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Final Yoga Class x Market Street Food Centre x CBD Catch Up Dinner – 2 Jul 2018

Starting off my day with a “mm that was an interesting day. Or should I say night” face with a no makeup but got filter picture. Indeed, the night, or the morning of 2 July 2018 will forever be embedded in my mind as a hilarious and pretty epic story to tell HAHAHA.

Anyway, headed out for my final yoga session because being cheapo I wanted to squeeze out the last deal considering that I missed out on so many classes already last week hurhur.

It has been fun and tbh, I think their package is not too bad. Think its $128 for an unlimited session for a month though they offered me a promo of $120. Not too bad for a yoga studio with decent facilities and location in the CBD area. The unlimited sessions being a key draw here!

Since it was probably my last time around this area, decided to settle lunch here at Market Street Food Centre. So many choices and they were mostly under $4-5, very affordable. I initially wanted to do a $4/5 deal post here but eh, I have recced around TWICE and the price range for almost all stalls are about the same. Nothing too outstanding!

The salad options called out to me (#healthyliving yo) but you know what? So did the hot food aka Western option. 🙄

Debated for a long LONG time and yeah. Okay fine, Western always wins. Plus that fried bun looks so good. Better than salad HAHAHAHA.

I did opt for a healthier choice in a way tho – the grilled fish! Asked them to add on the chicken chop sauce cos it looked good and hmm not too shabby so so. The fried bun was the best imo and I was so damn tempted to order another one but sigh, carbs.

Oh and you know I thought that that would be the last time I’ll be hanging out around the CBD area for a long while right? Well guess what…


Towering skyscrapers, banks and not many shopping areas all around – yeah, I’m back at the CBD area guys. 🙄😑 Okay a different part at least (was at Telok Ayer previously, this time was Raffles Place)!

The initial plan was dinner with Candy at Suntec but as usual – plans sometimes will go awry especially if your friend gets caught up in meetings as such so.. Raffles it was.

Man, the things at Raffles close super duper early and my original and envisioned healthy choice option of a salad dinner was ruined 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Burger King it was then. On a brighter note – we got to try the newly launched and limited edition burgers. Yeah we know it’s a marketing gimmick because it’s “limited edition” and such but eh, good to try something new. Sadly, it didn’t go down too well and paying $12.50 for it didn’t feel justified.

We actually ate our burgers at Burger King using the plastic fork and knife provided – our first time seeing it. Yeah at Burger King. LOL. I originally scoffed at it.

But you know what? You NEED to use the fork and knife too because it’s a steak kinda thing. Too tough to bite it together as a burger imo. Yeah I think I prefer my usual beef patty at Burger King in this case lol.

And as always, hanging with Candy means a late night. We got chased out of Burger King cos we sat past closing time. It always happens (as in the late nights) but it’s cool – we just hung out elsewhere. I love how our chats can be endless when we meet and the topics are about everything and EVERYTHING; she’s awesome and we are awesome together too HAHAHAHA.

It was a blast last night really. Already looking forward to our next meetup – hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, thanks always for reading and stay tuned to more of my daily stories tomorrow! 😆

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