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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands Day 2 (Part 2) – 14 April 2018: Snow World x Genting Bowl x SkySymphony x Awana Skyway Gondola x Coffee Terrace Buffet Dinner x RedTail by Zouk x KFC Supper

It was a not stop fun filled day with plenty of activities lined up for us after lunch!

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Snow World

I’ve never been to Snow World in Genting; much less the Snow City in Singapore so I was pretty eggcited to check it out!

The first thing to do is to get yourself winter gloves/jacket/boots to head in as the temperature inside is -10 degrees!

Feeling like an Eskimo with the hood up! Yes, it was FREEZING!!

To be honest, there’s not much to do here except to snap photos like we did as seen below!

The most fun part will be the slide and I went on it TWICE! You have to lug the tyre up the stairs and such to play tho. Pretty hilarious and we were lucky to have people who were kind enough to volunteer to help us snap photos/take videos HAHAHAHHA! 🤣 Not easy k.. cos it was freezing so I’m really thankful! 😊

Genting Bowl

We found ourselves at the Genting Bowl after that to play a round of bowling! I was pretty bad at the start but better at the end hurhur. Fun but my arms wanted to die after that lol! 🤭🙊


Headed over to view the SkySymphony at Sky Avenue and it was a lovely show! Worth it to catch(:

Awana Skyway Gondola Ride

We then took the gondola ride at Awana Skyway onboard the glass floor gondola! This was an exciting ride for many and my first at Genting!

Had the opportunity to snap photos of the upcoming theme park when I was onboard the gondola ride and from the looks of it, it wouldn’t be completed so soon. According to Jay, the completion stage is around 60% at this point!

Back to the gondola ride! It was quite an scary experience heading downwards because the descend is quite steep and the ride can be bumpy cos of the wind! My friends were really bad and took an IG video of my nervous laughter during the ride lol 🙈🙉🙊 Very fun experience nonetheless – evident with the bright smiles and laughter all around 😀

The ride back up was a better one and I even felt safe enough to fully appreciate the gorgeous view!

Oh ya you can kinda skip the glass floor gondola and go for the normal one instead cos the only thing that we really appreciated about it was to snap a photo of our shoes. Guess whose the odd one out as always? Lol!

Free and easy time after the ride and we headed back to the room for some much needed rest and nua-ing after I went to pick up Mr J’s souvenir from Starbucks! 😊

The view was magnificent at that point and I sat at my balcony just admiring the view!

Oh ya, remember my pretty please note? It was fulfilled beyond expectations LOL 🤣

Coffee Terrace Buffet Dinner

Dinner was an international buffet (AGAIN LOL), this time at Coffee Terrace.

There was quite a large variety of stations and cuisines to choose from ranging from local food to Japanese and Indian food!

Here are some of the food choices available!

There was even a Songkran theme going on due to the Songkran festival and Thai food was served as well!

Suffice to say, we were all very well fed from the buffet! Taste is average again but the variety is decent(:

RedTail by Zouk @ Sky Avenue

If you think our day ended, nope that’s not it! On the itinerary to end off the day was a visit to the newly opened RedTail by Zouk at the basement of Sky Avenue Mall!

Don’t let the name fool you as this is not a nightclub or clubbing place. It’s more like a laid-back place with drinks and games for big groups. No dance floor here! The Zouk nightclub/dance club will be opened end of the year or something so you gotta make do with RedTail for now.

It’s not too bad a place, I loved the open-ness and casual group vibes of the area!

Plenty to do here from Jenga to giant beer pong and pool to name a few. Of course, order a pint or a beer tower or hard liquor as you like! Sometimes there’s also limbo games being held and you can win prizes like the Xiao Hong plush toy! Cute lol

We hung out as a group till almost 1am (not all, those who survived!) from 10pm – tried our hand at beer pong and generally had a good night(: First time playing it and it was quite fun~

KFC Supper

And finally FINALLY ending off this very long day with a KFC supper that Hp was dying to have. I was too stuffed from the buffet though so we all just chatted till late~

It was indeed a fun filled day on Day 2 of this media trip to Genting – don’t you think so? Hehe thanks for reading as always!

Note: This was an invited media trip but all opinions are of my own! 🙂

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