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Freedom x It’s a Hermit at Home Day – 17 Aug 2018

Looking back at my calendar, I realized that I have been out or have something on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY including weekends since 20 July 2018 with an exception of one day off on 13 Aug 2018 right after my Melbourne trip!! And that is insane 😅. No wonder I needed some downtime and started obsessing over hermit caves for awhile LOL.

Random but many people think I’m quite an extrovert but I’m far from that actually. Would classify myself an ambivert more than an introvert though imo. That’s what I think la, I could be wrong?

Due to this, I’m kinda clearing my schedule over the weekend and such to make sure I have a balance for myself because the next few weeks in August are going to be super busy as well. Have so many plans and I probably may have overcommitted myself a little too much? Gonna be scaling down on the trival and focus only on the important stuff. LOL siao liao, schedule is quite packed even up to September I realized flips my calendar

I feel fulfilled looking at it though because it’s MY choice of what I want to do, who I want to meet and spend the time with and more. Indeed, my unemployment part with no income still lurks at the back of my mind but I have never been so fulfilled, free and happy to be able to do my own thing. Indeed, freedom is liberating!

I really wish I can do this daily and forever but reality sometimes kicks me in the butt to wake up. I don’t want to 😭😭 Then again, perhaps my upcoming stint in September will be able to allow me to fulfill this lifestyle that I really enjoy now. Perhaps? Regardless, I know I’m seeking something – but what is it?

Well, gonna leave it up to fate/life and see how it plays out. Indeed, sometimes you just have to trust and see how everything will go.. plus have some patience at the same time.

At the same time, I’m taking matters in my own hands too by taking up so many risks (okay – relatively calculated small risks, I’m a Virgo after all) this year and so far..I have no regrets at all despite the occasional downsides and bumps along the road. Am also thankful for all the opportunities given to me by so many people – life is good. People are great, awesome in fact and I’m happy almost every single day (98%, I am only 2% sad hehe). 😊🐱

Speaking of how life is good – I finally have a full day to myself on Friday and it was AWESOME (yes, I’ve said awesome twice within two paragraphs because it is!!)! Caved in and had my mom to get me lunch instead of having my salad (figured I’ll eat that for dinner) and she got me .. an overwhelming amount of food 😅

Caifan with plenty of meats

Char Siew from Kay Lee Roast Meat

Yeah, she bth my salad lunch from yesterday and that’s how she tries to fatten me up lol.

And then..she even bought D24 durians fml. I ate them all – so much for my diet 😭

After that I told her I would settle my meals over the next few days cos I really really wanted to lose my post holiday weight gain badly. It’s like I’m at the crossroads of being grateful for what I have and annoyed because I can’t resist food and getting fat. What a contradiction lol. But honestly, yes I’m very thankful for my mom’s concern and care overall.

Anw, only ONE thing that I did for the rest of the entire day till the night – and that was to work, reply emails and finish some projects at hand. Ah, my workaholic tendencies lol. Feel super accomplished and I’m happy to announce that I’ve responded to all my emails yay!! Thank you for the patience in my slow responses 😅

Oh and I also updated my mitsueki’s podcast after a long hiatus cos got feel that afternoon. It’s dedicated to my friends, my pillars of support 🙆😊

And finally, finally to end off my hermit at home day – a short bout of running/walking (mainly walking). I like to call it my disconnection period where I unwind from the day. Indeed, life is good.

Life is good(:

Last but not least, thanks for reading as always and have a Happy Sunday ahead!

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