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Media Kit Unboxing x Drama Fueled Evening x Yoku Moku Event x Starbucks Rant x This is Home – 1 Aug 2018

Started off the first day of August (yay for my birthday month!) right with some hokkein mee which my mom got for me. It was very good by the way and she had to queue to get it. It’s from Haig Road market or something fyi.

Spent the afternoon opening up some of my media kit received from Colgate and 7-11 Singapore respectively! Note that I can be quite selective about what I choose to receive sometimes!(:

Did the unboxing over on my IG stories @mitsueki (why u not following me there) but also just showing you what I received!

First up from Colgate is the limited edition Colgate Dare to Love mint toothpaste with dissolvable heart shaped flakes! Very cute and I love the little note from the PR as well! Sometimes a personal touch is always appreciated (:

Next up from 7 Eleven will a series of 13 (yes, you read that right) new snack additions to the exclusive 7-Premium range of Japanese snacks we have in Singapore! They’ve always been introducing more variety and options to this affordable line so do keep a lookout for them at all 7-11 stores islandwide!

Yeah we are so lucky to have these in Singapore without the need to fly to Japan to get your hands on them!(: Huge thanks also to Blue Totem for this PR media kit, don’t know how they were able to fit all of them into that cute Mt Fuji box – but they did 😂

In other news, I’m really really happy to share that my contribution blurb about Singapore is now up on Amex Essentials, an online magazine for American Express! A really proud moment for me as a Singaporean to have contributed as such and it was an honour to be featured! Read the full article HERE!(: Oh mama, my writing/thoughts are up in a magazine teeheehee! #secretthrill

Kinda hilarious but right after that, I was completed lost as a local Singaporean in own country! Was headed off for an event that night and this drama happened:

  1. Happily arrived at the wrong hotel venue cos I read the email wrongly. In my defense, it was Intercontinental Hotel at Robertson Quay instead of Intercontinental Hotel at Bugis! I was just about to take the lift up when I was at Bugis, re-read the media invitation email and then my eyes literally went like O_O OMAIGAWD LOL. 🙀😱
  2. Literally had to Google how to get to the right Intercontinental hotel, run back to the MRT (thank goodness it was the Downtown line) to get to my destination. Phew right? I was on my IG / WhatsApp with my friend and the PR to contact them about this whole fiasco, apologize for my lateness and I was still thinking like woah. Heng ah I noticed I was at the wrong address.
  3. Then shit. I then realized I dashed into the wrong train going the wrong direction so I had been HAPPILY ON IT for quite awhile now. Gawd. Epic facepalm to the MAX. 🤦‍♀️
  4. I just randomly got out of the train hoping to catch the train in the opposite direction. But NOOOOO~ It was the exit gantry in front of me and it made me go like 🙀🙀😱😱 I tapped out and I was like ??????!!!!! WHERE’S THE TRAIN GOING THE OTHER SIDE?! You know like at City Hall or Raffles on the red line? I’ve never tapped out on any line before becos it’s usually a connecting route or something.

I think I pretty much had it already and waved the white flag. Decided to call for a Grab cos Google said Grab (10 mins to reach) vs train (45 mins). My fault, plus running late and the price wasn’t THAT expensive so.. yeah Grab to the rescue. It started drizzling too and the jam in front of me was crazy. Sigh is this Murphy’s Law at play? 😂

Oh that train station was Stevens. FYI in the future, it’s like Japan. The train for the opposite direction will be at another side of the station and you need to tap out. Okay, so now I know so as to not panic again in the future lol!

On a positive note! My grab was a Toyota Camry and I was pretty pleased cos it was my dream car (for now). I know it’s like an ah pek car was nice tho the seats really like old school. Would prefer leather seats I guess. Who knows, maybe by then this wouldn’t be my dream car anymore Lol 😹 Depends on my future partner perhaps HAHHAHA. It sure would be nice to be ferried around isn’t it? #taitaigoals

Okay, on to the 重点 – I FREAKING MADE IT TO MY EVENT after all this melodramatic nonsense Lol. I swear I was so frustrated. If I were more emotional like last time, I think I would have teared up half way. Am more collected and calm now..kind of. Lol!

So the event was held at The Study over at The Club lounge area of Intercontinental Hotel Robertson Quay. Was my first time at this particular Intercontinental Hotel (since it just opened in 2017?), much less their club lounge area and it was pretty sweet. Really like the aesthetics of the hotel though, very nicely designed with a touch of class and appealing/contemporary luxury.

