoloyolo journey!

Hehe and actually if you think about it, it’s possible to do a COUPLE of epic trips in your life time if you plan carefully. And perhaps with different and awesome people in your life! Idk, but does my recent 8D Melbourne and 12D Japan trip count? I do consider them as life-changing travel experiences to me – just like my first ever trip to the States back in 2012 for school (which ultimately led to the launch of this blog tbh)! Holy crap, I think I’m actually on the right path => aiming to go for numerous epic trips in a single lifetime hahaha!

Yep. I’m glad there’s slightly more clarity in my thoughts now. This adult gap year is good! I’m figuring things out and what I want in life – slow and steady wins the race I guess? Of course the offset is the financial costs but I’m confident I’ll make it back. I WILL make it back. Or dream bigger, twicefold or even TRIPLEFOLD mayhaps? Hahahahahahhahaha 😂😂😂 A girl can dream – just like for a taitai life right? Lol.

In general, the key is to have an abundance mindset vs a scarcity mindset (the latter of which society has conditioned us to think – thanks to my babe, Veronica for this)! Well, that’s the mantra you need to keep telling yourself that is lol. 😂 #easytosayhardtodo

I can. I will.

Slow and steady. Just like my readership here on this blog which I’m eternally grateful for (yes, that’s for you reading this right now). Thanks to my BFF for his reminder and this caused to me to check on my recent SimilarWeb report. I’m happy – this really, REALLY made my day seeing this. Heh, this personal blog of mine has come so far(: Am so blessed!

Oh and you know just gotta ask for something? I rarely do ask but I did it – by asking in my KC ladies group chat that I would really like to go out to club/dance and if they had anything on, to ask me along. Of course within our circle only where I know they will look out for me and vice versa. Not about to go out dancing or clubbing with God forbid, strangers! Who knows what they will do to you and I’ve watched too many movies/shows, read the news and heard horror stories. Hurhur 😂

Lol, that aside – ask and ye shall receive. That’s what the universe says (if you believe in that hahahahah!).

So the next moment? I found myself “party crashing” for the first time as a third wheel with Crystal and her friend that very night at Ce La Vie! Luckily her friend was okay with me tagging along for the ride (yay~).

How absolutely thrilling it is to have no plans and then a plan! Oh Winnie the Pooh (if you can get my reference – read my review of Disney’s Christopher Robin)~ I even made a little effort!

It was a great choice too and plenty of bonuses that came along~

Bonus #1 – FREE admission to Ce La Vie without the usual $20 cover charge as there was a public holiday eve event! That saved alot cos drinks there are expensive! Paid $18 for a Midori Sprite and yes, it was diluted/watered down (more Sprite vs Midori). That’s kinda how I like it though cos I don’t really drink alot nor do I need it. I’m an energizer bunny by default🐰😂

Bonus #2 – it was surprisingly not that crowded as expected! My first rooftop bar/club experience and it really had great vibes and a good crowd (yes..the clientele of a club matters alot)! The beat wasn’t very sick but sufficed thanks to the crowd.

Indeed, I’m sorely, SORELY reminded of the SMASHING good times I had in the clubs of Vegas, my first clubbing experience in my life and Vegas spoiled me so much. So much so that I could never find a similar experience. Went “clubbing” in Singapore for the first time in my life last year at Beacon and er, it was a little disappointing. But this made up for it! It has the essence of Vegas at the very least! LOVED IT!

Bonus #3 – The view from the top was AMAZEBALLS! Can never get sick of this view of home. Many many spots to take photos and admire the view!

Check out the famous Marina Bay Sands infinity pool at night! Beautiful~

P.s on this note – this reminds me of the viral SCMP video about Singapore x Crazy Rich Asians where they featured MBS? Oh oh and have you seen the parodies from Preetipls and my new fave, YEOLO btw?! HILARIOUS 😂

Bonus #4 – eating a cheap supper from the 7-11 at MBS! A small big gulp and the 7-11 brand of cup noodles for $2? Worth it! All them bad calories and indulgences which I usually stay away from.. but not this day. It tasted GOOD LOL.

Bonus #5 – cheers to new and unlikely friendships!

Indeed, this is a pivotal moment in life where you start building up friendships – who knows if they can come into play later one day. Not that that’s my main point la but I’m always happy to make a new friend! Hehe perhaps next time if I have the opportunity to visit Shanghai, I know I can look her up!(: Friendships are not country specific or tied y’know.

Poor Crystal tho. She had to play host to her friend/colleague from Shanghai who has never been to a club AND juggle her suaku bestie who came along at the same time. That’s why I’m really glad she had a good time that night. Hehehehehehe

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
What happens in a club, stays in a club XD

Lol not like anything major or life-changing happened in the club la but to see my bestie enjoying herself that night, I’m happy! Overjoyed in fact! 🤣🙆

And yeah, this extremely long post pretty much summed up my AWESOME Tuesday. What a blast!

Leaving you with my current favourite jam!

We’re gonna ri-ri-ri-ri-rise ’til we fall
– Rise by Jonas Blue

(Yes if you can’t tell, I love music with a beat and EDM!)

Oh and always, if you made it to the end of this post – thanks for reading my daily ramblings and have a good week ahead! It’s a short one so ENJOY it! Countdown to the weekends begin~~

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♥ mitsueki

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