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A Full Day of Feasting at Kra Pow / Chomp Chomp / SriSun Express x Diet begins tomorrow – 23 Jul 2018

Wow, my Monday was literally a full day of feasting and it’s also a day where I started to develop deeper friendship bonds. Really enjoy this period during my adult gap year of sorts cos you get to meet up with alot of new people to expand your circle/network and build up on these connections while reaching out to older friends and continue establishing the friendship bonds.

That’s the thing about friendship – it has to be nurtured to grow and with so little time in a day (24 hours); it’s hard to do so when you have a full time job and such hence more people are selective since we have so little time in a day. As such, I’m thankful to have this opportunity to have a little bit more free time for now!

Anyway back to the main point of all the feasting and food, here’s a quick lowdown of what I ate the ENTIRE day – and it was alot lol. For me la hahaha.

Lunch was Thai food at the popular Kra Pow over at Far East Plaza! Was introduced to this by my lovely foodie buddy and I tried the drunkard noodles pork which he recommended me to try. Essentially it was similar to a basil pork rice but instead of rice, you have these flat noodles. Very tasty with strong wok hei flavor but I gotta say that the pork is really spicy even tho I asked to tone down the spice level. Phew, packed a punch!

Also tried the Thai spring rolls (yum!) while my friend had the Khao Kha Moo (braised pork leg with rice).

Price wise is relatively affordable considering every dish is less than $10 with no GST nor service charge. Food is decent too – would recommend and return in the future! 😊

Onwards to browsing my favourite thing in the world – bread! And there’s a WHOLE lot of it at the basement of Takashimaya. Gawd I love bread so much!!

Was also at the Cold Storage at Takashimaya and you can really find alot of Japanese snacks here. I also found Japanese sweet potato here without the queue (vs the one at Donki)!

I’m usually not a last minute make plans kinda person but I became one on Monday and was able to meet up with my twinnie within that very hour! 😂

Anyway, random stuff that I passed by at Orchard while shopping and taking my time to head down to meet up at Serangoon! Naturally it’s all food la hahaha – things I wanna try to be exact!

Also popped by Charles & Keith and tbf, I’m really impressed with their recent designs and the price tag ($60-100) is fantastic / reasonable for the quality, make and brand! Will definitely be picking up more bags from Charles & Keith to expand on my bag collection in the future!

Heh and some wanders around Cold Storage once again – this time at Serangoon. The flowers are an internal joke with me and my twinnie 😂

We had part 1 of our dinner at Chomp Chomp! Me = suaku so it was my first time EVER eating at Chomp Chomp cos I rarely venture out to Serangoon hahahaha. Luckily my twinnie eats there really often so he shared with me on his recommendations.

We shared a small black carrot cake from this stall which he highly recommended. I also think not bad! And also BBQ chicken wings from Chong Pang, an absolute CLASSIC! I think it has been a year or smth since I last ate chicken wings and carrot cake omggg 😂😂

Oh and Chomp Chomp has this hugeass drinks served in a jar of sorts. Very good for group sharing! Have never seen this before but its apparently a quintessential drink here at Chomp Chomp! How absolutely interesting no?

Lol and then you thought that was all for the day? Well, nope! For Part 2, we headed to SriSun Express for some nibbles – a slice of plain prata (nice, but quite thin imo) for me and Maggi goreng for him! Also shared a masala fries (essentially fries liberally sprinkled with chilli flakes)! Ugh..fat die me man 😭

Yeah, diet and exercise must start from tomorrow as I’ve recently gained quite abit of weight. Think it’s cos I’ve been feasting so much after my wisdom tooth surgery but nope – this can’t do. Need to watch le weight cos I really don’t wanna rebound back to my fat ol’ days and also cos I’ll probably be feasting again when I’m in Melbourne 😭😭 I hope I’ll be motivated enough to do this.

Puts on determined face 😐😾

Oops and of course, to end off – here’s my ootd for the day. My casual to go outfit that is pretty much worn to death in a way hahaha.

Ah and snacks of the night. Thank you twinnie!! 😢

Like I said at the start, I am really very blessed and thankful for all the people and friends in my life who take the time out of their busy schedule(s) and the effort to want to meet up/chat and for just being there; physically/mentally/etc. That’s really the basis of friendship! 😭🙏

And the best upside of social media? It allows you to connect socially and easily. What a joy it can be (thou yes, it can be a double edged sword too if you’re not careful).

Meanwhile, thank you to you too for always dropping by my blog to read my random daily ramblings (if you do)! Enjoy the Wednesday ahead! It’s mid week already – countdown begins till the weekend hehe. 😊✌️

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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