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Diary of a Wanderess x Hermit at Home | 20 April 2018 – Plaza Singapura Media Event + Iroha Mart + Impromptu Paktor Dinner & Movie Date with Mr J

I quit my 9-6 job and decided to be a wanderess for a year – an adult gap year of sorts; one that I never had. And this is my diary and a record of where I have wandered – the tiny island of Singapore which I call home, the places/countries I’ve explored abroad and life in general. There are days though, where I prefer to be a hermit at home for practical and financial reasons. But yes, I actually DO enjoy being a hermit at home cos I’m mundane like that, lol. Follow me on my IG / IG stories @mitsueki for live updates!

Waking up to this reminder on a Friday morning to remind myself and y’all on this quote:

Never go to bed angry 🙂

It felt really good to be able to indulge what I am passionate about – writing on my blog! I was in a great writing mood and churned out 5 new posts that morning when I woke up LOL. Scheduled and published three of them yesterday, gonna schedule the other two here and there soonish. Lol that’s the thing about me, too much content cos everything can be written as a new piece imo! Am I weird? Perhaps lol. 😅

Read them below if you haven’t yet 🙂

Blessed with lunch from my mom – it’s a char siew x roasted duck Combi for $5 and she also got me mangoes! Will join her for her usual grocery hunts the next time! 😊

The initial plan was to meet my usual #kderellas clique that night but plans changed and suddenly I was meeting Mr J instead! He had plans already but so did I and I swapped it up with a Gold Class movie experience! I had a free ticket thanks to Veronica (😝) and I was initially gonna use it to enjoy myself but I remembered Mr J enjoyed our recent Gold Class movie treat so I thought to treat him this round – since its a movie that features his favourite actor, Dwayne Johnson. One of my last treats for my man during this time of unemployment😂

But gawd, I didnt know one ticket is so expensive, was $42 ish with convenience fee if you buy a ticket online. Ouch my wallet.. 😥 So ladies, if you have your guy treat you to a Gold Class movie, know that it cost almost $80 for two just for that luxurious movie experience! That doesn’t even include food/drinks if you’re inclined to eat during the movie!

P.s thanks Veronica ♥️

Masking on to pamper my skin!~ Cos I’ve got so many masks I’m determined to use them before they expire lol.

Indulged in a Grab cos it was raining to get to my event at Plaza Singapura! Had a really good chat with my Grab driver – always interesting to chat and learn more about the people behind the driver’s seat. It’s also where you can learn alot of stuff too(:

Spent an hour or so checking out Plaza Singapura’s First Underground #Stylefeed Party! Lol, it’s one of my first few events I’ve attended where I’m actually early k HAHAHA! Read about my experience HERE!

Ehm, well. I had some time before meeting Mr J and ran off to look at Iroha Mart again. Passed by Four Leaves and was contemplating to try the new food trend, dirty bread but eh, nvm. Save money HAHHAHA

Found myself surrounded by a zillion new things at Iroha Mart including dango and bread! I’m so miffed though, I love bread so much and all these had to launch when I quit!!

Wa pekchek I tell you LOL. I wanted everything – sucker for bread; bonus if it’s Japanese stuff I tell ya.

Other new things spotted – Tohato Raisin Chocolate, Takoyaki Rice Cracker, Mentaiko Rice Cracker and even Azuki Bean Rice Cracker! Like wut?! Japan you are like.. so cool I can’t take it lol. Wish I could try them all but noooo~

Popped by Cold Storage for my favourite bottled water. Yeah..I pay 65 cents for this water because I think it tastes really nice. The best water imo LOL. Think cos it’s oxygenated water. Very tasty, try it if you haven’t lol. Oh ya and my fave Kettle chips are going at a sale of $3.25 at Cold Storage!! It’s rare it’s on sale so go get it! I didn’t pick it up only cos I have sooooo many chips at home already 😭😭😭

Long wait for Mr J and I spent the time at Lovisa / H&M and Sephora. I did pick up some stuff – still gotta #treatyoself right? If not it’s quite sad. The only thing I really got suckered into buying was that Caolion Blackhead soap cos it’s $10 only. The rest are essentials and needs!

Dinner was at Din Tai Feng! The waiting time wasn’t that bad, only 20 mins and Mr J was too lazy to walk to the fountain area for food. Luckily we could entertain ourselves by exploring Tokyu Hands next door! Loveeee the corgi onigiri maker – SUPER kawaii!!

P.s our queue number has the number 28 :p told ya I’ve got an affinity with this number lol.

Yummy yummy dinner at Din Tai Feng! Our first time having it together and I’m so happy~ 😊♥

The annoying man seems to like snapping unglam photos of me and spamming them in our chat. Don’t waste the photos right – so here ya go hahaha. These were obviously the better looking ones HAHAHHAHA!

Bill for 2 came up to $48, just shy of $50 luhs.

Proceeded to watch our Gold Class movie after that! Rampage was good by the way. Scary at some bits but funny too, we enjoyed it! 😊.

Bonus photo of Daphy all tucked up in my seat HAHAHHA!

Will share a separate post on my Gold Class experience cos I need to update it anyway. Had an old outdated article with no pics from before lol. So stay tuned for that~

And that’s all for today~

Thanks for reading always and I hope your Friday ytd was just as good as mine! 😊😊

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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