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3D2N Batam Getaway 2018 – Day 2 (9 Jun 2018)

Was happy to know that our stay at Grand I Hotel came with complimentary breakfast so Mr J and I woke up early to enjoy it! Breakfast time is from 730am – 10am at this point of writing so this gives you sufficient time to sleep in. Of course I usually wake at 11am~1pm on my usual days LOL so waking up earlier than that is an accomplishment 😂😂

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Their breakfast choices are not too bad but my only gripe is that they are quite slow at the refills. Sometimes everything runs out. I do like their dedicated egg station though. Otherwise the food is just alright – food to fill your tummy in the morning.

Checked out after that and left our bags at the conceige before heading out for the day!

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Walking the path to Nagoya Hills Mall located behind the hotel and I particularly liked the Japanese bamboos (?) lining the path so it was ootd time with them as the backdrop LOL. Er Japan I feel I guess? 😂😂

Headed first to the arcade to play some of the games! Think my favourite is the basketball one even though I’m not so good at it. The arcade is pretty old so many of the games machines are quite rundown. Don’t play the car games as the controls are not working – trust me I played and yeah it was a waste of money lol. Luckily it’s really cheap to play the arcade games here!

We went to buy advanced movie tickets to Jurassic World in the afternoon. Prices were so cheap like less than S$5 per ticket!

Wandered around the mall after to see if Mr J could find some souvenirs for his friends. Nothing caught his eye though and we went for something more exciting aka => MASSAGE! HAHAHAA.

Yes, that’s pretty much what you do at Batam – go for cheap/affordable massages! We already enjoyed a wonderful 3 hour massage courtesy of Spa Central Batam the day before so this time we wanted to try something different just to compare! Went ahead to try Thai Odsessy – an established brand from Malaysia that had an outlet at Nagoya Hills Complex.

We took the 60 mins traditional Thai massage and everything was really nice. I enjoyed the place and of course the skillful massage! Felt so good after the entire thing! Now if you were to ask me to compare my experience with Spa Central Batam – I would say that they are both different types of massages so it depends on whether you like an Indonesian massage with a social cause (support single mothers) – Spa Central Batam or a Thai massage from an established brand – Thai Odyssey. Your preference (:

Mr J then had a craving to get that kedondong drink that he fell in love with and made a trip to Warung Tekko to buy it again.

Meanwhile while waiting for him, I checked out the random stores nearby to have a look-see. Lol I still find the Panties Pizza damn hilarious HAHAHHA. I literally took a double take when I first saw it, not kidding. First time also seeing chiffon “blocks” from this cake shop. How interesting!

We made it in time for our movie and got ourselves popcorn! It’s really cheap as well – the popcorn combo is only S$3 for a popcorn and drink. Oh and don’t worry about the state of the movie theatre at Batam as they are actually even better than the ones in Singapore in my opinion. Seats are comfy and the theatre is really big! Plus for the price, this is a STEAL!

Went back to collect our bags after that and hopped on to a cab to head to our next hotel that we would be staying in (approx 880k rupiah by meter)! The reason for that is because our one night accommodation was kindly sponsored by Spa Central Batam but I decided to extend the stay on our own expense. Since on a budget so we decided not to stay in the same hotel and opted for a cheaper one at Harris Hotel Batam Centre. Plus I thought it was nice to have a different mall to check out and the location is great due to the proximity to Batam Ferry Centre!(:

Surprisingly, I was quite pleased with Harris Hotel Batam Centre. Service was not too bad, bedroom is bigger than expected and the toilet is clean and functional. There’s no bathtub unfortunately but for the price you pay – this is not bad.

P.s Use my link to enjoy S$40 cashback on your credit card (min S$80 stay and valid for one time use per credit card only. No Booking account is needed!).

Harris Hotel Batam Centre is walking distance to Megamall across the street (less than 5 mins walk) but you have to take note of the traffic and such. Unfortunately compared to Nagoya Hills Mall or even my favorite BCS Mall, there’s nothing much to do here at Megamall in comparison. The most interesting thing here I guess is the supermarket which we checked out and Mr J got his souvenirs here as we couldn’t find any other souvenir shops.

Dinner was settled at Penyet King because of course you must eat ayam penyet when you’re in Indonesia! Prices are really cheap as well considering it’s a restaurant and we ordered the ayam penyet each! It doesn’t come with rice so you gotta add on for that. Mr J also had his usual latte and I had water. Note that their chili packs a PUNCH. Damn spicy!

We ended off the night with yet ANOTHER late night movie – this time, we watched Oceans 8 which wasn’t even been released in Singapore at that point of watching. Kekeke, worth it! And again, it was cheap – S$5 for the movie ticket each! The movie was great btw, enjoyed it(:

And that’s pretty much how Day 2 of my Batam trip went! Stay tuned for Day 3 and thanks for reading!(:

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  1. Awesome Batam trip review! I was just wondering, how much should I prep (SGD) for a 3D2N trip? Im worried the expenses there (transport, souvenirs, etc) are highh

    1. Hi KH! Erm it really depends on what you plan on doing there actually? I would reckon $50-80 per day should suffice if you’re not a big spender. Maybe $100 (per day) if you want to shop?

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