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Wedding Lunch at Ramada Hotel Zhongshan Park x Attempt to Walk off those Calories – 28 Jul 2018

Only one item on my agenda for Saturday and that is to attend my ex-colleague’s wedding luncheon!

Been recently keeping late nights so to save my skin – I’m thankful I have my 5 minute mask cos I’m lazy. Japanese stuff are super awesome I swear!

Since I dressed up so course must take selfies right? So pardon the camwhore moments 😂

Took a grab down to the hotel venue, Ramada Hotel at Zhongshan Park! It can be a bit confusing for the grab drivers tho as they couldn’t find the right hotel entrance. I got dropped off at Days Hotel which was directly next to Zhongshan Mall / Ramada Hotel but luckily it’s walking distance to get there. Was my first time here as well, have heard of them as a couple of my friends work here and have considered booking for a staycation before.

P.s if you plan to book a staycation at a hotel, use my link to enjoy S$40 refund back to your credit card (min S$80 spending, no account needed, one time use per credit card)!

Okay enough about that and back to the main highlight point – the wedding of Alfred and Shirley!(:

Starting off with the decor at the reception! Really love that personalized A&S sign and cute caricature of the couple!

Didn’t really stay too long at the reception but I tried their salted egg popcorn that was offered as a snack. It was SO GOOD I think I went back for second and third helpings. They should just sell it I swear. Excellent. I wasn’t the only guest who couldn’t stop snacking on it though hahahaha.

Took a photo with Jaeq and the photo booth since we managed to meet at the same time!

And of course, since the groom was making his rounds – must take photos too la hahaha.

The entire wedding took up all the ballrooms at the hotel – Balestier 1 / 2 / 3 if I’m not wrong. Not sure how many tables it sits but the venue is quite intimate. A new modern with distinct Chinese touches as you can tell.

Oh ya, I like their wedding favors. Travel themed and it’s either a passport cover luggage tag – think these are the ones provided by the hotel perhaps but it’s a good one cos it’s practical and everyone loves travel in general! One thing I’m happy about is that it’s a generic design tho hahahaha.

Can also tell the bride probably had a big hand in planning the entire wedding and she loves flowers and Japan (plus Hello Kitty hahahaha) ALOT. It’s a fairytale princess wedding – hanami ‘flowers’ and fairy lights on stage, bubbles when pouring the champagne, flowers everywhere along the aisle, dry mist during the march in and the dazzling crown on her head 👑!

For the menu, it’s interesting to see that they display both the vegetarian menu and Chinese menu at the same time. It was an 8 course meal in case you were wondering!

Might I say that we were really impressed with the food portions, taste and the serving size! Tastewise – mostly hits, only 2 misses and 1 slight miss for me but all of us ate with gusto. In fact, most of us took second servings for many and there’s still leftovers!?

Insane, this is one of the only weddings I’ve ever been where I was so stuffed after the entire thing! Skipped dinner after that. Thank goodness it was lunch because if it was dinner I think I probably have indigestion at night or something.

Heh anyway more photos taken during the wedding with my ex-colleagues/boss!

Bonus photo of the groom in his qua? kua? (?). Damn cute hahaha!

Congratulations once again to Alfred and Shirley! Wishing them nothing but happiness for the rest of their lives!(: And of course, I’m thankful to be part of their joyful wedding/union as well!

Headed home after that where I refused to fall into food coma and started working on prepping for my blog posts instead the entire evening (:

Ended off the night with a lovely jaunt and then a trip to my fave Cold Storage with loots from Alison’s Pantry of course (: Was snacking on all of them during my walk – dinner I guess 😂

And that’s it for my Saturday, am happy girl~ Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the week ahead! Happy Monday y’all! ^^

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