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I guess I’m just your good old fashioned blogger – the 老土 kind

I signed off on an e-contract recently and there was a line that asked for my designation.

Ah, that should be a no brainer right?  “Content Creator” that was what I typed initially. Then I felt it looked odd. I changed it to “Site Owner” and it still looked odd. I changed it once again to “Blogger” and gave myself a internal nod of approval. Indeed, that’s what I am. A blogger, a storyteller and this is my very own confused mess of a personal blog.

It seems like nowadays everyone is all caught up in brandishing terms such as “content creator”, “influencer”, “editor” blah blah blah on their portfolio/introductions without really actually understanding the meaning behind it on a professional level (there are exceptions to this). I’m guilty of that myself having branded myself too as a content creator/editor but I’ve since changed it because I don’t feel that really is an accurate description of myself personally. Though perhaps maybe the content creator portion may be applicable..? Hmm ;/

Anyway, blogging is not my job, it’s a hobby that I indulge in and am passionate about. I’m just lucky that sometimes I do get monetary compensation/sponsorship in exchange for some of my posts but I’m pretty selective on who/what I want to work with now because my personal posts especially my daily journal of sorts/travelogues will take precedence for now. But nope, this is not a professional blog either though I did think of going down that route at first <_< At least for now lol but who knows what could happen in the future? Ah that fickle-mindedness of mine~

Anyway I think personal blogging like an online diary/journal of sorts has taken a backseat in the blogosphere nowadays. When you go to most blogs, it’s mainly filled with ads, ads and more written ads – essentially sponsored content only. I’ve seen blogs with PAGES full of ads and nothing about their life. With that, I kinda wrinkle up my nose because why would I want to revisit your site again knowing that it’s just full of ads and nothing about YOU?

Yeah, perhaps the ads have a personal POV as well but where’s the personal side of it? As in the in-depth side where I, as a reader can connect with? I guess this is where the appeal of Dayre comes in because there are people there, willing to write about their everyday life (yes, sometimes mundane), but I feel that there’s a real connection there. Like you know the person, you can ‘feel’ their personality – and you ‘see’ them.

No I’m not. Not by your ads at least. Give me you.

Having said that – of course, there are also a handful of other bloggers as well whom I follow/look up to who write pretty frequently with a mixture of ads/personal content/life updates. But I don’t know why but they blend it together so seamlessly that even though it’s an ad, you can still connect them on a personal level. That’s good writing and storytelling I would say lol. Or maybe it’s just a personal bias but I think I know what I’m talking lah. Oh but not all of their posts are ads, just some.

In general, I think also because alot of people are getting lazy to write. It’s just easier to post photos on IG/Facebook and do a short or wordier caption compared to drafting up a blog post. Or just do vlogs instead. In fact, some of my marketing friends say that blogging is dead. At that, I vehemently beg to differ though lol. Or maybe it’s just me cos I don’t feel that way.

I personally look to personal blogs as my recommendation point of almost everything – be it food, beauty and travel reviews. Of course, I will pick those with substance and more trustworthy. Believe me, you can tell which are the better ones lol. I mentioned that to some of my marketing friends and a few gave me a quizzical look while I give them a scrunched face back in return, lol.

For me, I know that if I were in their position, I would still look to engaging bloggers as one of my marketing platforms on top of Instagram-ers/Youtuber-ers. They work, if you know which ones to engage. You just gotta weed out the right ones and it also depends on your criteria because different bloggers appeal to different audiences. The same goes for engaging other social media influencers on IG/Youtube as well imo.

Okay, wait wait, I digress as always. Now how did that happen? Lol back to the main gist~

Reaffirming my decision to go down a personal blog route will probably close a number of doors but I’m fine with that considering my insane personal content writing abilities (lol). I rarely, if ever – run of steam to write about my life or thoughts. Most of the time, the words just flow out naturally and I just let it be.

That’s the beauty of writing on a personal blog, there is no need to take note of the structure, the vocabulary, the grammar, the SEO or even the content and I’m just rambling on to my heart’s content. Okay, but I’m also SLIGHTLY kinda a grammar nazi, just that I don’t proofread my own content after I’ve completed writing cos I’m lazy most of the time and I write on my phone. This post is written on my lappy so by right, there should be lesser mistakes since the screen is bigger lol.

Again, what’s the point of this post? I raise my hands in defeat – I simply have no idea too. I wrote this with that first line echoing my head urging me to pen it down but the afterwards is a complete blank and I am typing for the sake of typing right and I’m gonna stop right here cos for some weird reason, I’m feeling the start of migraine pounding at the side of my head.

And that was a very long sentence.

Ah, the beauty of a personal blog as what I said earlier.

Anyway, stopping here right now as I said. Thanks for reading for my ramblings if you made it through to the very end. Will ‘see’ you again in my next post! Till then, catch me on my socials!

Written on 14 May 2018

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2 Comments on “I guess I’m just your good old fashioned blogger – the 老土 kind

  1. always humble <3
    "without really actually understanding the meaning behind it on a professional level "
    you do it because you like it =) many bloggers and vloggers are giving up since they are being forced to upload x posts through out the week and therefor, people start having lack of creativity…
    just do what you want, WHEN you want =D

    1. Exactly. That’s when you let your creativity just flow and it’s not “work” per se but smth you actually enjoy doing 🙂 ❤️

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