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How Traveling Can Tranquilize Your Soul

Everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, caste has an impulse and an innate feeling to wander and travel the world. The sole reason for our existence is to trip around the vast unexplored beauties of the planet earth and lose our conscious in the gigantic depths of the five elements of creation. The essence of wanderlust resides in every heart, rich or poor. There is a travel junkie within all of us that urges us to visit new wondrous places, tingle our salivary glands with the sinful aromas and flavors of never tasted delicacies, indulge in stories told by other travelers and meet new charming people with multi-cultural perspectives.

Traveling broadens your perspective towards life

When you travel by air and look outside the window, everything down below appears so minuscule. When gauged from above, all the bling and humanly possible problems become microscopic. That’s how life problems should be perceived and dealt with. Traveling helps you transform into a more patient and loving being. Viewing the world as a third person also broadens your perspective towards life. It exposes one to live outside their comfort zone to make one stronger and more adaptable to new challenging situations.


Better to be connected to oneself than the world around

It is great if you have a socialite status and enjoy a little limelight, now and then. But real happiness comes when you are complete within yourself. There is no external energy that can waver your emotions or actions. Everything that happens occurs first inside you and then the world. Traveling solo heightens your sense of belonging-ness. Be it wandering in the thick, verdurous forests of Kerala or the shimmering oceans of Goa, anonymity is always a blessing. These magical experiences can be self-revelatory with deep connections and a better understanding of one’s own personality.


Creation Catalyst

Our brain is a dynamic organ and traveling inspires the brain by exposing it to new situations and experiences. One might be inspired to write a novel or create an amazing piece of art. It helps one to adapt and accept multifarious cultures. It is highly recommended to immerse in new cultures than to physically change geographic locations.



It boots mental strength and releases the happy hormone: Dopamine

Travelling with friends or even solo is one of the best stress busters. According to a recent Expedia survey, 89 percent of vacationers found they could let go of stress and just relax after only a day or two into their trip. Pulling yourself out of your daily routines and into new surroundings resets both your mind and body, resulting in significant stress relief



Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a GIFT. Travelling is one thing that teaches you to live in the moment. It gives you an opportunity to win the gift of today and connects your body, mind and soul in a perfect trance. It makes you courageous, confident, generous and strengthens your personal identity, including your values and beliefs!(:

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