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Weekday Paktor Movie Date x A Visit to the Ramadan Bazaar 2018 – 23 May 2018

I’m on a roll this week having scheduled almost daily outings from now till Sunday hahaha! But first, lunch! Yeah yeah it’s the same caifan lunch that my mom gets but for $3.50 – that’s pretty cheap!

Bonus – I had mango which Leona gave my mom and I which I brought back from her place yesterday! Yay~

Was busy-ing myself after lunch, first by applying this honey nail treatment to my poor brittle nails in preparation for my gelish manicure the next day (lol) and starting to sort out/plan some of my finances in general. In the end, the latter didn’t make it for too long cos I ended up doing other stuff and I had to go out HAHHAHA. But it’s a must do though~

Regardless, it was a relatively impromptu movie paktor date with Mr J that Wednesday! Generally we meet every Sunday for our weekly dates but ever since I’ve been on this gap year, my weekdays are more flexible! As such, sometimes we do meet on a weekday instead just before he heads to work.

Happy that he remembered I wanted to watch Deadpool 2 – yay! Too bad that he thought it was a slight bore for him but I personally enjoyed it and that’s more important hahahhaa! Most IMPORTANTLY, I was asked to check on my ID but he didn’t to when we went into the cinema initially. The uncle was like, I need to see your ID (Deadpool 2 is a M18 movie btw!) so there was a #cheapthrill moment when I had to produce my IC. HAHAHA. Mr J was so miffed and asked if the uncle needed to see anot – and I remember the look the uncle gave him and the brush off “You? Don’t need lah.”. WAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Yeah that was fun.

Sent him off on his way to the MRT after our movie before heading back to the toilet to snap a toilet ootd (lol) and mailing out a purchase for a Carousell buyer! Support what I’m selling okay~ hahaha, see my listings and what’s for sale HERE on Carousell! Oh and not forgetting about The Wanderess as well! 😊

Took this opportunity to wander around SingPost Centre since I was out and headed into the FairPrice for a look-see. It’s been awhile since I’ve been into a supermarket to wander around – one of my favourite past times to do.

I know very aunty la but I like to look! Cold Storage is my favourite hangout spot though but all supermarkets are okay too la lol. Just some random stuff spotted including this adorable Rilakkuma bowl that comes with the Darlie toothpaste, new Listerine flavor and Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce bottles!

Since I was around the vicinity of the Ramadan Bazaar as well, decided to make an impromptu visit to drop by to visit the shops as well since the weather wasn’t too hot then!

Check out the bright neon lights and beautiful decor all around!

Rows of white tentage lined the streets as well and the stores range from hipster food to arcade game stalls to clothing stalls and more!

One thing I noticed was how many hipster food stalls there were at this Bazaar compared to Malay food and these hipster food has become the main draw here. Kinda reminds me of Artbox rather than a Ramadan Bazaar though lol.

Now if you want to find Malay food stalls, they are generally found further back and you can find rows of Ramly burgers, otah, dendeng and many more!

Oh yeah and it was also my first time seeing this area where you can even find air conditioning tentage! The prices inside are definitely higher compared to the usual stores outside of course – considering you gotta pay a premium.

Nonetheless, it was nice to have been able to take this opportunity to walk around the Ramadan Bazaar at Geylang Serai and soak in the busy and brightly lit atmosphere!

Just note that it can be really crowded especially with the places where they have all the hipster food and the queues can be long too.

Regardless, when you’re there – don’t forget to admire the beautiful decor(:

Oh and you can stop by this old school bakery called ST Bakery which sells old school confectionery and it’s halal certificated to boot too! Prices of their buns and other goodies are reasonable too imo.

Lol, it’s a bloody miracle but I came out of this bazaar empty handed though I was really tempted by a Ramly burger or a roti john. I think it’s because I had muah Chee on my mind and I couldn’t find it. Yes I know it’s like Chinese food but I had a craving for it 😂

For some weird reason, I always associate Bazaar food with muah Chee irregardless of whether it’s a Malay or Chinese pasar malam. It’s just a classic MUST eat for me. drools

Ending off with a bonus photo of my dinner – grapes lol. Not pictured also would be bread and chips. dinner is always kinda a weird mix of healthy/unhealthy lol. Plus was stuffed from eating the whole box of popcorn by myself during the movie la HAHHAHA!

And that’s pretty much it for today! Thanks always for reading~

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