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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands Day 2 (Part 1) – 14 April 2018: The Food Factory Buffet Breakfast x Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium x Jurassic Research Centre x Zombie Outbreak x Alive Museum x Lunch @ Malaysian Food Street

Day 2 of my media trip saw me waking up early at 8am to make it in time for the meeting time at 9am with the rest of the group! And yes as always, had late night working on my post. Sometimes I’m a little irritated with my Google Pixel AND Chromebook for this as uploading the photos to my post has become very tedious recently – especially on Day 1 itself when I uploaded over 140+ photos! Pekchek lol, gonna start collaging my photos for now to make my life easier okay? 😅🙄

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Drank up all my water in the room already and so I left a pretty please note for the housekeeper to replenish my complimentary water (by default, 4 bottles are given!). Wahahha hopefully they would consider my request? Lol

Was expecting a gorgeous view when I looked out the window but at 8am-ish, the fog was so thick; you can’t see a thing!

The Food Factory Breakfast

Breakfast was at the Food Factory restaurant, a buffet style restaurant with plenty of seating! Note that there are no breakfast options offered at the Theme Park Hotel which we were staying at ya?

There were quite a number of food stations to choose from ranging from Western, Asian, local Malaysian food to name a few and drinks (orange juice, water, coffee and tea!)(:

The selection of some of the food options available for your choosing!

Here’s what we/I had for brekkie that morning! I did go wild over the bread cos I love bread so much hehe. They had pancakes and prata too! So much carbs and I polished them off. Calories don’t really count on holiday… KINDA. That’s why I’m gaining weight 😭

Big Box at Sky Avenue

The first stop of the day after brekkie was head over to Big Box at Sky Avenue to visit a number of attractions located there! The group did split apart to visit the different attractions~

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

I’m a huge fan of Ripley’s museums and will always try to pop by one during my travel trips! Have been to the Genting one back in 2013 but they have seem to have renovated it! A lovely museum still for a visit with friends, family or as a couple!(:

Jurassic Research Centre

The Jurassic Research Centre is one of the newest attractions that just opened and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to visit it! Was quite a fascinating visit with the moving mechanical dinosaurs – was quite impressed at the start.

The latter was a tad boring for me because of the fossils though.

Still, had fun snapping selfies with the dinosaurs regardless hehe.

Great for families with kids(:

Zombie Outbreak

This is yet another new attraction that is newly opened at Genting! No photos were taken inside because it’s somewhat like a horror house; but with zombies instead. Gwen and I actually did it TWICE. The first time we did it on our own. Insane?! We half screamed/laughed and ran through the rooms. Think we were the noisest and probably the most entertaining people in that attraction for the day. Still..can’t believe we attempted it on our own. We went for a second round with some of the other bloggers after we bumped into them outside and it became more like a tour instead with Tony blazing ahead in the lead. That was really fun(:

Even had the chance to snap a photo with the scare actors! Don’t scare me plox giggles #slapdieme already HAHHHAHAHA

Alive Musuem

The last attraction we visited was the Alive Museum! FYI, the Singapore outlet has closed down at Suntec so this is probably one of the closest one you can visit if you’ve not been to one! Quite cute la but this is a very small attraction compared to the other 3 above!

Malaysian Food Street @ Sky Avenue

Lunch was at Malaysian Food Street, a food court over at Sky Avenue. Yes it’s similar to the one at Resorts World Sentosa(:

I really like the cute design and concept of the food court though and was pleasantly surprised to note that it was much bigger than expected when I walked in!

It’s a Malaysian Food Street right? So this means that you can order loads of Malaysian style dishes here! We had a number of food bloggers onboard this trip and we decided to just order one dish from almost every stall to try – like buffet style since we had a long table!

So MUCH food!! This is the perks of eating in a big group definitely lol! We had KL hokkien Mee to Bak kut teh, curry fish head to laksa and so much more! We even ended off with dessert of chendol and ice kachang!

Bloggers at work before eating!

Tastewise is alright and my favourite is the chicken rice actually. Still, it’s a generally a good place to head to to try out a bunch of Malaysian style cuisine when you are at Genting!

Our activities continued on after lunch but I’m stopping here as this post is getting wayyy too lengthy! Stay tuned for tomorrow to read the 2nd part of the post! Hehe, thanks for reading y’all! 😀

Note: This was an invited media trip but all opinions are of my own! 🙂

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