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[Bangkok] Little Zoo Cafe @ Siam Square 

Visiting Little Zoo Cafe has been on my itinerary ever since I heard about it! What I didn’t know was that they opened a 2nd branch near Siam Square recently so I didn’t have to travel down alllll the way to their original cafe near the Don Mueang airport. Kudos to Wx’s sharp eyes for spotting it when we were walking around Siam Square! 😁😁

Little Zoo Café
424/7-8 ถนน พระราม 1 ซอย สยามสแควร์ 11 Khwaeng Pathum Wan,
Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand

Upon entering, do remove your shoes and change to the slippers provided! If your shoes are expensive or you worry that they might be stolen, you can place them into the bags provided and carry them in!

We were led upstairs to the second level to be seated at the cafe.

Seating/dining area at level 2! It was pretty crowded most of the time when we were there.

It is compulsory to order at least 1 drink and 1 food item (main/side/dessert) per person at Little Zoo Cafe!

We ordered iced chocolate each, waffle potato fries and a chocolate ice cream! The food are all pretty average but in general, we were quite full actually because we JUST had lunch at Inter Restaurant literally a few minutes ago! But well, this is the price to pay for an experience at Little Zoo Cafe! 😁

You would expect more exotic animals right? But it did feel more like a normal cafe with random animals here and there.

On the second level, they have guinea pigs, chincillas, a few cats and Chihuahuas. The biggest draw is the artic fox and racoon housed in a separate room.

I headed down to level 1 to check out the animals there and spotted parrots, more chihuahuas, a snake and the biggest star – the lone fennec fox.

The fennec fox is housed in a separate room/enclosure. It is a wild exotic animal after all and not tame. At least I managed to snap a photo with it and pat it before leaving the enclosure. Poor fox though, can see it longed to be free :/

Took the opportunity to snap a photo with their resident snake before heading up once again!

While waiting for our turn to enter the room with the racoon and artic fox, I also took the opportunity to cuddle up with a chinchilla! It was so cute and fluffy~ ❤ Ya I know I look like I am strangling it but I’m not 😂😂

And finally, we could enter the racoon/artic fox area!

The artic fox slept all the way and couldn’t be bothered with us lol.

Meanwhile, the racoon was such a naughty bugger scampering around. Again, it is a wild animal so you can tell that it does long for it’s freedom.

Annoying bugger. Do keep your valuables outside as she might steal them. She tried to steal my glasses 😂

In total, the bill came up to 737 baht (approx S$32) for the entire experience there. Cheaper than the usual cafe prices in Singapore plus you do get to see some exotic animals so it was okay for a 1 time visit!
Mission accomplished to visit Little Zoo Cafe so we left after that to hunt for a massage parlour!

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        1. Hi Cherilyn! Do note my experience was about 2 years ago so it may be different now yes? I didn’t wait at all, just walked in 🙂

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