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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands Day 3 – 15 April 2018: Checking Out x Motorino Pizza Lunch x Free & Easy at SkyAvenue Mall x Coach Ride back to Singapore x Siew Paus

Last day of my 3D2N media trip with Resorts World Genting! Despite such a late night (almost 4am!), I was awake by 10am to get ready for my check out of the Genting Theme Park hotel!

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All packed and ready to go!(:

Motorino Genting Highlands

Lunch was at Motorino, a famous pizza chain from New York! They also have an outlet in Singapore (:

Photos before eating as always hehe!

We were treated to a number of food items – the appetizers including their meatballs, salad, chicken wings and calamari rings. Will recommend the calamari rings, they were good!

We also tried three different pizzas – the egg bacon and chilli, amatriciana and a lamb sausage calzone! My fave was the first! The crust for the first two was great; really liked it but calzone was a slight letdown cos it was slightly chewy.

Genting Free & Easy

It was free and easy time once again! Gwen and I popped by Tokyo Secret first cos she wanted to get her hands on these cheese baked tarts! Flavors range from sweet potato to matcha and coffee!

I on the other hand, was thinking of getting some nyonya kuehs from Nyonya Colors for my mom but in the end, took a yam cake instead. Their yam cake looks delicious with chunky yam that was visible to the naked eye. Think my mom will love it!

We took a quick trip to ItaGELato where Gwen satisfied her gelato craving!

Along the way back to our meeting point, we passed by MarryBrown and Gwen was like omg she would have loved that Ya Kun style of brekkie anytime for breakfast lol.

We also had a bit of time so we popped by 168 Mart to have a look-see cos as you know..Daph LOVES supermarket shopping! 🤣

Here are some interesting products spotted! Durian nougat/charcoal snack/sweet potato chips/Mentos mixed Grape in a bottle/Roller Coaster Sweet N Spicy flavor/Snek Ku Shoyuemi in a multi packet form/Carp crisps!

Checked in to board the bus!

Again, we had to take a smaller coach down to the other coach terminal at the bottom of Genting. Luckily this time, the driver was mercifully slow and careful so I didn’t get too nauseous on the way down. Felt really safe also becos most drivers tend to speed down the windy roads and that’s really dangerous!

Happy me cos my seat number is lucky Seat 28 on my Transtar coach. I really have an affinity with the number 28~ 😊 And also cos I was so happy to get my hands on my personal MUST BUY in Malaysia – siew baos for my mom and myself. There’s a stall that sells it at the coach terminal pick up point opposite the Theme Park Hotel! My precious cargo~ 😃

All onboard the coach~

We had our first pitstop/toilet break/shopping break at this place near Batu Caves called Mal Tengah I think. The logo is a horse! 🏇

Went browsing around and spotted quite a few interesting products for sale – homemade soy crisps, green tea plum, Bak kut teh, fish snacks, crab roe flavor sunflower seeds, blueberry/cranberry soft cookies, Mee Hoon kueh and more!

Tried quite a few samples here as well! Not bad~

Prepared for at least a 6 hours journey on the bus; snacked on my new Snek Ku chips just because I was hungry!

Our second and last pitstop was at the usual Yong Peng for a 30 minute break!

Didn’t have dinner cos the food at Yong Peng is generally of low standards and it’s not recommended. Plus I was still stuffed over my heavy brunch/snacks/samples!

Went to the supermarket again to browse and to my surprise, still found more interesting things that I missed out on the first day of my visit! This includes a GIGANTIC lollypop, sweet potato noodle slices, beetroot noodle slices, beetroot ramen, red date noodle slices, Jack N Jill Veut Black Pepper Crab flavor and a range of other vegetarian products!

Decided to indulge in a siew bao from Bin Bakery just to compare the taste of the siew bao of this bakery vs the one I bought at Genting! It was good, really miss the taste of siew baos! ♥️

Another long ride and finally saw the shining lights of the Singapore immigration checkpoint as we crossed the highway. Ah home sweet home 😊

Mr J came to pick me up and bought me bread. That inspired me to write this post about him in case you haven’t read it yet 😝

Souvenirs for myself, colleagues and my mom!

And of course, I ended my night by eating more siew baos LOL. I bought the chicken and pork version from the Kee Mei Siew Pow outlet over at the Genting Bus Terminal! Both were not bad and had their own flavors but I couldn’t rmb which was which though. Regardless, siew baos will always have a place in my heart as looking at it/eating triggers my childhood memory of my mom and I heading to JB when I was younger hehe.

Anyway this post concludes my 3D2N media trip to Genting! Hope you enjoyed this travelogue series and thanks always for reading! ♥️

Note: This was an invited media trip but all opinions are of my own! 🙂

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