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Oporto Singapore – Popular Portuguese Style Chicken Chain from Australia opens first Singapore outlet at Holland Piazza and here’s what I thought!

I attended the media tasting/grand opening of Oporto Singapore over at Holland Piazza on Monday afternoon and I’m happy to share my tasting experience with y’all! It was too long to be included in my other post so I split it into a separate review for easier reading instead 😀

Oporto Singapore
No. 3 Lorong Liput, #01-01 Holland Piazza 277739 SG

For your reference, Oporto is a popular fast food dining brand/chain hailing from Bondi Beach, Sydney which focuses on serving up flame grilled Portuguese style chicken and they have over 150 stores across Australia and New Zealand alone since 1986! The founder was originally from Portugal in case you were wondering(:

Ah guess Nando’s is gonna be facing some competition now! The food is about the same in a way (Portuguese style chicken!) but the concept is different because it’s more of a fast food/casual dining vs a sit down restaurant for their Singapore outlet.

The Place

Their Singapore outlet is located at Holland Piazza, a mere 2-3 minutes walk away from Holland Village MRT, very very convenient! 🙂

There were loads of programs lined up the entire day for their official launch day including this media tasting and live performances outside. Was quite funny because many Singaporeans who walked past the store gave the “what the heck is going on” face – what a way to garner attention; in a good way of cos. You don’t get to see something like this in Singapore very frequently imo and that was totally cool. I loved the chill vibes and energy that this brand is trying to portray/convey though(:

The place itself too has a great casual feel going on! The only downside is that if there are alot of people in this 30 seater place, it’s a tad stifling. But you can always opt to take the counter seats outside if the weather isn’t too blazingly hot.

Oporto Singapore Menu

For your reference, here’s the full menu available at Oporto Singapore ranging from their signature chicken to wraps, salads and burgers and prices are affordable starting from $5.90 considering the quality! You gotta top up $2.50 to get a regular side and drink though but it’s worth it. Personally I recommend the chips (duh) vs the spicy rice as your side but that’s my personal preference! And of cos, go for their chicken!

The Food

Wings for ya? I sadly didn’t try them though.

As part of the media tasting, I got to try their quarter chicken in original chilli and lemon & herb respectively as well as their Bondi Burger and Bondi Bites!

If you want other sauces, well, they are going at 50 cents per pop and you’ve got 6 choices to choose from! I tried all 6 and my fave will have to be the garlic sauce. This is a special one only available for the Singapore market and you can’t get it in Aussie or NZ! Personally the chicken is fine without the extra sauces but you might want them as a dips for your fries.

Quarter Chicken – $6.90 + $2.50 (Meal)

In terms of the chicken – I thought the original chilli chicken was alright but the lemon & herb one is the one that you should order! Very tender and falls off the bone easily! BEST eaten using hands and opt for the thigh! I ate the chicken during the tasting using the plastic forks and knives and the experience was alright. BUT when I ate my lemon and herb chicken at home (was gifted some chicken as a takeaway, yay lucky me) with my bare hands after a good run..woah it tasted out of this world LOL. Not sure if I was hungry but that chicken was good.

Best paired with their amazing crunchy fries. Skip the rice, I didn’t like it but that’s just me. Note that they don’t put as much chicken salt in their fries unlike that in Australia to suit the Singapore market but I hear that it’s good. Will definitely try it when I’m in Melbourne at the later part of the year to see how it fares!

Bondi Burger – $5.90 + $2.50 (Meal)

I actually enjoyed the burger alot. It was quite homely and I could easily see myself tucking into it as comfort food at home (albeit an expensive one). The chicken patty is very thin compared to the other chicken patties out there, very different but I liked it. Think it’s just me lol!

I also liked the Bondi bites ($4.90). Yums!

Chilli Cheese Chips – $5.90

They were also kind enough to accommodate my order to try the chilli cheese chips! It was a very different taste from the usual Carl’s Junior chilli cheese fries that I still rank as #1 imo but their version was surprisingly addictive in a way. I wouldn’t order it again next time if I’m gonna be eating Oporto chicken tho.

Personally I think you can save your money and just order the fries as a side and fork out 50 cents for a nice dip (the garlic’s awesome)! Or you could just order to try it to see if you like it yourself!

Conclusion + Other Thoughts

Overall, I was quite impressed with Oporto and the concept behind this brand and I wish them well in the Singapore market! Their location at Holland Piazza at Holland Village is really an excellent choice as their first base in Singapore imo.

To share – they are aiming to open 10 Oporto stores in Singapore within the next 5 years so hopefully there will be one closer to me in the future. Sorry eh, Holland V is a lil far for me. Otherwise if I’m in the vicinity, I’ll definitely pop by to have their chicken / fries and the burger again.

Otherwise, will be awaiting news if they will be doing deliveries further down the road!(:

Feel free to let me know if you’ve tried it especially if you read my review and let me know what you think! And of course, if you found this post useful – remember to SHARE THE LOVE!

Thanks for reading ^^

Note: This was an invited media tasting but all opinions are of my own!

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2 Comments on “Oporto Singapore – Popular Portuguese Style Chicken Chain from Australia opens first Singapore outlet at Holland Piazza and here’s what I thought!

  1. we don’t have that brand here in Portugal but it seems delicious!
    We looove chicken, we call it ‘frango assado’ and there’s several parts in Portugal that do it really well =D We also don’t have Nando’s ahahah but i’m glad people are getting to know the Portuguese gastronomy through chicken =D I wish I could go to Singapore to taste it. Look at all those sauses! we also don’t have that. Not even those fries with cheeeeese my loved cheese xD enjoy it for me as well! ahahah

    1. Hehe Portuguese chicken sure is delicious though! One day perhaps I’ll be there to try the chicken myself ♥️♥️

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