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A Story on Relationship Quality Time and Gratefulness – 15 April 2018 #wonderfulMrJ

Typing this at 12.20am as I literally JUST came back from a 3D2N media trip to Genting with Resorts World Genting 2 hours ago. But of course, that’s not the main point of this post obviously. Was inspired to write it thanks to a certain wonderful Mr J and I couldn’t get rid of this annoying feeling to pen it down so here you go lol.

Well, Sundays are our usual paktor dates but obviously due to my media trip that spanned over the weekend, we were not able to meet because of that. But that lovely man of mine took the initiative to note down my arrival time back in to Singapore and keyed it into his schedule without me asking. Yep, that’s him making space and time for me in his life as a priority – well, of course I did forward him the email and deets etc, but he did this of his own accord and that was a really nice feeling to know that he would be waiting for me at my stop when I arrived back in Singapore 🙂

Coming back to Singapore was another story all together though as there was unforeseen delays due to the traffic at the immigration and the fact that the bus departed late. Was scheduled to reach back to Singapore by 9pm tonight but alas, I knew that that was an impossible feat to achieve while I was on the coach back. Knowing that Mr J would probably be getting ready to leave home or smth; so in a panic – I literally had to beg to borrow my friend’s phone to drop him a Whatsapp message to alert him on the delay cos I didn’t have any data for the whole day then (my plan ended the night before). Was so lucky that she hadn’t changed her SIM card back to the Singapore one or else I would have panicked further. Lol

The main point for the panic was that I didn’t want him to wait too long for me (he can be an impatient guy at times) so I did suggest for him to not pick me up instead. Remembering his reply still makes me smile – he said he was already on the way. He didn’t specify that he would wait; but his meaning is implied and that in turn was still so sweet(: If that didn’t make my day; what would?

Sometimes, there are words you don’t need to say. You just know.

For me – all I know was the time just flew by in a blur. I just wanted to rush ASAP so that he wouldn’t have to wait so long for me. He did though – at least 1.5 hours as my coach arrived at Lavender MRT at around 10.30pm; one hour 30 minutes late from the original scheduled time of 9pm and he had been waiting for me for this long. He was still messaging me occasionally and asking for my whereabouts/updates. How thoughtful(:

Having said that, he was the first person I saw when I alighted my coach at Lavender MRT!

(I would like to credit this but I don’t know where this gif is from either)

I really want to say and type that sappy things like my heart was bursting with joy and we ran to reach each other, I jumped into his arms and we hugged/kissed in lust blahblahblah like those fairy tales you’ve read or the sappy romance movies you watched or this gif above but no, that didn’t happen. Instead, it was pretty mild HAHAHA!

Well, just seeing him wave that idiotic wave while grinning at me in his usual worn-to-death garb paired with those god damn awful slippers made me roll my eyes first; huff my usual exasperated breath but it made me smile back at the same time. Lol. It’s so him lol.

He then came forward; took over my luggage, slung his arm over my neck and proceeded to usher me to the nearest toilet immediately because he remembered that I really, REALLY needed to pee (was complaining to him about how I had to control my pee to rush through immigration to not waste time, lol). 

Gawd, such a simple gesture but knowing that he remembered makes it all the better. Well, reality calls. Peeing takes precedence over everything. Did you know that you can get a UTI if you control your pee too much? Lol random fact but true.

He then passed me a bag of bread saying that it was for me – that’s the two bread in the featured image of this post by the way (scroll up to view) cos he knew I only had a pau for dinner. Inside was my favourite hot dog bun with a really brown crust which I knew he specially picked out knowing that I love hot dog buns AND a brown crust. He got me a sugar doughnut too. It’s no Krispy Kreme like the one he surprised me with HERE last weekend but hey, they were from a bakery that sells Japanese style bread and buns, Mugiya (I LOVE all things Japanese related HAHHAA). They do have an outlet at Lavender MRT if you were wondering 🙂

It was already pretty late and he knew I had to work the next day and so he proceeded to call for a Grab to send me home. It was a 6 minute wait for the grab and deep down; I was secretly happy because this means that we had 6 more minutes together. Just standing at a corner; again with his arm slung over my shoulders and me telling him a brief overview of my trip with him listening AND being fully present – that was just a moment of contentment right there. It was a never-ending flow of conversation all the way till the Grab car arrived at the doorstep of my gate and we parted ways then.

Our time together today was one of the shortest that we had since we got together – but within this period of time of probably 30-40 mins or so; there were so many meaningful gestures, gifts and most importantly; quality interaction. That really hit my love language spot very very nicely. Moreover, the fact that he came all the way down from his place to Lavender MRT just to pick me up, then waited almost 2 hours, bought me bread for my dinner/breakfast, grabbed to send me home safety to my doorstep  before making his way home? That’s effort and time spent on his end just to see me for that half an hour – what more can I ask for? I am thankful, grateful and highly, highly blessed – that’s all I can say.

You know – I have always read that a relationship really isn’t all about how much time you spend together aka the quantity; but it’s the quality that counts the most. I used to not understand this concept nor appreciate that fully. But it’s different now.

Having said that, I can finally relate to it and thus, am penning this post down firstly, for my own reference – just in case Mr J makes me annoyed; I can look back as a reminder of how sweet he actually is. And secondly, maybe for you reading this; perhaps; I don’t know you might find it useful for your own relationship as well? Heh, otherwise it does make a good story for reading doesn’t it?

Well, can’t believe I can ramble on for so long over our meeting today but that’s it for this post!

Thanks for reading as always! Am working on my Genting media trip travelogue with PLENTY of photos at this moment so do stay tuned for it! Targeting to be up before the end of this week ideally k~:D

Signing off for now and have a happy Monday ahead y’all xx

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