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My Experience at Plaza Singapura’s First Underground #Stylefeed Fashion Party!

So yeah I attended Plaza Singapura’s first underground #Stylefeed party yesterday afternoon – an invitation courtesy of Word of Mouth Communications! 🙂

Orangina and SayBons crepes were served during the party! I had a drink and skipped the crepes cos I was gonna have dinner soon with Mr J but boy, the crepes looked AMAZING!

We were then brought on a tour of a few of the online blogshops turned retailers – ShopSassyDream, Fayth and Runway Bandits all located at B1 of Plaza Singapura (thus the underground party thing) and was introduced to the concept of the respective brands and shown some of their newly launched collections within their retail outlets.

What we didn’t visit during the tour include Ninth Collective and Addicts Anonymous!

Personally as you know, I actually frequent Plaza Singapura really often, almost everyday cos I love to explore the place! Hence all these were quite familiar to me since I do shop at their retail outlets as well. Regardless,  it was nice to hear more about the concept of the brands that I usually buy from (esp ShopSassyDream and Fayth) and see them expand from clothes to lifestyle products and of course, their dedication to hearing from their customers and more!(:

All of these brands started off as online blogshops and they have grown so much and I’m really impressed by their growth and drive! Thought it was a great choice as well to choose Plaza Sing as of their bases for their offline retail shops for customers. Very convenient(: #supportlocal

I didn’t stay on for the Masterclasses conducted by the popular social media personalities – Daryl, Mongchin and Ellie or also known more popularly by their IG handles, @darylaiden, @mongabong and @ell4d that was happening after the tour though. And in case you were wondering if I know any of them.. no lol. Personally, I’ve heard of Daryl (great photographer), follow Mongchin but never heard of Ellie actually till today. She looks cool though!

Also..I was really tempted by the gorgeous pieces from Fayth – am quite a fan of them but this broke girl has gotta cut down on her expenses nowadays. 🙄.

All in all, a fun party nonetheless! Had the opportunity as well to meet some of my fellow bloggers/influencers as well as this event including Kaiting, Rachel, Elaine, June and more! It was a pleasure to be able to check out this event together with them ^^

Guess I might be seeing them more often if I do attend such events in the future 😀

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