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Diary of a Wanderess x Hermit at Home | 25 April 2018: Movie Paktor Date x En Sushi Media Tasting

Can’t believe how fast time flies! Counting down to my Japan trip this week and I’ve been saying it over and over again that my itinerary is not done.. and it still isn’t! I think it’s really gonna be a reality that Crystal and I gonna be winging it this time round know what? It can’t be all that bad right? LOL

Was up till late last night till 3am scheduling all my posts for your reading pleasure so do check back on my blog EVERYDAY even while I’m away for your daily reads okay? 😊

Here’s my daily affirmation of the day btw!

Words have the power to hurt. Don’t use it to hurt, use it to heal!

Was blessed with homecooked lunch from my mom as usual! This time with CP dumplings! It comes with their own soup packet base but my mom wanted to boil her own soup version instead and I love it better this way too!

Headed over to Plaza Sing after lunch to for a weekday paktor movie session with Mr J in the afternoon!

Was wandering around while waiting for him and was eyeing this blusher for sale but decided to buy a Canmake blusher when I’m in Japan. Hope I won’t regret it hahahaha!

Oh ya spotted at Guardian – SkinFood makeup products! That’s something new! 😲

Went over to Cold Storage for abit and spotted new things like the UFC Watermelon Water! Also spotted this gigantic jug of Nutella! Bought Mr J a cold brew mocha frappe as well cos he loves mocha! But boy, that was some expensive mocha for $4.20! D:

Also tried to get my hands on a cheap and decent tooth paste for my travel trip. Usually I’ll get it from the country itself but I forgot how much they cost in Japan so I figured it would be cheaper to buy it Singapore instead. Note to self to stock up on cheap toothpaste when I’m in cheaper places like Malaysia and Thailand~

Oh ya don’t say I never share this lobang but this is a good deal omg!! Redeem 2x Golden Village movie vouchers worth $25 when you buy $30 worth of P&G products. SUPER worth it!!

Picked up an nifty USB adapter as well (USB 3.0 to USB C) for my phone! Not too bad and it’s$6 for this!

Our paktor movie date was to watch the new Avengers movie – Avengers: Infinity War! It was SO GOOD, please watch! But do note that you might be a lil miffed leaving the movie theatre after the movie lol – watch it to know why! It’s a 2 hour 40 mins movie fyi ya?

Oh and like long time no mirror ootd hor hahahaha!

Bid my farewell to Mr J as I was off for a media tasting at the newly opened En Sushi over at Prinsep Street with Candy as my plus one!

En Sushi
#01-02 Income@Prinsep, 30 Prinsep St, 188647

We were treated to an array of amazing Japanese food with a special shoutout to that swordfish don, Unagi cheese aburi maki, bara chirashi don, grilled squid, sliced beef steak and the pidan tofu! Prices are affordable for the quality with a bara chirashi don starting from $10.80! Not bad!

It was a wonderful night chatting with the group – love such smaller and intimate tasting sessions like these! Thanks Benjamin for hosting us 😀

Candy and I went on further to continue our one on one chat after the tasting till 12am plus! Always love the connection we have as well, so much to talk about all the time and it’s just awesome to be able to chat about everything and everything under the sun!

The only downside? Gotta fork out for a a Grab/Uber cab back home cos we chatted till we both missed our last bus and train lol!

Oh yes and coincidentally dressed in the same matchy colors of teal hehe! Only noticed in the toilet and we had a good laugh!

Such friendships are so precious and I will always seek to maintain them! Went home that night with my heart so full having met both Mr J and of cos, Candy today. T’was a wonderful day! 😊♥

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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