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Golden Village Gold Class Movie Experience Review 2018 – All that glitters is gold is it?

Figured it’s time to update my Golden Village Gold Class Experience post which I first wrote a few years ago with a brand new one in 2018!

In case you have been following me on my daily blog posts, you would have known that I treated Mr J to a GV Gold Class ticket to the Rampage movie featuring his favourite actor, Dwayne Johnson very recently. Lol that would be my last gift to him during my time of unemployment aka my leap of faith the poor guy HAHAHA! My own ticket was free as a gift from Veronica 🙊

Entering the Gold Class lounge is of course via an exclusive entrance as seen above in my featured image. The one we went to is the Golden Village at Suntec – one of my favourites because of the central location! Am fortunate to have enjoyed the other Gold Class experiences at Katong, Vivocity and Great World City before and enjoyed my experience at all of them. You won’t go wrong choosing any of them!

Golden Village Gold Class Experience

You can buy the tickets online or at the counter depending on your preference but don’t worry – you’ll get the physical tickets in a nice luxurious looking Gold Class envelope which you can keep as a souvenir/momento for keepsakes if that’s your thing. Prices for a Gold Class ticket as of 2018 is $39 a pop, that’s $78 for two. If you book it online, there’s a convenience fee of $2.50 FYI. So ladies/gentlemen, if your partner books you a Gold Class experience – that’s how much he/she paid! It’s a real treat so savor/enjoy it!

Photo of the lounge area. The one at Suntec also has a wine tasting/wine station area of sorts; can’t remember if the others have the same. My personal recommendation is to have a meal first at the lounge area before entering the movie theatre if you haven’t had your meal. I don’t suggest eating a full meal in the theatre itself. I remember doing it at my first Gold Class experience and lol..let’s just say that I stuck to snacks, finger food and drinks after that. Eating main course meals in the dark, nay it takes away from my movie experience.

Golden Village Gold Class Menu

Here are the menu prices as of April 2018 below for your reference. To be honest, prices are really affordable. By the way, if you go for the weekday Gold Class experience – it’s more worth it cos you can choose 3 courses for $39 if I recall right.

Regardless, use your GV membership card (free) for 10% off your orders! I didn’t snap a photo of the wine list but you can check out the exact menu online here!

Free WiFi is also available! The access code is available with your tickets!

Golden Village Gold Class Movie Theatre

Here’s how the theatre looks like! The same movie theatre but with spacious recliner seats in pairs. Privacy and space is assured for each couple.

Note that it’s not a couple seat where you can snuggle in a lovey dovey fashion with your partner. Instead, hell yeah you get your own seat with a Gold Class blanket to boot!

It reclines so feel free to adjust it to your preference!

We brought the menu in and I’m glad that it has this light up function where you can peruse the menu even in the dark. There’s also a call button service on the table for you to “summon” the staff for ordering or your needs.

That’s lil ol’ me snuggled up and ready for my movie! It’s cold in the theatre so I’m glad for the blanket! I sure hope this was a new and freshly washed though, not recycled from another customer from the previous movie. 😅 That’s the very least I expect for the Gold Class experience lol.

No wine/tea/coffee for Mr J this time round as he wasn’t in the mood. He took a hot chocolate instead while I had my usual high SES Evian Water. Was debating between that and the orange juice but drinking water usually wins HAHAHHA.

We were stuffed from our Din Tai Feng dinner as well so we only ordered popcorn. Separately – salted for him and sweet for me. This is not something I would compromise on, sorry but not sorry. Just for that, it was $27.50. Yeah that’s why the $39 combo deal for the 3 mains was more worth it HAHHAHA.

It was a great movie though, but my experience was made more awesome with a Gold Class experience! Was a lil sad that I couldn’t have the same experience for my Avengers movie (most WORTH IT for Gold Class cos it’s a 2 hours 40 mins movie) but there’s always a next time. ♥😊

This can only be a once in awhile treat cos it’s so expensive~ Worth it for the experience though. Hehe I really like it. Duh, who wouldn’t. And if you can’t already tell, I’m a HUGE movie buff hahaha.

Anyway, will want to try out the other movie experiences like Cathay Platinum and Shaw Premiere next time too to compare with Golden Village’s Gold Class. I’ve tried the Cathay Ultima last year and it’s not too bad.

Yep and that’s the end of this post! Hope you’ve found it useful in case you have been looking up for a GV Gold Class Movie experience review for your next date/anniversary/special treat day etc! Don’t forget to SHARE the LOVE with your friends and family for their reference too :p

Thanks always for reading! ♥️

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6 Comments on “Golden Village Gold Class Movie Experience Review 2018 – All that glitters is gold is it?

  1. Golden Village Singapore cheats their customers and I would strongly recommend not going there!!!!
    Their Gold Class seats are big – but other theaters are more comfortable and more ethical than Golden Village.

    I would strongly suggest going to Filme Garde, or Cathay, or Shaw – or any other movie theater.
    DO NOT GO TO GOLDEN VILLAGE. Their unethical treatment of customers (taking their money and not returning it, cheating customers!!) is unfair and they should be forced out of business!…. and by the way, the last time there, I used that dirty gross blanket in Gold Class and got skin rashes – They charge you alot for the tickets, but I am not sure they ever even clean the blankets!!…

    1. Oh dear, why do u say that? What was your experience? I’ve not tried other theatres before but perhaps next time(:

  2. Thank you for taking time to journal the informative and detailed review on your experience! Was researching on GV GC and chanced upon yours and it seems to be worth a try; really looking forward to my first time there this coming Wed :>

    1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment as well and I really appreciate the kind words! Please do enjoy your Gold Class movie experience and I hope you will like it! I’m guessing the movie should be Mission Impossible perhaps? :p it’s a movie that I think is worth it to splurge for a GV class ticket haha!

  3. Actually I am contemplating between this one and the one at Vivocity for Fantastic Beast. I have tried the one at Vivo many years and liked it, sneak into the one at Great World and try for a while and the seats kinda nice. How does this one compared to Vivo, Are the seats nicer, because I notice the seat at Vivo is bigger and made of leather?

    1. I don’t recall much about the Vivo one at this moment though. Only went there prob once or twice but that was years ago! My more recent experience will be Suntec. Perhaps you can just choose to go for the Suntec one this time round and then the Vivo the next? Considering you’re a movie buff (assumption based on your nick) – I’m sure you’ll be able to hit up all of them and find an eventual fave(: but yes fantastic beast would be an excellent gold class worthy movie to watch!

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