Surprisingly the lounge was well utilized/crowded probably because it’s available 24/7. To me, I thought the Club Lounge looked more exclusive/swanky from the outside (that was my impression) so I was surprised when I stepped in. Regardless, there’s a nice chillax factor here that I really like. Just a tad crowded during dinner period so if you prefer your solitude, take the seats closer to the entrance of the Club Lounge (that’s what I would do la)(:

My main point for coming anyway is to meet my dear IG friend, Chris (@artof.chris) in person for the first time as it was his artwork that was the main star here! It was hilarious, when I got the media invite I went to message him asking if that was him. So to show my support – here I was 😂😂 Also, he was also waiting for me la, so I felt really bad so I was just happy that I made it just in time before the event officially ended. Yay!

So proud of ya! A fellow Singaporean and he’s making his mark out there! This time – it was for the Japanese luxury confectioner, Yoko Moku, famous for their cigare cookies.

Here’s Chris’s artwork on the special limited edition Singapore Heritage Tin so of cos we must take photos together! One without and one together with it of course. Oh ya, this awesome dude shaved his head for Hair for Hope recently! Thumbs up 😀

Okay, back to his artwork! So his artwork was commissioned by Yoko Moku to commemorate their journey from Japan to Singapore where they have two outlets now at ION Orchard and Raffles City respectively.

This is a country exclusive tin (the FIRST ever from Yoku Moku) only available in Singapore and it depicts a snake and ladder board game with a medley of icons of Singapore and Japan in the background to showcase the blending of the two cultures from the start to the end – like a journey. And yes, this is an actual playable as it comes with a wooden dice and 4 magentic pawns so that you can play the actual snakes and ladder game so please do keep the box!(: Overall, a very well thought out concept and cleverly executed. Thank you too for a box of my own to keep – here’s how the packaging etc looks like. The biscuits of course, were naturally enjoyable too! 🙂

Oh and it’s only limited to 5000 tins, available from 1 Aug 2018 and retails exclusively at $44 per box at the two Yoko Moku outlets (ION / Raffles City) in Singapore.

Had a great time chatting with Chris and we headed onwards to the train station together after that! Quite a far walk from the hotel but it’s worth it for the view of Clarke Quay if you walk towards Clarke Quay MRT over at Central!

Best of all, we saw the filming scene for Mediacorp there for the 9pm drama featuring two lead actors. Handsome leh.

Went off our separate ways for dinner after and I was wondering what to eat cos my initial plan was to eat at Bugis cos I thought it was at Intercontinental Bugis rmb 🤦

Decided to settle dinner at Starbucks to try their healthy salad options. Plus I had a Starbucks card to use (yay free meal). Topped up and treated myself to my fave iced cocoa (not on the menu) as well.

Sadly..REALLY SADLY – I was really not impressed with the salad option (prawns + barley). It was awful to say the least and that’s saying something because my food standard (as a disclaimer: am NOTa food critic/connoisseur or even a food blogger) is quite low. The veggies were sad, bland, and frankly abit sour. I was worried after consuming a few pieces that I would get diarrhea so I stopped. The only thing palatable for me were the prawns and I ate them all. Never really wasted so much before but this was really bad for $7.90. I can easily get better options elsewhere for this price, even caifan was a better and cheaper option. Utterly disappointing.

On a positive note, there was this relatively cute guy next to me who ordered pie and the smell of that cheesy goodness made me get out of my seat, walk to the counter and promptly order myself my favourite deep dish beef pie. Tee-hee and the AIA Vitality app option had a $5 Starbucks voucher to redeem also la so it was only 90cents. Or else I’ll be lil grumpy to have to pay an extra $5.90 for my pie on top of that unpalatable salad for $7.90 (which I had to regretfully dump).

Moral of the story? Just go for the deep dish beef pie + iced cocoa drink and stay AWAY from the salads (that’s for me, your opinion might differ!). All I know is that I was so happy with these two – my favorites from Starbucks! Very fattening I know’s only if I wanna indulge then I’ll go for them(:

P.s Starbucks recently launched the devil curry pie and a laksa pie which has received rave review from my friends. I didn’t want to risk another bad meal so I stuck to my usual fave!

Still.. very fattening la. Tried to kill off some calories by walking to Suntec. Took the sights of our homeland along the way. It was absolutely beautiful. I was just along this very same route the night before with Veronica and I was wondering to myself if I would ever be sick of this view.

I doubt so. This is my home. As Singaporeans, it’s our home(:

P.s meet Ah Mer, one of Chris’s artwork and my army of them (thanks Chris for them!) Cute hor? Dear Starbucks, you should commission Ah Mer! 😂

Thanks for reading btw! Realized my Wednesday was rather eventful to say the least but it was a wonderful wonderful day all in all!(: TGIF everyone!

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