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Sunday Lunch x Royal Albatross Sunset Sail Experience x First Photoshoot – 1 Jul 2018

Sunday be like waking up to a homecooked meal that my mom prepared at home! Really thankful she remembered that I was skipping on the rice this time round as I wanted to finish the last bit of my salad greens!

But as always, so much for a light meal to start my day off. It was a mini buffet for one lol – salad greens, cucumbers, prawns and eggs, fishballs (?) and sliced mangoes! 😂

Haphazardly threw this combo of prawns x cucumbers salad together. Granted, it looks kinda weird but hey, this combo is totally working for me lol.

Hopped on to a Grab – but that’s after running around like a headless chicken and trying on the perfect dress to wear AND as always – I was running late! Also, I was kinda eggcited and nervous though as it would be first time being a test shoot “model” for my budding photographer friend, Henry for the day!

It just so happened that I was extended a lovely opportunity to sail on the sunset cruise onboard Royal Albatross and that gave me the idea to bring Henry along as my friendly plus one so that we could use the location as a shoot instead of the beach or something (which was our initial plan) HAHHAHA I was hoping not to sweat too much as this girl does not to like to sweat 😂

The Royal Albatross is docked at the Waterfront Promenade in front of Adventure Cove (behind SEA Aquarium). If you’re not driving there, just take the monorail from Sentosa into Waterfront Station and walk. Which is what I did btw, in my very OTT (over the top) outfit. Lol I was so overdressed for Sentosa – but not for The Royal Albatross of course 😆😝

Pricing per adult/child is $195 for Platinum (3 course sit down dinner, designated seating – more formal) and $165 for Gold (international buffet, free seating – more casual). For more details, you can refer HERE!

In my case, I was kindly sponsored the Gold option for two as mine was a casual setting as it was a photographer/friend setting vs a romantic setting. I do have a promo code for my readers of course, quote “mitsueki” upon check out to enjoy the $30 off two Platinum tickets @ $360 instead of $390! Valid till end Aug 2018

Registration is done first before you board the ship so remember to bring your IC for verification. You will then be given a wrist tag after and you can proceed to enter the ship. Do note of the boarding time and when the gate closes because the ship WILL leave on time. It’s really important so I gotta stress that you shouldn’t be late.

Don’t be expecting a huge cruise ship similar to Royal Caribbean or even Star Cruises but rather, just imagine a large but cozy luxury yatch!

Note that you will need to remove your shoes prior to entering though but don’t worry – a number tag is given. Just don’t lose it hurhur. Yep, we were going barefoot onboard!

There are two main levels of seating at the Royal Albatross – the main outdoor deck (allocated seating for Platinum) and the indoor Grand Salon that is fully air conditioned! We were seated at the indoor Grand Salon and that offered some respite from the humid weather and occasional drizzle. But of course, we were not limited to just checking out the Grand Salon but we could explore the upper deck to our heart’s content as well!(:

Here are some photos of the Grand Salon – complete with a bar and such. It’s really cozy and romantic place to hang with your partner because there is better privacy and it’s more comfortable!

We were served complimentary welcome mocktails and you can also order other drinks and alcoholic beverages off the menu as well!

Prior to the yatch’s departure from the port – there was a quick safety briefing and then we were off! Also, depending on the weather, the waves can slightly choppy so do pop a seasick pill or smth before you board if you are prone to seasickness as the yatch does roll with the waves especially if you are seated in the below decks in the Grand Salon ya?

Went up to check out the upper decks to have a look-see! Personally I think it’s little too crowded and the tables are kinda close for a romantic tête-à-tête compared to the Grand Salon BUT the vibes here are great!

Love the view from the deck as the sunset is best admired from the upper deck and the live band was pretty sweet!

There are also a couple of chillax areas all around the upper deck and that’s where we went around snapping photos and using the sea and the ship surroundings as the backdrop! Hahah as mentioned, it was BOTH our first time working together in this way – Henry with his camera as a budding photographer and myself as his test “model”. That was kinda fun though and the photos turned out really lovely! 🤭

Dinner onboard for us was a Western buffet set-up as we were on the Gold option. Choices are limited but the food was pretty good and I took one of each to try! We had beef sirloin, cranberry turkey, greens, pasta and a lovely cheesy mash.

All were pretty good and the meat in general was tender. Not too shabby for a buffet so I was pretty impressed.

There was mini dessert buffet set up after that. Again, not too many choices to choose from but the desserts were relatively decent as well.

P.s if you took the upper deck (Platinum), it would have been a plated affair where you will be served a 3 course meal instead. If you want to read a review on the Platinum version – you can read my friend’s Monice review on that HERE instead 🙂

In general, Henry and I had a great time catching up with each other during the sailing as well! He’s single and eligible if anyone is interested – let me know. Loves Japan too HAHHAHAHHA! 😝🙈

Oh and we took the opportunity to head up to deck for more photos when it was sunset time! The hues were wonderful; definitely a beautiful setting for a romantic proposal or birthday celebrations – of which yes, about 4-5 of them occurred on this very day! Wishing them a HEARTIEST congratulations on their engagement / birthday~

The sunset sail lasted for about 2.5 hours where it started from 5pm and we reached back to port around 730pm.

Again as reminder, prices for this if you are interested to book – it’s  $195 for Platinum (3 course sit down dinner, designated seating – more formal) and $165 for Gold (international buffet, free seating – more casual) per person! Quote “mitsueki” upon check out to enjoy the $30 off two Platinum tickets @ $360 instead of $390! Valid till Aug 2018!

P.s if you were wondering – it costs around $25k to private charter the entire ship for 2.5 hours. And yes it can sail outside sea but it will take a longer 2.5 hours so you do the calculations from there. Cabins are also available if you are inclined to charter it overnight!

It was worth the experience and I’m thankful to Royal Albatross for hosting me that night! Lol Henry was saying that if he had a gf in the future, he would really consider bringing her here to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday. So hint hint to the guys out there 🤭😝

Anyway, last few photos before we left the Grand Salon! Do allow me to be vain here because it’s rare I have the opportunity to wear something nice out. Heh if you were wondering, it’s a off shoulder flutter sleeve maxi dress from The Closet Lover btw!(:

What a wonderful day it was that Sunday! Ended off with Henry sending me the photos to view on the drive. Man, that was fun and it’s so hard to choose a final set of photos! Heh – will share the set of photos in a separate post once he has done the post processing/editing and stuff. Can’t wait~ 😆

And that’s pretty much it for the day! Thanks always for reading and say CHEERS to the start of the week!(:

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♥ mitsueki

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